Thousands protest loyalty oath bill
Yoav Zitun
Published: 16.10.10, 21:16
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1. I wish I had known about this!
I would have been there. But I am really happy to see that there were that many against fascism! Way to go Israel
2. RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTISTS can protest all they want!
David   (10.16.10)
IF you don't pledge allegiance to the state then you have no business being here! period!
3. Funny
Funny that the Right in Israel never realized that they are living in a democratic state. Apparently democracy in Israel is only if it suits the Left. If the Left don't like the Loyalty Oath Bill, the rest of the people will be more than happy if they leave and finally make Israel a safer and more peaceful place to live in.
4. March of useful idiots
Jack ,   LA USA   (10.16.10)
Great event, indeed. It clearly shows who the useful idiots are and how close they are to the enemies of the Jewish people.
5. Panic!!!
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (10.16.10)
The left is panicking! They see more and more signs that they are already out of this game! Pathetic Openheimer is afraid he wont get more money from his anti Israel european bosses! This is good! Next elections Barak out of the Knesset and the left reduced to arabs and extreme self hater leftists!!!
6. Today im not israeli.
Rostislav ,   Russia   (10.16.10)
Today, im not the israeli that i'm normaly am, today im not one of the first pionners who fought and died for this country, today i want to be russian because im deeply ashamed by the ignorance and self-hatred of this country, the question of 6,000 people protesting israel goverment instead the HAMAS is beyond me, what i can do is to say that - Im not an israeli today.
7. they are the reason we needed the law
Golan ,   Modiin   (10.16.10)
the left and ultra left, the Israeli Arabs and the actions of their representatives is the reason we needed this law. As for fascism, you cannot call everyone you do not like a fascist. Especially when these people do not fit the definition of fascism. Also fascism can only occur in places where the left has ruled and failed, where the people feel threatened from within and chooses a leader that came from the left, is non-right wing, and overly concerned with the demoralization of the society. Fascist leaders ignore the law (left) and demand extrajudicial rights to its own group (Islamists and Feminists.) As for transfer or population exchange, I do not remember the Gush Shalom, Hadash, and Meretz opposing expelling Jews from their homes based on nothing more than their ethnicity. And if they do not like this they can vote in the next election, just like the right had to do when the left was running amuck in the early 90's.
8. Thousands protest ....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (10.16.10)
But millions support loyalty oath.
9. wow 6000 leftists..
James ,   Herzeliya   (10.16.10)
10. Anyway...
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.16.10)
What's so exciting by becoming Israeli? I am Jewish, came to Israel, and refused Israeli citizenship cause I am simply not Israeli and don't recognize myself as Israeli. I have much better citizenships than that and therefore I will not seek to become Israeli.
11. Demonstration
Spencer ,   Israel   (10.16.10)
From Arabs I expect this kind of demonstration, but not from Jews. Shame on them. Aren't we a Jewish State?
12. Oy, nu be'emet!
Noah ,   Israel   (10.16.10)
13. I wish to be in Israel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.16.10)
14. Re #1
Andrew Brehm   (10.16.10)
Against fascism? The protest was against a loyalty oath. You guys will be _very_ surprised when the Arabs ever win and actual fascism arrives in Israel. I doubt you'll be complaining about a loyalty oath if you are confronted by real fascism.
15. WILL THE 6,000
LARRY ,   US ARMY RETIRED   (10.16.10)
16. LESS THAN 1% protest. Big deal. OVER 99% are for it.
17. The demo shows what is wrong with the oath.
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland,Aotearoa   (10.16.10)
It should include Jews too. Any immigrant who participated in this witchhunt has no business being Israeli.
18. The enemies of Israel have lost their sleep.
Frank ,   USA   (10.16.10)
19. Rostislav, #6 vali obratno tuda otkuda priehal.
Alexander ,   formerly Russia   (10.16.10)
Have a good trip!
20. G-d bless Lieberman! G-d bless Bibi!
Dan ,   USA   (10.16.10)
21. hi parties:) do you want laugh a little on tel aviv people?
efe   (10.16.10)
do you know why all this phreak people gather together this night? this is how to live in tel aviv: ahhhh, which a good morning when he gives a good smile and yawns. he is opening the windows and look out the city: ahhh and he saying to himself: there is a north people that will get the Katiushas from hizballa, the south will get the kasem from hamas. so what am i doing this morning? get out to coffee shop like every morning or sleeping a few hours more? ohhh no!, i must get out a night, evrey one her must go out at evening. mabye a movie? or drink? yaaa!! we are leftits bro! when all north live bunkers at the last war we even didnt think to invite them, coffee shop!!!, we dont know about nothing on how to be citizen at this country. coffee shop!!!!.
22. Like the protest of the "Rote Frontkaempferbund"
Zeroing ,   Germany   (10.16.10)
Liebermann is neither a fascist nor a racist. You people get real. What is wrong with a land swap including its population? Are the Arabs of Tel Aviv others as the Arabs of Ramallah? Are they not the same people, same religion, same brother, same sister, same clan? Seperation is the only way, if there has to be peace in the Land of Israel, anything else is delusional and sinister. To call Liebermann a fascist is to ridicule the victims of the Holocaust. I, as a German, I strongly oppose calling Liebermann a fascist, because he is not.
23. Loyalty oath for new citizens? Sounds
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.16.10)
reasonable to me. And this is what the 6,000 were protesting against? This is what they identify as fascism? No surprise that Yaariv Oppenheimer and a bevy of Arab MPs took part in the protest. It is expected. But these faux liberals ("liberals" only for those who share their own perspectives) are losing vast ground in Israel and are becoming desperate.
24. Arabs are roaring with laughter at them!
Schreiber   (10.16.10)
Arabs are laughing at the stupid Jews who don't even know danger when it's staring them in the face. Even animals can tell when they're in danger. Not the leftist Jews. That's what bothers me most about the left. It's not that they are wrong. It's that they embarrass the rest of us by association with their lack of mental acuity. It's as if a basic part of their brains is simply missing. If they were rabbits they'd put up big signs saying "Welcome eagles. Food and lodging right here." And by the way, can anyone explain to these folks the real definition of racism and fascism? Their lack of proper and rational arguments against this Citizensip Law is reflected in the way they throw those epithets around. And a lesson in current affairs wold also be useful, to put things into perspective for them. Such as a list of Dos and Don'ts in other Middle Eastern countries.
25. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.16.10)
Can you tell us exactly why you came to Israel ?
26. to #10
"I have much better citizenships than that and therefore I will not seek to become Israeli." then get the hell out of here. i have a better citizenship too, but nevertheless became israeli and went to the army. i need to defend idiots like you? GET OUT!!!
27. There you are, Israel
Cameron ,   USA   (10.16.10)
The ranks of those who would run their state right off the edge of cliff with a smile.
28. # 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.16.10)
Breaking news to you, the oath is also for Jews.
29. Lieberman should go back to Russia
Ted   (10.16.10)
There he can have his way, not democracy.
30. 6000 Self Hating Jews
Mark ,   USA   (10.16.10)
It is beyond me the sheer stupidity and self loathing from the Jewish left. The loyalty oath is what any patriotic person would be fine to say and believe. When I was in school in America, I pledged Allegiance to the United States, EVERY DAY! Israel is FINALLY waking up from this insanity to realize that the left would like no more than to see the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. If these freaks won't pledge allegiance, they should lose their citizenship too!
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