US professor's anti-Israel remarks concern lawmakers
Associated Press
Published: 23.10.10, 08:32
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1. He'd be welcome at Ben-Gurion University.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (10.23.10)
Our universities are chock full of far-left wackos with similar views. This is a world-wide phenomenon. ''Higher education'' has turned into a joke, universities have become asylums for cranks, ideologues, anti-Semites, & apologists for Islam.
2. Being
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.23.10)
against Israel is being against Jews.
3. Ha !
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.23.10)
the right to freedom of expression only when needed !!
4. :: Why is an Arab teaching English literature in America?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.23.10)
This guy has no English language skills and his intonations are horrible. He is obviously a political appointee most likely because Saudi Royal Jihadis fund this so called racist "black university."
5. "Destroyed by peaceful means"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.23.10)
This idiot is a professor? How do you destroy anything peacefully? I hope he loses tenure.
6. Sick of the double standard
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (10.23.10)
NPR reporter Juan Williams was recently fired for saying people like professor Siddique make him a little “nervous” when they get on airplanes with him. NPR claims Juan was fired because he expressed his nervousness in the media. Yet, professor Siddique can call for the destruction of Israel, and by implication the destruction of the Jewish people with impunity. We, the people on the right, are completely fed up with the double standard that exists in the arena of public opinion and have begun to roll it back. The mid-term elections in November will continue the rollback process. I will be at the polls this very morning to take advantage of early voting rules to do my part by voting a straight Republican ticket. People like professor Siddique make me nervous (and angry) too. Shout out to Sarah B.
7. US citizens should concerned
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (10.23.10)
about the loyalty of US lawmakers making too many pro-Israel comments.
8. Academia and Intelligence - No correlation
Jonny ,   SA   (10.23.10)
As I have said before, being an academic does not require any form of intelligence.
9. An expression of the Islamic thinking worldwide
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.23.10)
Fundamentally, the Arab Israeli conflict is and has always been between the Muslim-Arab world, local and regional, and the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel. The Muslim-Arab world has never accepted the legitimacy of Israel's existence as the nation-state of the Jewish people on ANY piece of land between the River and the Sea. Over the years this world has attempted to wipe Israel off the face of earth through full scale wars, e.g. 1948, 1967, 1973, and has failed. It has since attempted to do so in stages, one piece of land at a time. But never, never has the Muslim-Arab world accepted Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. This professor, sadly, reflects honestly the way of thinking that has prevailed in the Muslim-Arab world for more than a hundred years! And what does Obama think...??!!
10. "Against Israel but not the Jews"
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (10.23.10)
Thanks for recognizing Israel. Siddiqui is a virulent anti Semite. I can guarantee you he is a Jew hater. Hope you lose your job and are deported, and then experience some "collatersl damage". I used to believe there could be a way to live in peace with the Arabs. Siddiqui and his ilk have convinced me I was wrong.
11. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.23.10)
As you have been repeatedly informed by many, many YNet posters, freedom of expression does not extend to license and hate speech. Are you so dense that you still do not understand the difference? Here's a news flash: Jews are at the top of the bell curve. You guys are consistently at the bottom. Eat your heart out.
12. the common stance of radicals...
eporue ,   europe   (10.23.10)
no problem with minorities, but subdue ( & serve) ... and salma: this is not freedom of expression. criticism, condemning, is, even hateful speech might be (in some countries). but calling for the destruction of a legal and recognized country is incitement for terrorism. the same as: you can hate, condemn a person, but calling for their murder is also not "freedom of expression" anymore...
13. "peaceful" destruction
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (10.23.10)
"I hope he loses tenure." Well, I hope so, too, Sarah B. - but wouldn't count on it. Fine to fire Juan Williams for disclosing that he initially feels uncomfortable, boarding flights with those in Moslem regalia, but likely perfectly acceptable to call for the destruction of Israel. The present atmosphere in the U.S. (and far too many other places) is unbearable.
14. Matty
Alistair ,   Scotland   (10.23.10)
How do you know his english skills are bad? Very unlikely. The N.K in israel have been calling for the dismantling of Israel too for many years,surely this professer is being misrepresented in some way, I find it hard to belive he is stupid. I must admit I do like Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss
15. "black university"
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (10.23.10)
Could you similary say that Brigham Young for instance is a "white university" without sounding racist?
