Mashaal: Hamas willing to accept peace deal with Israel
Ali Waked
Published: 20.10.10, 22:25
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1. Sure, but what does he say to Al Jazeera?
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (10.20.10)
Methinks he speaks with forked tongue.
2. idf couldn't fight on the ground of Gaza
Reasonable Mashaal   (10.20.10)
3. A Waste Of Time And Energy
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (10.20.10)
"A Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capita and the right of return." This Iranian pet poodle must be off his meds again.
4. again the left foaming at the mouth
Golan ,   Modiin   (10.20.10)
can you please put the words in context? division of Jerusalem, expulsion of Jews from the Jewish quarter. Arab state with military, Israel overrun by "Arab refugees" and no end to conflict... where is peace in all this?
5. Why ?
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (10.20.10)
Why is Bibi negotiating with Abbas when Abbas holds no power ? It is a trap. If Israel agrees to everything Abbas wants and Hamas attacks Israel after the signing, Israel will be blamed for not following the agreement. Israel is negotiating with the wrong people and Obama knows it but doesn't care. Bibi knows it too, but has no spine.
6. Sure.
Linda ,   Poltava, Ukraine   (10.20.10)
As soon as the teenagers perished at the Delfinarium discotheque are resurrected from the dead, there will be peace between Israel and Hamas. People, don't be fooled once again: a bandit cannot be turned to a dove.
7. Do't trust a word that he utters.
bellamack ,   london uk   (10.20.10)
He says one thing in Arabic for the Arabs,and something else in English for the US.
8. Delusional islamonazi
X'   (10.20.10)
mashal is dreaming in technicolor. There will be no right of return EVER. There will only be peace when the Pals decide they will live with a Jewish majority state that has safe and secure borders, an internationalized shared Jerusalem, and demilitarized state of their own. The alternative is a war with the totalitarian criminal terrorists that will damage Israel but result in the obliteration of Syria/Iran/Lebanon and any hopes of a Pal state.
9. What Israel will accept....
Jan ,   Houston, USA   (10.20.10)
OK, Mr Meshaal... we know what the Palis will listen to what Israel will accept....a Jewish State from sea to sea....all of Judea and Samaria, all of Gaza, and no Arabs. And that is that......
10. Wow...
Damir ,   Sarajevo, BiH   (10.20.10)
In Gaza, they (Hamas) have something about one hundred rocket factories and one or two bread factory. Maybe if situation would be opposite, than Hamas would be a partner for peace. But now, it can only be a partner for war.
11. After all...
Damir ,   Sarajevo, BiH   (10.20.10)
Hamas is organization established in war. That's why war is the only environment suitable for them. If there would be a peace, they would lose their purpose.
stude ham   (10.21.10)
the last time carter did anything in the region he gave iran over to the mad mullahs and ayatollahs. and the iranians and the world are suffering the consequences. hey jimmy... there is no way that we are ever giving up israel to any fraction of the invaders. and jimmy... if you're so good... give us back our shalit.
13. Do Arabs have a problem saying one thing and then
doing just the opposite? Since when does Israel trust them?
14. Mashall and Hamas Peace
Simcha ,   So.Cal.USA   (10.21.10)
Well, one thing is right. Peace can never be achieved by dealing with Abbas. But working with Mashall will be like russian roulette. I just don't see how it's possible. He is no hypocrite regarding his feelings toward jews and Israel, he is proudly a terrorist . So how is it possible to have a genuine peace worked out?
15. Talking Obama's language
Hunt S Cross ,   England   (10.21.10)
makes it a trap. Besides, peace is a meaningless concept for Hamas. And for Iran which finances it. And even Abbas wants to dismantle Israel.
16. He's talking about a deal that would end Israel's existence.
Sandra ,   NYC   (10.21.10)
He's describing Abbas' non-starter non-negotiable demands and also the Saudi Peace Initiative (both of which are designed to end Israel's existence). If this deal were to go through, Iran would be living inside Israel's heartland and running the country formerly known as Israel with Hamas and 4 or 5 million other Arabs. It's no wonder Mashaal doesn't mind it.
17. ... and free candy daily for all Pals
JB ,   SoCal, USA   (10.21.10)
Laughing hysterically while reading what Mushmouth Mashaal would "agree" to, I spewed ice tea on my keyboard -- what a comedian! Methinks Bibi and his bewildered dance partner Abbass have agreed to keep pretending until 2 AM Eastern Time Zone, Wed. Nov. 3rd, when the USA election returns come in. All as demanded with promise of free ice cream cones by USA Pres. Schmendrick, who at that moment officially becomes a very Lame Duck. Wow, Pres. Carter, what would we do without you and your "diplomacy" !?! And thanks for including Gilad . . . what? You forgot ???
