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Best Jewish brains head to China
Boaz Arad
Published: 01.11.10, 14:20
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1. Israeli archyologist discover Herolds tomb
ghostq   (11.01.10)
last year, how come that scientist didn't get nobel prise? naaaa this award involved with the stench of politics anyway. hench this journalistic iteam is meaning less.
2. The Nobel Laureates would be wise to have a
Rivkah   (11.01.10)
heavy metals fecal test when they return from China. Stanislav Lunev, a defector from the former Soviet Union who was a KGB Colonel got cancer from all the radioactive isotopes he was bombarded with when in China. The Chinese government murdered 70 million of their own people for being Christians or political dissidents, so they can hardly be trusted with the well being of foreigners.
3. WOW! What a dream
Rachmiel ,   MburgUSA   (11.01.10)
China is so taken by Israel and Israeli's brains that they all convert and the entire world want's no part of screwing with fiddy cazillion Jews. Hey duude, where's my pipe?
4. China
Hal ,   Usa   (11.02.10)
China is an amoral robot factory. Let the buyer beware!
5. We Jews are so
sasha ,   Bilbao, basque   (11.02.10)
Clever, have such brilliant minds, oh how clever are we. We are clever, we are clever...
7. China wants more intelligence
Roland ,   Miami Beach, USA   (11.03.10)
it's not a joke, are they putting something in softdrinks? They owe about 20 billion in patent fraud to Israel for Bamba alone.
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