Syria: Norway artist's works yanked from show over Israeli flag
Published: 18.10.10, 22:02
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1. Ha Ha Ha...Israel basher gets bashed by Israel bashers...
PK ,   Hong Kong   (10.18.10)
...over Israel bashing! just can't make this shit up.
2. The response of the Israel-bashing artist?
William ,   Israel   (10.19.10)
basically begging for racists to believe that he is just like them and truly hates Israel.
3. what a riot...and the moron was just trying to say
he hates us too. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
4. So much for Syrian free speech and democracy
Eran ,   Singapore   (10.19.10)
5. Back to the drawing board
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (10.19.10)
Back to the drawing board. Don\t worry - just need to go back and re-read your archives of Nazi propaganda comics. I am sure you will get an idea!
6. oh sweet karmah, people never get much love
ghostq   (10.19.10)
when their entire policy based on hatred, NOW pass me the pop corn. ti hi.
7. Syria: Norway artist's works yanked
Norway   (10.19.10)
Vicious art! Doubt whether Norwegian leftist cultural minister would have had this removed!
8. The epitome of poetic justice lol : )
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (10.19.10)
9. Racist Syria to racist Norway "artist"- not racist enough
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.28.11)
10. "Moderate" policy of Syria - The racist hippocrate state
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.28.11)
11. Israeli flags, versus Syria and Iran - can start riots
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.28.11)
Can you imagine if Israel drones dropped thousands of star of David flags on syria and Iran . It might be enough to start more riots and bring down these Arab / Muslim dictatorships.
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