18. Do not believe them!
John   (10.21.10)
19. Look! All Mashaal wants is legitimacy and international
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.21.10)
acceptance for his terrorist organisation, Hamas. He wants to be a terrorist and a gentleman at the same time. Let him remain in bin Laden's league. He is a scamp just like Rauf. Wanting Jerusalem as an Arab & Islamist capital is just like wanting a mosque at GZero...very symbolic of conquest. Ramallah is not good enough for them because there is no symbolism there. They want to plant themselves in the holiest site of Christianity and Judaism. Don't give them a centimeter of Jerusalem.
20. PR move from Hamas
Sue ,   Israel/UK   (10.21.10)
Once again a very clever PR move from Hamas - playing the "good" "Palestinian", showing all the lefties that Hamas is not at all radical, just maligned and misunderstood. Stupid worldwide media will lap this up without taking the time to really understand the facts, i.e. that he could make this statement so easily because he knows all too well that Jerusalem is non-negotiable to Israel! So once again, Hamas good (they really want peace) - Israel bad (blocking peace) and Hamas can sit back and have a good laugh!
21. but....
Daweed ,   Saana   (10.21.10)
is it a small step towards recognition? Could it lead to deal beyond hudna?
22. Hamas Charter
Bruriah Sarah   (10.21.10)
Hamas Charter calls for Israel's destruction. So what Mashaal means is that there will be peace when they destroy Israel. Israel hopefully does not fall for this.
23. "Palestinian" concensus
William ,   Israel   (10.21.10)
In other words, if 99.99999% of "Palestinians" agree to peace, but one says no, Hamas is off the hook. Come back with "majority of "Palestinians" Mashaal, then we'll talk. To the untrained ear and useful idiots of the West, this might be a revelation, but to the rest of the world, this is just convoluted double-speak that Arafat used years before you did. Nice try.
24. #2 - tons of ground troops in Gaza during cast Lead
William ,   Israel   (10.21.10)
and while they went door-to-door looking for terrorists, Hamas hid in a hospital basement. Not much of a ground fight if the terrorist enemy largely remains hiding. But then again, only a handful of IDF were killed while hundreds of Hamas, PRC, and IJ terrorists were neutralized. I say they did quite well on the ground, wouldn't you?
25. One line - Right of Return - Negates all.
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.21.10)
Come on - they will accept 1967 boarders if right of return exercised - the issue then of Palestinian consensus is at best a mask. I imagine that with so called 'Right of Retun' they will not need to even worry about 1967 borders and will sign the dotted line. If Isreal was to agree to take all of these - then the Majority is Arab, and within 1 election any agreement will be Automatic. 1976 borders, 1948 borders, no israel - all will be achievable by this one line - so why such a big headline for such obviously nonsesical claims.
26. Hamas should first: 1) Accept Israel's right to be, to ...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.21.10) exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people; 2) Cease all acts of terror and violence against Israel and Israel's citizens and all preparations for such terror and violence; 3) Adhere to agreements with Israel already signed by the parties. And of course, before all else, Hamas must release the soldier Gilad Shalit, abducted from Israel's sovereign soil by its thugs more than four years ago and to this day has not been given even the right to a visit by International Red Cross personnel or anyone else for that matter, a grave violation of international mode of behavior. The above, incidentally, are demands placed upon Hamas by the entire international community, i.e. UN, EU, US Russia.
27. #'s 10 & 11 Damir
Hal ,   Usa   (10.21.10)
Bingo! This is just more crap from the political wing of Hummus. The Punch and Judy show that is Hamas talks out of both sides of their collective beaks. Nothing will come of this like nothing will come of reconciliation talks. These professional talkers are ingaged in deception from their only real job, war. They have no reason to change mode toward peace. As you rightly point out Damir, they would lose their purpose and fortunes smuggling cars into the Gaza Strip. More money in weapons and Fiats! No peace ever.
28. Mashaal as flawless as that logic is
Alexander ,   NJ, USA   (10.21.10)
Perhaps we should first try peace for peace? Here's what we are willing to accept an end to all terrorist activities. An end to all Israel bashing and Jew hatred. Recognizing our rights to the land that is explicitly stated in your Quran and the Torah. The liberation of the Arabs under your oppression and equal rights for Jews in Arab lands.
29. negotiation in the bizarro world
mahmood ,   afghan   (10.21.10)
Mashaal won't accept Abbas or or Fatah as legitimate, but he'll accept the deals they make? I guess his disclaimer is that the Israelis have to first pretend they haven't won eight wars instigated by the Pals and their fellow thugs and have to give back everything the Palestinians have thrown away.
30. Hamas should be in the peace talks too RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (10.21.10)
I suggest that Obama and so Hiliary and so France should demand that Israel allow Hamas to be part of the peace talks too but then Israel hard liners run the government refuse to recognize Hamas so any peace deal would be point less Israe isl starting to sound like Germany in 1935 the irony of that RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
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