Vatican body asks UN to 'end Israeli occupation'
Published: 23.10.10, 14:00
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1. Papism and Jihadism Colluding
Brod ,   USA   (10.23.10)
Once the ugly heads of the dark forces-Papism and Islamist-Jihadism are colluding to threaten the existence of the Jewish nation as they did in the Holocaust led by Hitler and Al Hussieni. Israel must remain united, resolute and strong in confronting and defeating the evil agenda of the dark forces. The fact is no dark forces can prevail against the GOD of Israel. It is time the Free World opens its eyes on the menace posed by Papism-the inventor of AntiSemitism that ravaged the world and murdered millions of Jews and Judeo-Christians during the 1260 years of Dark Ages from 538 to 1798 when French General Berthier captured the Pope and incarcerated him. Once again they are colluding with Islamist-Jihadism as they did in carrying their heinous crimes against humanity in the Holocaust. The Book of Revelation reveals that these dark forces are led by the Dragon (Satan).
2. Vatican Mind Your Own Store
Tough Girl in TA ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.23.10)
How about the Muslims geting out of Islamic Occupied Judea and Samaria? How about the Vatican mind your own business and clean out the pedophiles from your ranks? Ratzenberger aka former Nazi - you don't fool us for a second.
3. This hierarchy of evil has no say in any matter.
Faruq   (10.23.10)
the most evil organisation in history has nothing to do with the New Testament or God. this organisation should have been banned hundreds of years ago . it has nothing to do with peace -its history is one of murder and genocide. It has brought nothing good to the world.
4. This is a declaration from the Dope himself, don't doubt it.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (10.23.10)
So how could things be any clearer? The Romans cooked up the whole farce of the "Palestinians" and then pitted them against the rightful owners of the Land, created a bloody conflict, and now want to step in and "settle" the matter by taking as its reward the Holy city of Jerusalem. How generous of the devil himself.
5. More crap from the pedophile Priests.
Brad ,   USA   (10.23.10)
6. Well, truth will out
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.23.10)
Comes now the Roman Catholic Church, doing to Jews what they have always done to Jews. Not surprising. Isn't this the same outfit that seeks to confer sainthood upon Pius XII, the war criminal? Not surprising at all. It was only a matter of time. Israel could avail itself of an opportunity to send a really strong message -- no Roman Catholic prelates allowed in Israel; no more ridiculous Easter celebrations, with Catholics shlepping eleven-foot wooden crosses through the streets of the Old City, maybe no more Christmas masses, either. The more things "change," the more they stay the same. That goes for the Roman Catholic Church, too.
7. Rome Aligned with the Dragon
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.23.10)
The wolf in sheeps costume is aligned with the dragon against Israel. 'the dragon was enraged with the woman,(Israel) and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.' Revelation 12
8. An alarming statement
Drs. D. Killus ,   Germany   (10.23.10)
The German reformer Martin Luther wrote the famous word, "Also the pope and synods can err". Here it is sadly true: Pope Benedikt and the bishop's synod do err. While Benedikt just recently gave a remarkable encouragement to read the Bible daily, it seems to be yet an other thing to stay true to a Biblical view of Israel. The statement points also to a lack of knowledge of history. I and other protestant theologians of the movement of confessing Christians fear that Rome is giving in to the same ideological influences which are known from other sources and which are not only directed against Israel, but, in fact, anti-Messianic in their core. This makes the statement of the synod all the more alarming.
9. catholics
gavriel ,   maoz zion israel   (10.23.10)
i agree 100 %, it is high time, that israel ends the palestinian occupation of israeli heritage lands in juudea & samaria & jerusalem
10. Vatican and Palestinians
Sharon ,   Sydney,australia   (10.23.10)
Once more the Catholic Church is colluding with those who will exterminate Jews. It proves that the Vatican is not interested in the future of the Jewish people at all.They have never been. All they have done historically is kill Jews since before the Inquisition and enable others to kill Jews.Haven't they learnt from Nazi Germany? Pope Benedict was well taught in the Hitler Youth.
11. #1 Correction
Brod ,   USA   (10.23.10)
It should read: "Once again..."
12. Hypocrites and pedophiles
Reuven ,   Israel   (10.23.10)
"Recourse to theological and biblical positions which use the Word of God to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable," so says the Vatican. What sheer hypocrisy, particularly from those who are supposed to be TRUE believers in God. Also you would think that the stink from pedophiles in the Catholic church would cause them to keep a low profile.
13. Unbelievable
GOOD ,   USA   (10.23.10)
What's next, reinstating the Inquisition? So now the Torah is null and void? This is a statement you'd expect from an atheist group and not the Vatican. If the word of God in the Torah is void, how about the New Testament? Does it have an expiry date too or is it only the Jewish thing that's gone? Freaking bigots.................
