Netanyahu's 'list of millionaires'
Published: 22.10.10, 12:24
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1. PM in tycoons pockets
peter ,   a'dam NL   (10.22.10)
We have a saying here: "Those who pay, determine". So basically this is business as usual. Quote: "...The Prime Minister's Office said in response to the Yedioth inquiry: Netanyahu makes his decisions in accordance with what is good for the State, not according to the opinions of donors, as important as they may be..." Yeah, right...and what his donors want is what's good for Israël, of course.
2. What is PM Mr. Netanyahu up to?
He is a "great communicator" so what was his reason for releasing this list?
3. # 2
Linda ,   Poltava, Ukraine   (10.22.10)
The reason is to ensure that the bill regarding compulsory disclosure of the NGO funding sources will pass smoothly. IMHO
4. What about Barak
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (10.22.10)
The clinton men helping Barak getting elected in 2000. The EU donations to Peres Peace Center also? They should come clean.
5. Its scary how much power a few millionaires in the world
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.22.10)
If the Muslims ever learn to use money in banking and campaign fully then they will become truly dangerous, since over all they are richer than Jews. Iran is blocked from banking to a degree but Iraq could be used to fund campaigns in next US elections.
6. Netanyahu donations
Lt COL HOWARD ,   USA   (10.23.10)
From following all the money flows, both Jewish and Arab…I fully believe Netanyahu. WHAT SHOULD ALARM ISRAEL IS THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCING OF LIVINI, too much of which (hidden and washed) comes in from hostile sources (??anti -Israel NGOs,anti-zionist Jews,Iran,Saudia Arabia,Lebanon ?? ).
7. Show me the money!
googoomuck ,   Macungie USA   (10.25.10)
Don't forget the US Taxpayers. We give more than these pussy billionaires!
8. Why is is Chaim Saban so far down on the list?
David ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.29.12)
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