Shas officials at odds over freeze
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 10.10.10, 21:24
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1. Freeze a trap Dont agreeeeee We must say NO NO NO
Martin ,   JHB SA   (10.10.10)
These negotiations can be stretched with pending agreement. No serious concession of any merit has been put on the table. The Arabs can continue debating & by default UN can snatch this land from us as is suggested. Be sharp like your banker if nothing is placed on the table by the Arabs the freeze is not justified. We weaken our claim to the territory each time if no concession is more than visible . Surely some international legal consultant would advise against this. We need legal advice not Political Klap-Trap of smoke and mirrors and nothing real.
2. Man must do as the Lord says,not what man says
sam ,   USA   (10.10.10)
3. Its Time
Alistair(Ali) ,   Sco   (10.11.10)
for the palestinians to prepare the world by publicizing the Israeli attitudes and resistance to peace also the suffering brought on the palestinians then declare the state of palestine on the pre 67 borders.The world will accept the State of Palestine,we have had enough Israeli excuses and inabilty to see its own crimes with its nod and wink culture.Abass will atleast admit they have made mistakes while Israel always makes excuses.
4. Sh-ass political prostitues
Avi ,   Israel   (10.11.10)
just waver a few dollars under the nose of his royal holliness Ayatolay Yusuf and he will agree to anything as lets face it that what the Sh-ass cult does best.
5. What's the hurry?
Rachel ,   US   (10.11.10)
Wait until after the elections before making any decisions. Why are you folding?
6. To Israel; Call Their Bluff. They HaveTo ShowTheir Cards
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (10.11.10)
I dont like the idea of infusing this with the upcoming US elections. It really does pit Jews against others..Democrats against Republicans..which it is trying to avoid. The freeze should be 6months..what can be accomplished in 2? Once the talks start and issues are put on the table..a decision will HAVE to be made..or at least a timeline. More than likely, true to form, the Pales will threaten to walk out again over other issues. Its in their mindsel. They are good at EXTORTION. Israel should call their bluff. w/o looking over its shoulder at Nov 3rd. But we Jews could simply vote Republican..and for tea party candidates..get the liberal Jews out of office, finally. Blue Dog Democrats/ Republicans and Tea Party Members will save our country AND btw, Israel. If Israel balks...will Obama reneg on those F35Is or not support it at the UN. Food for a friend suggested to me.
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