Druze: Natural pool drying up due to Mekorot pumping
Hagai Einav
Published: 15.10.10, 17:19
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Benjamin ,   singapore   (10.15.10)
2. Fresh water... so how is the proposed
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (10.15.10)
fresh water pipeline from Turkey to Israel working out.
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (10.15.10)
Shariq Gafny , Samer Talozi, Banan Al Sheikh and that old house where Muhammad Salam us to stay ? Gidon Bromberg, Chuck Lawson, Noah Kinnart, & Mungeth Mehyar had big colonial bungalows there , emm where have they all gone ? wthar gone, the above gone , what else is left at Birkat Ram. I hope at least the Mist of Hermon still appears( not disappered).......Divine Experience . look the Manasseh use to stay there in that territory. I heart is crying ! Now I hear no water !
4. We love Ram
Basem ,   majdal shams   (10.15.10)
We'll do anything to stop this massacre.. there is thousands of thousands of dead fishes there... this is another Israeli crime in their long list... I've noticed this sentence in the article "The water form the pool is used to irrigate agricultural fields belonging to Druze villages and kibbutzim in the Golan Heights." I want people to know that those Syrian occupied population (wich they called "druze" in the article) are getting less than 30% of the water from the lake and in doubled prices than the prices that Jewish settlers in the occupied Golan take....
5. Population getting to large for water supply in hard times
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.15.10)
LA and Las Vegas had the same problem in US but were able to pull water from hundreds of miles away, Israel don't have that option. Sea water conversion is too costly for farming or factories but good for drinking water/home use if needed.
6. #4 - sounds like a "crime" of your own making
William ,   Israel   (10.15.10)
Read the article - a good majority of the water from this crater goes to "Druze villages" for irrigation. In other words, you're sucking it dry but need the Jews as your scapegoat rather than cut back on irrigation. I have an idea for you - why don't you create a Druze bucket brigade and pull water from a tap in Damascus, and dump it on your fields from now on?
7. #4 - turning your back on your Druze heritage
William ,   Israel   (10.15.10)
Druze in Lebanon and in Israel still call themselves "Druze" and follow their tenets. You, on the other hand, claim you're occupied (living on land that was illegally taken and given to Syria by a colonial power 90 years ago), and call yourselves "Syrians", turning your back on your fellow Druze. No wonder why the Galilee Druze consider you Golani Druze as bastards.
8. We can fix this - end subsidies to Jordan, Palestinians
William ,   Israel   (10.15.10)
That will save over 26 million c.m of water right there, enough to fix the lake and keep the Jordan flowing all the way towards the Dead Sea again.
9. I used to love fishing there, a real shame
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.15.10)
10. To William
Basem ,   majdal shams   (10.15.10)
I've red the article ... and I know that there's no Druze villages..there's Syrian occupied villages witch there people can't see there brothers and sisters witch's in Damascus to bring a tube of water ... and all of that because of the Israeli occupation ... and what's written in the article is not the truth.. because the Jew settlers in the Golan heights is those who take this water... not only from ram lake also from other water sources in the Golan heights ... this is our water and we are buying it in a very high prices.. the Israeli water policy is a racial policy... like any other Israeli policy... This march was ecological and not political... but u must understand that the racial water policy of mekorot co. and Israeli government caused that political smell in the march..
11. That's a big fishhead...
Agent Rhino ,   USA   (10.15.10)
That's a big fishhead, must have been a huge fish. What kind of fish live (or lived) there?
12. Druze is a religion While syrian is a Nationality
Basem ,   majdal shams   (10.15.10)
I want you to know that in our villages there are some people witch is not Druze and we are syrian in nationality ...Galily Druze witch i feel that you are one of them respect us more than u think .."except bastards like u" because we saved our villages without letting the Jew cheat us and fight instead of them for "Israel the jewish country" they are waking up now and understanding that this is not thier country to ...
13. # 4 & # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.15.10)
Go back to Syria where you will be much happier & have all the water you need.
14. maybe we should take more
pini ,   usa/israel   (10.16.10)
land and water from syria.
15. rational thinking
galilean ,   Israel   (10.16.10)
I personally know of many Golan Druze families that have bought houses in the Galilee. This is a measure, just in case, a 'peace treaty' is actually signed between Israel and Syria, and the Golan Heights goes back to Syria. They will be able to come to live in Israel....where life is not perfect but it's sure a lot better than in Syria. Especially because the Syrians will consider the Golan Druze to be traitors. And y'know what barbarians do to traitors.....
16. 11#, Carp and St.Peter's fish
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.16.10)
17. #12 - Not according to the Druze I know
William ,   Israel   (10.16.10)
and they are quite vocal about the Israeli Arabs among them, the "Palestinians", and Golani Druze. They serve in our military, reap benefits of being equal citizens and have freedom of travel and worship. You have all of these benefits too but offer little in return. You didn't fight us and you're really not more than an nuisance, so get over yourselves.
18. To #12 I worked with Druze from Daliat
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.16.10)
and Ussyfiah and served in the army with Druse from Abu Snin. They do not like you and many even hate you Golan Druze. I was told from two different Druze when Golan Druze came to visit them, they would not receive them. Their fathers and sons fought against your syrian masters and bled and died for Israel.
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