Israel's UN envoy says only peace can halt settlements
Published: 17.10.10, 19:14
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1. UN recognition of Israel didn't wait on final staus
Legal Eagle ,   USA   (10.17.10)
Sounds like yet another disingenuous Israeli UN represenative.
2. UN recognition 21 Arab entities didn't wait natives approval
Legal Bagel ,   USA   (10.18.10)
This is why Middle East is a mess, because national rights of all natives were ignored and only Arab invaders and occupiers were recognized as rulers.
3. no.1
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.18.10)
Where did Legal Eagle get his legal degree or knowledge from as May 1948 ,two states,living side by side ,in peace and prosperity ,reconised by the majority of the then UN ,the same UN that partitioned Pakistan and India the year previously ,your translating skills are woeful and your legal degree is non binding ?
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