UN official: Settlements violate international law
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.10.10, 19:23
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1. How sad
Gazan   (10.18.10)
"With a heavy heart, Israel put in place a self-imposed and unprecedented ten-month moratorium on settlement construction… " How very sad, I truly sympathize. So you want the world to understand that it's ok to continue eating the pizza while you negotiate over how many slices each party gets.
2. The arabs will "never" have another state
Yehoshua J1 ,   USA   (10.18.10)
3. The UN has not changed, but the White House has!!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.18.10)
The present discussion at the UN is one of the outcomes of the failed policy of Mr. Barack H. Obama's White House, one that can be characterized as hostile to Israel - possibly derived from ideas planted by Rev. Wright, Min. Farakhan and Profs. Said and Khalidi - and in addition, naive, lacking knowledge of the subject, experience, expertise and simple wisdom. America, take a note of it and act...!!
4. Palestinians manipulate negotiations with anti-Zionist UN
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church USA   (10.18.10)
Israel's misguided agreement to "negotiations" only serves as justification for Palestinians to manipulate the so-called negotiating process to reach out to every anti-Zionist Pharisee milling around the negotiating table with the aim of delegitimizing Israel and forcing upon Israel unilateral and unreciprocated abandonment of national and sovereign rights. The present government's course is suicidal as its so-called allies will continue to appease the Arab and Islamic national community by, sooner or later, abandoning even the pretense of objectivity and nakedly attempting to cram another Munich down Israel's throat. The time has long come to abandon negotiations and cooperation with a Palestinian national leadership that has yet to abandon the genocidal anti-Semitism of its Muslim Brotherhood roots.
5. Nonsense!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.18.10)
The settlements are built on non-sovereign land acquired by Israel in the course of fighting a defensive war in 1967. They are not illegal, as anyone with half a brain -- or a degree in international law -- would know. Clearly, Oscar Taranco does not qualify on either account. He is a fool, and he has no knowledge of international law.
6. Violence by deranged groups cause havoc all over the world
Schreiber   (10.18.10)
but it's the Jews that are a threat to peace. 2010.10.17 (Farah, Afghanistan) - The Taliban claim to have killed eight humanitarian workers in an attack on their project. 2010.10.17 (Grozny, Chechnya) - Suspected Muslim insurgents take out two local cops in a drive-by shooting. 2010.10.16 (Uruzgan, Afghanistan) - Hardliners murder two civilians with a roadside bomb. 2010.10.16 (Zinjibar, Yemen) - al-Qaeda militants kill local soldiers to via a roadside blast. 2010.10.15 (Orakzai, Pakistan) - Four villagers are murdered by Mujahideen attackers. 2010.10.15 (Zabul, Afghanistan) - Nine civilians, including three women and one child, are taken apart by a Taliban IED blast (Religion of Peace website) 2010.10.18 (Israel) Jews build houses. UN's response: WHAAATTT???? Those criminals, those racists, those threats to global peace IN ISRAEL must be punished!!!!
7. To Gazan
David ,   USA/ISRAEL/EGYPT   (10.18.10)
It's our pizza, we can eat as much as we want and any time we want to. Go to Jordan or mecca to get yours
8. why should Israel care?
zionist forever   (10.18.10)
Since when has the UN ever treated Israel even handedly? Israel has more General Assembly resolutions passed against it than any other country in the world. Even the most brutal regimes don't get condemned by the UN as much as Israel and 99% of it petty resolutions. As the UN doesn't treat Israel justly then why shouldn't Israel not just hold up two fingers and say screw you to the UN and then build?
9. To Gazan
Larissa   (10.18.10)
So you want a slice of the pie? Did you make it, did you work for i, did you earn it yourself? The British Mandate giving Egypt a slics of the pie they colonized does not give you the right to eat it. Israel withdrew from Gaza and we got death and destruction and rockets raining down every single day on our homes and childrens's schools. You should be sad - that that you voted in a militaristic, theocratic dictatorship that holds the quran in one hand and brandishes a gun in the other, that violates the rights of non-muslims, women, gays and secular, democratic thinkers, that teaches little children to sing songs of hate and murder, to demonize and animalize Jews and non-muslims from the age of three up, that receives millions of dollars of aid from all over the world only to squander it on weapons and terrorist training instead of building an infrastructure for Gazans to establish a free and prosperous economy. You should be sad, sad and ashamed.
10. To Gazan #1 - Please stop bombing the pizzeria
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (10.18.10)
then we can all eat in peace
stude ham   (10.18.10)
other than that ... since when is it illegal, and by what convention, for any group of human beings to build their habitations on their own lands. it is about time that the arab invaders of our lands were referred to as invaders. BUILD ISRAEL BUILD!
12. the price of arrogance
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.18.10)
...this just the beginning
13. # 8 Hold up two fingers??
14. Sarah rewrites international law
Wissam ,   Palestine   (10.18.10)
How convenient for you to twist international law. You have the nerve to tell the world's nations they do not comprehend international law? Your interpretation of international law is clearly self-serving - nobody buys your argument, nobody. Gtf out of Palestine it is NOT up for grabs.
15. One does not "colonize" one's own land
Steve Klein   (10.18.10)
The land of Israel is historic Jewish land. It is our Biblical homeland and our heritage. Mr. Mansour called on the international community to sanction Israel in order to make it meet what he referred to as "the same standards all nations are held to." The United States of America - the nation-state that largely pays Mansour's salary - this is a state that that was established by means of colonization. What are these standards Mansour is referring to?
