Poll: 36% of Jews want to revoke Arabs' voting rights
Published: 15.10.10, 11:04
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1. The State of Israel is based on the UN's Partition Plan.
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (10.15.10)
Israeli Arabs, who hate Israel so much, should give up their Israeli citizenship - after all, they claim Israel discriminates them so - and accept Palestinian citizenship. Thus they will not suffer discrimination anymore, of which they complain day and night.
2. More Left-Wing Hysteria.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (10.15.10)
What has caused the most harm to Israel is Left-Wing Fascism.
3. What the Left calls fascism .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (10.15.10)
Normal, sane people call PATRIOTISM. The Left just loves to run around screaming about democracy & democratic values, but only if it applies to their opinions. The truth is that the Left is the major anti-Democratic group in the country.
4. Jewish AND democratic state? There's an oxymoron!
Edward ,   Hod HaSharon   (10.15.10)
You can't have a democratic state if you ignore the wishes of the large goyim minority who will, nevetheless, become the majority population sooner or later. At the very least, the anthem should be changed to recognise the Arab Christians and Muslims with ancestral homes on this land for over a thousand years (as opposed to, say, some ideologue from Brooklyn who speaks neither Hebrew nor Arabic), and aliya should be allowed for Christians and Muslims as well since they also have a legitimate claim on this land. I'll just claim I'm a decendent of Moabites. I then have more legitimate rights to colonise Israel than even Jews. Like most Jews, I also have no blood link with my ancient ancestors, but I won't let pesky DNA get in the way.
5. #1- Should Jews then leave the Western world?
Michael ,   Tel Aviv   (10.15.10)
Now and then Jewish groups mention claims of anti-semitism. By your logic, those Jews should just leave to Israel then. Problem solved by your logic!
6. To paraphrase Sinclair Lewis...
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (10.15.10)
When fascism comes to Israel it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a Torah Scroll.
7. Liars, damn liars and statisticians. Read the real numbers.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.15.10)
Read the numbers - that vast majority of Israel supports democracy. If you do this poll in other western countries, I bet you'll find higher numbers in favor of fascism and anti-democratic rules. Remember, folks, that bastion of democracy, America, spent the first 170 years of its existence with very fascist and undemocratic laws enforced. Despite the rosy words of its constitution, America denied a large number of its citizens basic rights. Blacks weren't allowed to vote, Jews were denied jobs and admission to universities... and this continued up to the 1960s! In our first 62 years we're light years ahead of where America was in 1838.
8. #3 Stripping ethnic minorities of rights is patriotism?
Aharon   (10.15.10)
Hate to break it to you pal, that's not patriotism. That's called fascism, and no amount of crying about "the leftists" will change it.
stude ham   (10.15.10)
democracy is not nor has ever been based on the wishes of the mob. otherwise mob rule would prevail. and this poll clearly makes no distintion between democracy and mob rule.
10. To # 4
Jose Farias ,   Sao Paulo - Brasil   (10.15.10)
Edward, democracy is the govern of the majority, not of the totality. When the goim be the majority in ISRAEL they will govern. Remember ISRAEL is a jewish state, not a christian or a muslim state. Thousend years is much less then 3000 years. Christians and muslims have no rights. OK?
11. And how would Jews call the land that 36% of its citizens...
Brad ,   USA   (10.15.10)
...want to revoke Jews as citizens? But we cannot say that "n" word out loud, connecting it to Jews, can we? And then somebody asks why people hate Jews: double standards, covered by the fact that you cannot call it double standards, or you are so antisemitic that it is unbelievable. Oh, I have no doubt that censor here will erase this post. Usually they only pass Kahane posts around here.
12. Now nobody can't say that Jews are not a nation...
John ,   Europe   (10.15.10)
Recently, there was a huge article in German newspapers about rise of racism and chauvinism in Europe. And, of course, antisemitism, as most popular "branch" of these two meat eating plants. 'bout 10% of Germans call for new Fuhrer. About 20% of Germans think that "Jews still have too much influence" (what is stupidity, since Jews control only 2 out of several hundred of capital conglomerates, namely "Israel-Africa" and "Ofer group"). Here we have a poll showing that Jews - Israelis, in this segment - want the decrease of democratic rights to a minority groups. Who can't say now that Jews are not trendy people? :) Ah, also, please note who compose great majority of these people: "religious"! This is one of the reasons why I stopped being religious: double standards, and they live by it.
