Israeli artist: IDF an army of evil
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.10.10, 18:24
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1. okay then
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.22.10)
okay then... please get out of my country and live in gaza or germany. you hate being in israel... get out. good bye
2. i guess when someone keeps trying
Barney ,   USA   (10.22.10)
to blow you up and stab you it tends to make you a little crabby. The palis constant "dehumanizing" of all things Jewish and Israel is coming home to roost. Too bad it can't all go away
3. Nice to know how "bestial" we are and
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.22.10)
how the IDF is an "army of evil". Now, what will these artists have to say when they and their families are protected by this "evil army"? And what of the innumerable suicide bombings and other terrorist acts from which the IDF protects them? Somehow, their artistic rhetoric does not convince me; in fact, it encourages me to believe that these artists are simply the usual effete oversensitized drunk on themselves narcissistic individuals one can find in any artists' colony. If they toned down the rhetoric and just presented the facts then, yes, we could more easily alter the ways in which we deal with the Palestinian population. Our IDF personnel are very young, the situations in Shomrun and Yehuda are very stressful for us as well and, due to normal complications, we may give contradictory messages. In addition, having to police this sector is not a happy situation for Israel. Should we simply get out, allowing Palestinians a free hand as they obtained in Gaza? Such a solution, probably promulgated by these same artists, would only put us even more at risk. Yes, we could work on having a better central command and more and better training for our soldiers who man these outposts but the fact is that our IDF runs on the strength and determination of young, sometimes raw, men and women. I really wonder how many of these artists who protest, and which ones, ever served in the IDF and, if so, ever served in stressful situations such as the outposts they are complaining about.
4. no firsthand knowledge...
ya.   (10.22.10)
guess that tells you if they served in the army.. of course not, also notice that all of them are old and past there time.
5. :: Robert - #3
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.22.10)
Why are you condemning Israelis for voicing their disgust and shame now that they realize how morally corrupt the IDF have become? You obviously haven’t taken part in these MachsomWatch tours in the Palestinian WB because if you had you would not be trying to defend the IDF in relations to their brutal behavior towards the Palestinians in the WB. Why haven’t you partaken of these MachsomWatch tours Robert?
6. potential suspects?
SA ,   USA   (10.22.10)
Well, yes, what's wrong with that? People who guard international borders are supposed to treat everyone like a potential threat, though preferably with some courtesy. And frankly, if the terrorists didn't use ambulances, pregnant women and children to do their dirty work, maybe everyone wouldn't be treated like a potential terrorist.
7. 1 - David, it is actually my country
David ,   TA   (10.22.10)
and i want it back, all the hate filled rightist are free to go to wherever they came from. Get out and don't come back. good bye.
8. Big negative propaganda
Pedro ,   Brazil   (10.22.10)
These artists words are more dangerous than 500 Qassams and can hurt you really bad. They are asking for resistence, after all "you are evil and worse" than many people can imagine. Unbelievable.
9. # 1 I Know how you feel
Chris ,   Wales   (10.22.10)
as an Outsider,I Feel so much distain for the radical & dangerous left wingers in Israel. I Understand exactly how no:1 Thinks on this matter..Are these people really Israelis,maybe so,But their actions are disgusting beyond words and if the Islamic jihadists did have their way,these 'useful Idiots' would not be spared.. I Am reminded of the Prophetic scriptures,which I Always quote here because it seems every prophecy in the bible seem accurate beyond any doubt! Zech 12-13 speaks of our day and age and there we read that 2 Thirds of Israel will fall in the coming attack against them. Jerusalem,Judea and Samaria seems to be the sticky point according to the scriptures,and Joel 3:2 states clearly that Israel will be forced to divide her God given land,and that God will then Judge all the nations for this Criminal act.. point is,Israel has enemies within and unfortunately,their Evil work and actions help form the rest of the World's Opinion against Israel...They reason if Jews are against the state,then surely Israel must be wrong? I'm sure many jews have fallen for this thinking too,PLEASE Israeli friends,Stand firm......I'm here to point out that the Bible predict that all Nations,that right,ALL NATIONS Would Turn against remember this that the Bible is 100% True,and that why the World is against You! Shalom! ISAIAH 24:20The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again. 21And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth. 22And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be visited. 23Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the LORD of hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously. JOEL 2: 31The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come. 32And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.
