Ministers unfazed by global condemnation
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.10.10, 22:29
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1. Our G-d will protect His Lamb (Israel) among 70 wolves.
2. what the world done for peace and us recently. nothing
ralph   (10.17.10)
3. Jewish state
Zichron   (10.17.10)
The world states must emphasize that the enemies of israel refuse to assit in security for the jews and deny the truth of the holocaust and the arab revolts against jewish return even for the minimum purpose of salvation of human life of non combatants.
4. Message to France:
Aquarianus ,   Bosotn, USA   (10.17.10)
How's that Roma deportation program going so far? Maybe Israel should follow your example.
5. The world and the Jews
Chananya ,   USA   (10.17.10)
We Jews were expelled, butchered, hated, and killed by the hands of all European countries. There were massacres of Jews throughout all of history out of antisemtism, it's the same thing now. They didn't stop even for a moment. Before the holocaust it was like this throughout Russia and many other countries. And afterwards it was like this in Russia and then toward Israel. We have to call it as it is. The Non Jews historically have a horrid record in regard to their treatment of Jews, much worse than any other record with any other peoples. SHAME ON YOU
6. Bullies will bully the weak
Zev ,   Israel   (10.17.10)
7. Israel building/blocade of gaza
Augustbrhm ,   PortofSpain Trinidad   (10.17.10)
Israel and America is farting against thunder.It is inevitable that these occupied lands taken with the help of america will have to be given up that was never theirs in the first place.160yrs and a temple does not give them that right .
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