500 Arabs begin studies in Ariel: 'There's no racism here'
Yair Altman
Published: 17.10.10, 21:24
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1. rscism
colin   (10.17.10)
There is no racidsm at Ariel university nor at any other higher learning school.THE ONLY RacisM IS IN THE MEDIA...tHEY TWIST ANY GOOD THAT IS IN iSRASEL TO THIER FILTY UNTRUHFUL LIES
2. Wishing them success!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.10)
This is the beginning of real co-existence.
3. Bless them well!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.17.10)
Israeli kids, getting an education! What's wrong with that?
4. Study hard and best of luck and success!
Yael ,   Israel   (10.17.10)
You are starting on a wonderful path to knowledge and life skills. Study hard (hint: do your readings, they really are important, especially the ones in English as they come from the best international journals) and have a bit of fun as well. The country needs your brains and skills and we are all rooting for you and your success!
5. In your face, boycotters!
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (10.17.10)
Those pompous windbags from the Kameri must be feeling quite stupid now.
6. No racism in Ariel
Sabra ,   Zanzibar   (10.18.10)
you want to say that there is racism in Tel Aviv and Haifa Univecities ? 500 arabs and Druse = 4.3 % from the 11500 total students and not 20% of t Arabs and Druze in the country - Mr. Yair talking about tolence in a setelment, ? for sure you live somewhere else than Ariel , let an Ariel resident talk about his vision about the future of Arabs in this land i belive that we don't have any other alternative than co existance in this Holy Land :)
7. also among jews during second ww existed "capos"
ivan ,   haifa   (10.18.10)
8. Sabra in Zanzibar: Did it ever occur to
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.18.10)
you that Arab students prefer, in general, to attend Arabic universities? Commenting on internal affairs from Zanzibar, Sabra or not, does not put you in a position to understand the social and political context of Ariel University and its surroundings. What we have learned is that non-Jewish students have been accepted and, according to the article, feel quite comfortable in their surroundings.
9. How many Arabs live in Ariel?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.18.10) Why is that?
10. To Sara B
Marcos ,   Brasil   (10.18.10)
Sometimes I understand yours hard TB, and I agree with u in many points, if they're Israelis kids looking for knowledge, what's the matter? Arabs-Israelis, Jews, druzim? They're israeli citizens.Green line, this was one utopia to politics. Ordinary people have emergencial priorities!!!! ani mitztaer about my bad English:)
11. Wonderfull
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.18.10)
May you all have success in your studies. Apply yourselves diligently to your studies but also remember to have lots of fun at college. This is one of the best times in your life. Work at becoming a good person and make a contribution to improving the world. We are all brothers and sisters.
12. #7 - only among the Leftist hateful is getting an education
William ,   Israel   (10.18.10)
considered treason unless at only "acceptable universities". I would welcome these students any day over the hateful, recidivist people like you.
13. #6 - in the US, even Affirmative Action considered failure
William ,   Israel   (10.18.10)
In the US, the determination for "equality" was a representation of every ethnic group to the same percentage as their makeup of the total population. That was the purpose of Affirmative Action and it was considered an abject failure! Why? Because simply having a body count does not promote integration. Ask yourself this - do all Israeli Arabs go to university? Do they prefer to chose the school best fitting their abilities or one closest to their village? The Druze interviewed is 25 years old, already married with a daughter. Not the same situation as a 25 year old Jewish youth. It's well known that Israeli Arabs are upset that more jobs aren't available to them near their remote villages. They demand the govt provide them with industrial parks and opportunities but never take the burden on themselves to go where the jobs are. Many Jews move from Galilee and the Negev to Tel Aviv and Haifa for more opportunities. Shouldn't Arabs also take responsibility for self-determination of their fate? Further, shouldn't Arab institutions and cities also be populated by 80% Jewish if wanting to be considered non-racist and equal?
14. Before 2000, many "Palestinians" studied their too
William ,   Israel   (10.18.10)
and they too cited no issue with racism by students or faculty. One thing is for sure - for Israelis, education is extremely important and in the classroom (unless run by the Leftist Nazis in BGU), everyone is equal as long as they study hard and show a desire to be there.