16. # 3 You are funny Salma, really
factsconfuse   (10.23.10)
17. to # 3, Salma
Paul ,   Israel   (10.23.10)
Talking about freedom of expression, Salma, when was the last time ANYONE heard a dissenting opinion to the Hamas or PA line in "Palestine"? Could it really be that all the millions of Palestinians think exactly the same? Everyone condones terrorist attacks and firing rockets from heavily populated areas? Everyone agrees to hiding explosives in their houses and are for bomb factories operating right next door to where they live? This guy calls for the annihilation of the Jews in Israel and the destruction of a country. A bit rich to hold such views and still call oneself Leftist, don't you think?
18. Fraud in Pennsylvania- business as usual
Rachmiel ,   MburgUSA   (10.23.10)
I live near Lincoln "University" and the people who've graduated from that place appear to be "Matchbook U" intellegent and somehow this institution has wrangled itself major tax dollars from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by some how getting themselves into the same funding stream as the three large public (State sponsored) schools; Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and the University of Pittsburgh. There are single classes at each of these three Universities that have just about more "students" than the entire Lincon "University" campus yet the importance is obviously political. Can you spell SHAM people?
19. #2 - the reason for Bibi's need to
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (10.23.10)
have Israel recognized as a Jewish state is to suppress any criticism of Israel or it's policies.... criticize Israel = criticize Jews = anti-semitic/hate-speech. Bibi is clever/Jewish.
20. ha back
sleepless   (10.23.10)
Hitler also used freedom of speech and print. And if you are so pro free speech why did you not "ha" out when Israelis were unable to lecture at universities due to arab students taking over his right to speak? Or only certain types of freedom to speech in certain places apply? Spend some time "ha-ing" your arab countries.
21. Israel Will Be Destroyed Violently By Israelis
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.23.10)
First off, between the secular Jews and the haredim, there is a mini-civil war shaping up. You hate each other. Admit it. Andl look at the criminal elements in your country. To the outside world it seems that Israel has become a refuge for organized crime. Every week we hear of another Israeli being arrested for some kind of fraud. Do you think that that will help your society? I hope it makes honest Jews shake their heads in disgust but I fear that many of you just laugh it off as the crimes were commited against the goyim. In the end the virus will consume the host. And then there is apartheid. South Africa didn't stand and neither will Israel. You choose to use it so you are to blame when the world crushes you for it. My advice to any Jew in Israel that still has one ounce of honour left in him to get out while he can.
22. Salma
Salma appears on each blog, mouthing terror propaganda. when anyone is for freedom of speech in an arab country, i.e. dares to disagree publically with the official line, he finds himself in prison. I dare you to prove me wrong "Salma" or are you Mohammed, or Omar?
23. # 21
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.23.10)
We do not need your advice. Get lost will you.
24. World Citizen @ 21
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (10.23.10)
Hey, World Citizen! Biblical prophecy declared that the Jews would return to the land of their origin and would never again be driven out. People like you and Prof Siddique would love to see Israel’s demise, but (NEWS FLASH!!), it ain’t gonna happen!!! It is the Muslim/Left that are gradually destroying themselves by exposing their own intolerance, bigotry, and most of all, hypocrisy. The lefties have overused, abused and misused the “bigot” label so much that word holds little meaning. If the left cannot see the apparent bigoted and inflammatory statements by Prof Siddique as anti-Semitic then I can only conclude that the left are being willfully blind. Prof Siddique may hold his job for the time being, but is credibility as an objective, unbiased professor is gone. I wouldn’t want a single penny of my tuition money to go to someone that holds similar views. It’s just a matter of time before he disappears from the sheltered world of academia.
25. peaceful means?
Froi ,   Philippines   (10.23.10)
How can that be? He is trying to sound politically correct in America but we should read between the lines.
26. Professor
Ezra ,   Florida   (10.23.10)
Why should he be any different than all the world's academia? And a muslim academia? We should send him a big thank you card that he wants to destroy Israel "only" by peaceful means. It is very nice of him.
27. Halls of higher drunken stupidity.
Brad ,   USA   (10.23.10)
This is more proof that the U.S. no longer needs "universities". They are just glorified indoctrination centers for islam and socialism. If Nazis were marching on campuses, the lefties would have a cow. But, if you put a hammer and sickle on their lapel, or a dirty diaper on their head, then they are given tenure.
28. to 21
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris   (10.23.10)
you are wrong israel can live and not even israelis will leave but a lot of jews will join them and support israel everywhere they are we are proud of israel
29. The radicals do not forgive!
~~Lengualima~~ ,   USAGBFR   (10.23.10)
The radical left and extremist right does not forgive Israel three thing. 1) Not became a "Socialist Paradise" as Camboya with Khmer Rouge, or North Korea. the dream of the radical left. 2) Became a democracy to the occidental style. 3) Be a strongly allied of the USA.
30. #21 Kahane was right
Alexander ,   NJ, USA   (10.23.10)
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