10. absurdness in artistic fashion
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto / Canada   (10.22.10)
I cann't imagine that's this inresponsible behaviour hapening , in cynical way can be defined as bohemian Levantine way to understand the reality and for that shame of you for. Shame of you for the liebel.
11. If these bleaters want "bestial".....
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.22.10)
....maybe they should try their foolish stunts in Tehran,Moscow or China and see how they feel after they get out of the hospital. They know they're a lot less likely to get hurt protesting in Israel than other places. Righteous feeling cowards.
12. To Israeli evel artist
Israeli ,   U.S.A/Israel   (10.22.10)
Yes Please get out of Israel maybe Gaza or Europa it is a good start . I.D.F. Watch over on Israel and including you children and you families. time to take a loyalty test,, that for every Israelie citizen.
13. aw a harsh reality?
pini ,   usa israel   (10.22.10)
perhaps thats what happens after 60 years of terror? Perhaps go to your home, Jordan.
14. Move these "artists" and the members
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.22.10)
of machsom watch to gaza or the liberated territories. Their black hearts are with the enemy, let their rotten bodies join them. I suppose they would have been angry at the treatment of the germans and japanese civilians in WWII by the allies. These artists are a cancer and should be removed from Israel.
15. They should move there!
Marsh ,   Buffalo USA   (10.22.10)
I think the Israeli artists of MachsomWatch should all move to the West Bank and live among the Pal's.. Since they all hate Jews... They'll love it there!
16. If you are upset by their propoganda, boycott their "art" !!
EM ,   USA   (10.22.10)
17. Kick this rotten bunch out of Israel !
Jaacov Baumann   (10.22.10)
18. i think
lubna ,   jerusalem   (10.22.10)
artists are more senseble than others but sure who are be beaten are the most senseble sure they are the palastinians ... so it is not becouse they do not know but it is becouse they do not feel
19. mark #7 from TA
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.22.10)
I asume TA=Tel Aviv. Ever serve in the army? i ask because many left wing cowards like you live in that city. why dont you move to gaza... with you arab friends who love us sooooooooooo much. see how they treat you. you are a big dummie.
20. Take a good look at them
David ,   USA/ISRAEL/EGYPT   (10.22.10)
A bunch of selfish losers. The Israeli public should boycott every one of those traitors
21. Would like a list
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (10.22.10)
I would like a list of all of the "artists" involved so that I know who to boycot.
22. i think
lubna ,   jerusalem   (10.22.10)
artists are more senseble than others but sure who are be beaten are the most senseble sure they are the palastinians ... so it is not becouse they do not know but it is becouse they do not feel
23. artists
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (10.22.10)
Another group that is proud to be ashamed to be Israeli.
24. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.10)
Why havent you been to Israel Matty? seeing that you are so very interested in the country & her politics. I think its a shame that you dont honour us with a visit, you can even try immigrating. We'd just love to have you here.
25. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.10)
Kudos to you Robert for a fine post, but please dont expect any outsider here to undertsand your points. Of course these idiotic artists never served in the IDF. They havent experienced having 1 minute to reach the bomb shelters to avoid quassams. None of their houses have been bombed, none of their grandchildren live with any kind of fear from quassams falling on their nursery schools. No foreigner can understand that we citizens are able to go to sleep at night knowing that our army, the IDF is protecting us 24/7. No foreigner can understand that every soldier serving in the IDF is our son who we will protect from slander. That said, we cannot afford to vacate Judea & Shomron giving permission to the terrorists to kill us with ease. No thanks.
26. How many armies....
Joshua ,   Jersey City, NJ   (10.22.10)
...provide "handicap access" at military checkpoints in the first place?
27. Art, schmart...
Rachmiel ,   MburgUSA   (10.22.10)
That's a cute politicalized fence there in the picture. Without that fence, these "artists" would have been captured, kidnapped and held for ransom by Hamas and/or the Fakestianians. Maybe then their next piece of art will include the tiny room and ropes that bind THEM.
28. :: #3 - Robert, My definition
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.22.10)
I define everything in terms of my bigger than life ego.
29. The arty farty types are on the loose again
KYP ,   Israel   (10.23.10)
30. Artists
JakeN ,   Israel   (10.23.10)
B S artists more like it,people with way too much time on their hands,as their artistic ability lacks!
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