15. Wow, 4.3 % of Druze and Palis ,...
split ,   USA   (10.18.10)
This article looks like a joke, a sad one,...
16. ????
Moshe ,   Israel   (10.18.10)
How many Jews are learning in Arab schools in Israel? Probably none.
17. @ no. 2 Chaya
AJ - Raalte   (10.18.10)
This is not the BEGINNING of real integration, at all, it's just ONE aspect of its CONTINUATION.
18. Seek knowledge even in China....Ariel is closest ;)
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.18.10)
Necessity knows no law true it will be West Bank university center ....right now it is ILLEGAL settlement university center .
19. not racist campus
ale ,   italia   (10.18.10)
ariel is illegal ariel university is illegal ariel teachers are illegals ariel students are illegals druzes and arab-israelis studing into this campus are partners of sionism and settlers (ilegals settlers)
20. @ no 18
fti ,   kigh   (10.18.10)
No you morons will riot and destroy it like the greenhouses in Gaza if heaven forbid we leave.
21. According to islamic bigots
Raphael ,   Netanya   (10.18.10)
(and their Naturei Karta partners) knowledge is illegal.
22. #9
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.18.10)
How many Jews live in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen? How many Jews live in Shchem? How many Jews lived in Jerusalem and Hebron during Arab rule? The difference is that we don't need to ask why.
23. Hmm, how many non-whites live in Silver Bay?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.18.10)
Lookout, Steve Benassi - seems like Silver Bay should be renamed Whites-Only Bay. "The racial makeup of the city [Silver Bay] was 97.68% White, 0.05% African American, 1.11% Native American, 0.15% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 0.10% from other races, and 0.87% from two or more races." Wowee, Stevie! We know that you're a white occupation settler, but how nice of you to let 4 or 5 Native American families actually live in your whites-only club! And like, who is that .05% Black person? Somehow I doubt it's the mayor.... Racism? Wow. Silver Bay is your name!
24. no.18
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.18.10)
These non -Jewish residents are getting a good education,like Joana Moussa,a 20 year old behavorial sciences student from Abu Snan ,stone throwing Palestinian illiterates aren,t getting any education whatsoeve,r unless Salma describes stone throwing as a degree on her Palestinian CV?
25. no.12
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.18.10)
Good posting William but consider the stupid irresponsible leftist looney French students who don,t even understand why they,re rioting over the raising of the retirement age in France to 62 years ,they were misled by their looney leftist anarchists?
26. #25 - the French Leftists made their disdain known
William ,   Israel   (10.18.10)
It wasn't because of the raising of the retirement age pushing back a couple of years yet another generation of teet-sucking welfare babies.... it was, in their own words, because Sarkozy is implementing a "US-style capitalist system". Plain and simple, it's about remaining a socialist country bordering on welfare that they are concerned about, despite the recent implosion of Greece we all witnessed.
27. #19 - according to Geneva Convention, it's perfectly legal
William ,   Israel   (10.18.10)
West Bank was never really occupied because it had no real status. Jordan annexed it illegally after taking from Israel during 1948 war. The land that Ariel is built on was not private therefore no land appropriation was required to use it and since Israel is the holder of said lands with the withdraw of contest by Jordan, they have the rights to do as they please on public lands. Further, the only way "occupation" of land is valid is if said land was sovereign at the point of occupation. There never was a Palestine and West Bank area was slated through UN resolutions to be given for a Jewish State but was stolen and ethnically cleansed by Arabs. It would do you some benefit to actually learn Intl Law rather than take 20-second excerpts from the "court of public opinion". But I wouldn't worry - before we fix the Middle East, Italy will implode under its own corrupt, socialist mess just as Greece almost did and France is doing now. Good luck.
28. to number 27
ale ,   italia   (10.19.10)
your answers are goods for haredi , not for a free mind without sionist vision. your rabbi tell you the same things every days, but did not change your fantasies in trues. hello to all settlers , illegal , immoral but really: israelian!!!!!!!!!! no apache, no sioux, in 2010 Palestinians are new redskins
DANA   (10.30.10)
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