13. #7; Brian Cohen gets it right
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (10.15.10)
His paraphrasing of Mark Twain ("there are lies, damn lies and statistics") is correct. Since most of the Jewish people in Israel are secular most believe in Democracy. The haredim make up the smallest minority of Jewish people in Israel. It's not surprising they are the most conservative. The bottom line, most believe in Democracy, and I believe as in any country political events cause certain views to jump up and down. Currently Israel is in peace talks and one of the issues is whether Arabs should be allowed to return to Israel or the new Palestinian state. This has an impact on peoples views. The Arabs who say that want to return, also want to destroy Israel or believe Israel has no right to exist. So I think the normal response of the population is simple. They do not want to accept a hostile group of people into their country. What country would? It is only common sense. But it would be interesting to see the poll itself. How the questions were worded has impact. As well as current events. I'm sure after 9/11 here in the U.S. you could have done polling (selective) that would have made U.S. citizens...nervous at the time...appear more undemocratic. After all during WW2 we locked up all the Japanese in camps...even the ones born in the all countries are subject to doing the wrong thing at times. But you don't define a country just by their mistakes, do you?
14. America is a republic, not a democracy. Big difference.
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (10.15.10)
15. More about power and control for afew and the sheep follow
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.15.10)
Israel is a small country of 5.6M Jews, with a military edge, its far from a super power many seem to think it is and the can be dangerous. Is seems the setters who many are Russian Jews have taken over Israel's politics and settlements allow for more to move to Israel to re enforce their base.
16. it should have been Jewish without any democracy or religion
observer   (10.15.10)
17. To#4
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (10.15.10)
Without going back to the 6k year old recorded history of Jewish people in the ME and into the reasons why the modern Israel was legally established in 1948 in the size of today's state of NJ, it was proclaimed by UN and voted by the world as the National home of JEWISH people ! Being the only democratic state in the ME, Israel is granting equal democratic rights to its Muslim and Chritian citizens, requesting only one thing-loyalty from their residents of non-Jewish religion..People like you Edward, dont belong in Israel, you should claim your moabite rights out of Israel, habibi,ok? And what do you think gives you right to colonize Israel? What is it you know about blood and Jewish history ? The anthem of Israel is just fine the way it is for us Jews.... I think you are a moron with as big as an OX with a diploma and a dangerous one......You belong in an institution...
18. Palestinian Mandate:Political rihgts 2 jews only
sam ,   USA   (10.15.10)
Arabs got political rights in Iraq,Syria,Lebonan,Jordan +20 other countries
19. Misleading statistics.
Anna ,   Canada   (10.15.10)
In times when Israel is under constant attack on her right to exist from outside and within her boarders it is very normal for people to lean to the more stable and predicted right. Israelis can't trust to the segment of the population who meticulously trying undermine state's democratic institutions. At the same time, like Mr. Brian Cohen said in #7 "..the majority of Israel supports democracy".
20. poll
Ezra ,   Florida   (10.15.10)
In my humble opinion, all citizens should be able to vote on any issue,regardless of their background. However , members of the Knesset and other elected officials must pledge allegience to Israel before taking office and not represent the enemy. Traveling to enmey lands and making unauthorized contact with the enemy and even spaking publicly on its behalf, should be considered as treason, and one of such should stand trial for that and be stripped of all his or her israeli citizenship and all otyher rights ,financially or otherwise.
21. These polls are so funny....
john   (10.15.10)
55 percent here and 80 percent doesn't actually mean 'of the entire population', which many believe these polls to represent. They take 1,000 people or so and the percentages arrive from there. All of these polls are ridiculous.