14. time for israel 2 take a stand
halachik jew ,   new zealand   (10.23.10)
suspend any dialogue with the vatican until they distance themselves from this and - like the palestinian authority - issue a statement saying israel is the jewish homeland.
15. The vatican has no biblical right either!!
Matthew Joseph ,   chicago IL   (10.23.10)
Again the smoke of satan still fogs the evil see. Again if Israel has become your stumbling block, you are not of the Father and are filled with evil and deceit. Elohim bless and Peace in Yeshua. Matthew Elohim barah ahavah emet teshuvah.Yeshua is yeshuah
16. Read
Peter ,   Birmingham UK   (10.23.10)
17. Amusing Vatican- Are you for real?
Avi ,   Miami, USA   (10.23.10)
An odd statement from an institution that is as archaic as they come. Are they denying their own Bible? It sounds as close to heresay as you can get? Well, it takes a German Pope, doesn't it. . . . ?
18. The Pope is Biblically ignorant
John ,   Shawnee, Kansas   (10.23.10)
If the Popoe would actually read and know what the Bible says, he would not be bothering himself with anything the Jews in Israel are doing. He is only revealng himself as an imposter and anti-semetic.
19. #12 Right On!
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (10.23.10)
The ex Nazi in chief (aka pope) and protector of pedophiles is NOT the one to espouse (lol) a moral viewpoint. His morally bankrupt "church" is nothing but a structure that appeases the jihadi terrorists and what better than the church that wants to create a saint out of pius (lol) who didn't even protect the blood relatives of Jesus from the Nazis?
20. Clear stated proof of Christian anti semitism.
JMK ,   NTC   (10.23.10)
Supersessionism, Jews are no longer the chosen people but Christian are", that is their problem with the Jews. Except after the Pogroms, the Holocaust, Arab Jews expulsion, after the USSR, Israel is the Jewish home won by war and sacrifice.
21. replacement theology
Andreas Grefen ,   Remscheid, Germany   (10.23.10)
"Christians cannot speak about the promised land for the Jewish people. There is no longer a chosen people. All men and women of all countries have become the chosen people. " Wrong, Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros! This is exactly the sort of Christian hybris that led to Antisemitism - replacement theology in its worst expression! As a Christian I vigorously object to the Archbishop's opinion.
22. If
James ,   Herzeliya   (10.23.10)
If jews are not the chosen people... then you are not the pope.
23. Ending occupation
Froi ,   Philippines   (10.23.10)
It wont guarantee lasting peace. Both sides including their backers must truly want peace. Naive huh? The reality is that while ideology and religious extremism leads us to war, exhaustion with war, death and destruction makes us stop and desire peace. Humanity learns its lessons the hard way.
24. Oh Forgot
Peter ,   Birmingham UK   (10.23.10)
Roman Catholics dont read their bibles. Otherwise they would know about the eternal covenant G*D made with the nation of Israel. Roman Catholics are NOT Christians, shame on them!
25. A synod ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.23.10)
of bishops of the middle east = mostly arabs . Maybe one of them is this one who transported weapons for terrorists ? Exodus of catholics from the region ? blame hamas , hezbollah and so . Not Israel where catholics are'nt attacked , their bookshops not set ablase and so on . Occupy territories based on ols scriptures ? No , based on self defense in 67 and impossibility for the arabs to accept a compromise . They attacked , and must do concessions .
26. The Vatican helped the Nazis MUREDER millions of Jews and
Jason   (10.23.10)
now trying to help the Islamo-Nazis do the same!
27. The anti-Christ is at work.
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (10.23.10)
Israel is the only country in the middle east whereby all religions are safe to practice.I will advice the anti-Christ to go and preach in any islamic countries and see how he will be stone to death.
28. Interferance from the Vatican
T.Tan ,   Perth,Australia   (10.23.10)
The Vatican authority should read the bible namely the Old testment and understand what God has promised to the descendents of Abraham through Isaac, Jacob etc .They are the chosen ones and the rightful owner including Judea and Sumaria.The Vatican should also understand , the land God promised is much ,much bigger then the present state of Isreal today.You means to say you can go against God promise.That is the reason alot left the Catholic church as you create more disunity and confusion amongst the Christians. You have past history to support this fact.
29. #6
Gil ,   Us   (10.23.10)
Ugh another moronic low level post from the poster where ad hominem insult is the norm
30. The Dope with the Prada Shoes
From far away... ,   US   (10.23.10)
Ignorant, German, Nazi background, self-loving introvert- always watching his red shoes, never looks at anyone when speaking. The Vatican stole from the Nazis the Jew's properties, art work, their children, anything they could. TO THIS DAY THEY CLAIM WE KILLED THE PERSON, WHOM THE ROMANS KILLED. JEWS NEVER PRACTICED NAILING TO THE WOOD! AGAINST SHABBATH AND OUR RELIGION! ONLY THE CHARISMATIC AND EVANGELICAL NON_JEWS KNOW THE BIBLE!!!!!
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