Israeli solar water heater producer enters US market
Navit Zomer
Published: 16.10.10, 08:09
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1. Welcome, welcome, Welcome, every drop of oil that is NOT
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.17.10)
brought in from the middle east makes America stronger and the terrorists weaker. This is WONDERFUL news.
2. Bruchim Habaim!
Lobo ,   USA   (10.20.10)
I hope those idiots who want to divest from Israel like taking cold showers...
3. At $800 per unit this thing will not be terribly popular.
leo ,   usa   (10.21.10)
Especially south of the border. They need to find the way how to significantly drop the price or at least present the price as combination of '$unit+$installation'.
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