22. Re #5
Andrew Brehm   (10.15.10)
That's what Jews should have done, if it had been possible, before WW2. Today, of course, it is possible and many Jews do exactly that. Europeans make Jews feel unwelcome in Europe until they leave, and then Europeans complain that the Jews are in "Palestine".
23. Re #11
Andrew Brehm   (10.15.10)
Brad, Jews and the rest of the world call those countries "the Arab League". And it never occured to anyone in the UN to call that Arab policy racism or fascism.
24. Let me quote Farid al-Khatib (1970)
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, USA   (10.15.10)
"As far as the Arab character of the Democratic State is concerned, the Jews in Palestine have the right to express their view concerning the Arab character of the Democratic State in a democratic manner. And although it is possible to say that the Democratic State is Arab, and to say furthermore that it is a union, it is advisable to hold back additional information until the appropriate stages in the evolution of the resistance are reached. (from The Israel-Arab Reader by Walter Lacquer and Barry Rubin, editors)
25. we need to start putting Israel first not worry about image
zionist forever   (10.15.10)
Amir Bishra hiding out in Jordan has is still an Israeli citizen and taking his MKs pension was Libermans idea and it was still no easy task to get it past the cabinet. A man who uses his position to help terrorists in times of war and there is no united agreement on taking his pension paid for by taxpayers. Despite his treacherous and many illegal acts over the year the left wing courts refused to ban Tibi putting himself forward for the Knesset at the last election. Everybody though hates the haredi despite the fact they are just an annoyance at times they don't commit acts of treachery. The left is terrified of upsetting the arab sector or doing anything that might cause the outside world to criticize Israel. The new loyalty bill which doesn't even apply to anybody in Israel just outsiders seeking citizenship there is an uproar and saying its going to affect the arabs here already. Livni recently condemned Bibi for not agreeing to Abbas pre conditions over refusing to agree to a settlement freeze on ther grounds it made Israel look bad. In 1981 Peres was against the bombing of Saddam's reactor and was planning to make Begins plan public to stop it because he was worried that it would make Israel look bad in Frances' eyes because they were building it. Today we are so obsessed with image we would not send commandos to Uganda to rescue hostages beacuse we would be worried about creating a diplomatic incident. We must change that attitude ofweakness.
26. I'm shocked ; ,...
split ,   USA   (10.15.10)
Those are the brave ones, there're more in the closet ,...
27. you israelis don't know what you're getting into
Lebanese christian ,   Canada   (10.15.10)
Your greed blinded you. you needed to steal more and more so you import some jewish and racist immigrants from anywhere and everywhere and place them on stolen land. you also brainwashed these settlers to believe that its their right because it was written in some book! you manipulated the media in israel and elsewhere to correspond to your story. on the other hand the arabs conceded and were willing to give up around 70% of original palestine for you to live in. you've been offered a few times by the arab league (pals included) to share the land with the arabs according to international law and you guys rejected it. well, now the fearless soldiers are at your north border. they ARE FEARLESS. they don't need nuclear weapons or some advanced weaponry. they just need a heart which they have and they used a few times successfully i could say. Worry because we fear only G-D not like you deserters, we fight for free because our cause is right. Worry, because we are the owners of the land for centuries and we are willing to fight till the end to get it back unlike you newcomers. Worry because if you don't you will not run for shelter when the time comes. Time is coming. LOL
Schreiber   (10.15.10)
This is the crucial question that should be asked of every Israeli Jew: YES or NO: Do you support the right of Arabs to become a VOTING MAJORITY in Israel, and dismantle the country as a home for the Jews. It's easy to spout "democratic principles" when Jews still have a tenuous majority. Tenuous because the Arabs have allies among leftist Jews who vote with them and would not mind seeing Jewish Israel dismantled. But considering the demographic growth of Arabs who already have voting rights, and the possibility of Jewish flight from Israel should the Two States bring more terror to the land, the chance of Arabs becoming a majority some day is quite possible. And they'll have voting rights! I challenge you to answer that question.
29. What's wrong with the other 64%?
Brad ,   USA   (10.15.10)
30. # 23 - to call that Arab policy racism or fascism.
split ,   USA   (10.15.10)
They don't claim or pretend to be democracy,...
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