16. UN Bias
Sceptique ,   Paris, France   (10.18.10)
This idiot accuses Israel of "confiscating Palestinian land" therefore he pretends to know where is "Palestine" and where is "Israel" even before the authorities of both have settled the question of borders. I guess the UN should name this genius as the leader for the negotiations: they will be so much shorter, as all is known in advance to him !
17. international law
SA ,   USA   (10.18.10)
By "the same standards all nations are held up to", he must mean all nations except, hmm, all Arab nations, Zimbabwe, the list could go on. By the way, I'd like to propose a new UN rule. Anytime someone says something is allowed or forbidden by international law, they have to justify it by referring to specific items in the law. I've noticed that too many times "illegal by international law" means "should be illegal because it sounds like a bad thing."
18. The UN House of darkness White House turned into Dark House
Norman   (10.18.10)
We can rely only on our father in heaven.
19. when will the UN condemn the palestinian refugees
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.18.10)
for murdering an entire family including a pregnant mother to be. oh wait the UN is as anti semitic as jimmy the peanut carter.
20. The UN is corrupted and irrelevant
Brod ,   USA   (10.18.10)
Dominated mainly by belligerent Islamist-Jihadist countries and corrupted, poor Third Word countries and AntiSemites, the UN has become an irrelevant institution. The fact is the GOD of Israel is stronger than the UN or anything that is in this Planet. Controlled by Lucifer and his Demons, the dark forces are at war with GOD[S people. They have been doing it since ancient time. However, we are now at the very toes of Earth's history (Read the Book of Daniel), nearing the End Time. The Book of Revelation reveals that in the End Time, GOD will rescue His people and put an end to the dark forces. Israel should be united, resolute and strong in confronting the dark forces and say NO to them. There is nothing they can do about it.
21. Freeze during talks part of Roadmap framework which Israel
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.18.10)
agreed to before the current Gov. came to power. The talks are away to stall while building continues and 10 month partial freeze only limited some building and to stop heavy US pressure at the time to get talks restarted. A deal is on the table with modified Saudi plan but current Gov. can not take it and stay in power.
22. They invent "international laws" as suits them
Avi ,   Geneva   (10.18.10)
Fanciful interpretations to fit their anti-Semitic / anti-Israeli prejudices. Fictions spun to fool fools.
23. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.18.10)
Ooh, you walked right into my wheelhouse, eyes wide shut. No, my interpretation of international law is the standard. I suggest you read up on the Hague Conventions; all four of them. Who knows, you might actually learn something. That said -- the fact of the matter is that mandatory Palestine was non-sovereign land. As I said. The Jews accepted partition in 1947; the Arabs did not. The Arabs chose to go to war instead -- AND LOST. Bad choice, but bad choices seems to be an Arab specialty. You are a defeated, conquered people. Get used to the idea; it isn't ever going to change. There is no Palestine. There is Israel. You had your chance, and blew it. Too damn bad for you.
24. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.18.10)
Actually, no. There is no need to "negotiate." You get nothing. Understand? Good.
25. Talks stalled because of settlements ?
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (10.18.10)
First, what and who is there to talk about..The rhetoric is as old as the state of Israel...The blame game is not going to make Israel budge and give up land to an admitted enemy, to a no state, a no country, just to please the world & UN..We did it already in Europe, where we were rooted for thousands of years, only to be exterminated by millions...This little sliver of land, which You (UN) declared as the Jewish State we will keep as such, regardless to the number of sanctions issued against us by Riyad Mansour's... Yesterday I stumbled on the web upon a shocking article: An admission, written by of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that Germans have failed to grasp how muslim immigration has transformed their country..."For years we've been deceiving ourselves about this..." This is the fist acknowledgement, that Germany like other European countries, is destined to become a stronghold of islam. Markel also quoted: "And of course, the approach to build a multicultural society and to live side by side and enjoy each other...has failed, utterly failed". The name of the article is : Germany going Islam: The approach to a Multicultural Society... It is illistrated as well...
26. talks stalled because of no settlement
observer   (10.18.10)
27. UN is a Disgraceful Embarrassment
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (10.18.10)
systematically committing crippling offenses against the nature of its essence, addicted to exclusively ostracizing & attacking the Jewish state with relentless obsession
28. #14 - whatever little rights your people had in 1948
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.18.10)
were lost you started (and lost) the war. Subsequently - you compounded on your mistake in '56, '67, 73 and on... Even as late as in 2000 your peple were offered most of the Judea and Samaria. Bottom line: you pay for being stupid. You lost all your claims long ago. Safe journey to Saudi Arabia....
29. Rockets raining on innocent Israelis violate decency laws
EST ,   Miami USA   (10.18.10)
How come the UN has still to condemn the murderous rockets raining on Southern Israel???? I'll take the settlements any time.....hypocrites!!!! We are once again confronting the perversion of the law....last time it was in the 1930's when Germany and Austria began with the perversion of the law to commit anti-semitic genocide. It is no different now, except that former Nazi friends and their descendants are at the forefront of this smear campaign, disregarding what is being done to the only Jewish state of this world!!!As I said, hypocrites!!!
30. Bloodydumbscot at it again. You living in the Alamo?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.18.10)
Funny, but I also recall that the Palestinians were obligated under not just the roadmap, but ALL the agreements they signed to stop killing Israeli civilians. The talks restarted, and the Palestinians opened fire. Funny, but Davey Crockett wouldda shot back, no? According to you, the defenders of the Alamo were just stalling while the rest of you occupational Yanks were constructing your illegal settlements on stolen Mexican territory. Crikey you're one uppity self-righteous armchair expert who continuously gets your facts wrong.
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