Lieberman: We don’t want to end up like Czechoslovakia
Ronen Medzini
Published: 10.10.10, 23:35
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1. Kol HaKavod Avigdor
Frank ,   Canada   (10.10.10)
2. avigdor
paulo naidin ,   rio de janeiro   (10.10.10)
thank you, mr. lieberman!
3. Chamberlin -"peace in our time-"
Galut ,   selah   (10.10.10)
It does not hurt to Remind Europe ...this is a generation thatis educated from revised history book or not educated at all in history... and some folks just have a selective memory that remembers only if it serves thier cause.....
4. Lieberman = my choice for PRIME MINISTER!
the truth will ,   set you free!   (10.11.10)
5. a voice of sanity,in the insane asylum called the Kneset
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (10.11.10)
7. Mr. Lieberman shows the way!
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.11.10)
8. I completely agree with the Lieb.
Zimbabwean   (10.11.10)
9. Lieberman
10. FM
Rosie   (10.11.10)
Bravo, Lieberman!
11. God Bless Lieberman!
We love you Victor ,   You are the best   (10.11.10)
12. Lieberman is the best of the very best!
Dan ,   USA   (10.11.10)
13. Finally a man who speaks TRUTH!!!
mike ,   ta   (10.11.10)
14. bravo Mr Lieberman
rahamim ,   usa   (10.11.10)
kol hakavod and thank you Mr Lieberman
15. Once again,Lieberman.....
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.11.10)
....hits the nail square on the head. What a difference from Livni and a few others.
16. Lieberman is no chicken - he's fearlessly outspoken
Schreiber   (10.11.10)
I don't agree with everything he stands for, but the guy outshines everyone else in the cabinet - by usually saying what others are too timid to say out loud. Well said, Lieberman!
17. Great!!
Ben ,   NYC   (10.11.10)
What a man! Wished everyone will speak lie him!! BRAVO!!
18. Lieberman
henri ,   australia   (10.11.10)
well done lieberman .Israel must resist all pressures .
19. HA!
Israeli 2   (10.11.10)
Observe the faces of Moritanus and Kouchner. Two buggs who never knew what hit them. Lieberman is THE man!
20. Looks like US to create jobs selling arms to ME
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.11.10)
US needs to fully arm Arabs to counter Iran and possible Iraq later. Israel is against land for peace while it can continue to win any war but can it afford to continue to spend so much on weapons and R&D without selling to other countries.
21. Ethnic cleansing will not stand
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.11.10)
The majority 8.5 million native Palestinians will return to their land, and the minority 5.6 million most immigrant Jews will not stop them.
22. Israel version don quixote
Sam   (10.11.10)
The country never had such irrelevant FM who made daily noise with his nonsense and conquers. The guy is not involved in the peace process, the US officially and publicly declared they are not talking to him, the Europeans just smile. The guy is pathetic.
23. Lieberman for P.M. (PLEASE!!!!)
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (10.11.10)
24. Lieberman... Da ! ! !
ezra ,   canada   (10.11.10)
25. Like Liberman, just Arik Sharon....
Rosenvald ,   Brasil   (10.11.10)
The next prime minister.
26. Solve Your Own Problems First
Johannes Broos ,   South Africa   (10.11.10)
Great! What a magic feeling - at last a sane politician - Well said, Mr Lieberman! Many thanks, Shalom!
27. Europe in a sense is Utopianland.
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (10.11.10)
Israel is always ask to give. The question is what. Blood, Land or Life. Send all those Utopians home NOW !
28. And Lieberman is a leftist
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.11.10)
Can you just imagine what a rightist would be like. I want Moshe Feiglin as PM.
29. Well Said
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (10.11.10)
why is the FM the only MK with the gumption to speak frankly?
30. Mr. Lieberman
Sam A ,   La Quinta-USA   (10.11.10)
The only sane honest Israeli politician. He says it as it is, NO SPINNING, like the European appeasers.
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