Jews, Arabs clash in Safed
Ahiya Raved
Published: 23.10.10, 23:28
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1. wondering what arabs doing in city
ghostq   (10.24.10)
that is known to be jewish religious? don't they have school near their own villages. just wondering that is all.
2. Freedom
galilean ,   Israel   (10.24.10)
Israel is an open and free society to all of it's population. Contrary to popular myths, Israel is not an apartheid society. The Arab population is learning from their Jewish neighbors of the importance of a higher education. And so Arabs are found in all universities and colleges here. Arabs work in all sectors too, from being doctors and dentists to lawyers, building engineers and building contractors. They also work in many non academic jobs.
3. mixed cities don't work
Yossi Shomron ,   Nitzan   (10.24.10)
Kol Hakavod to Chabad for taking Judaism out of the Beit Midrash to the streets. Rav Kahane H'YD always said we (religious zionists) can learn alot from the Chareidi.
4. Wondering about yeshiva students
Ben ,   London, UK   (10.24.10)
Wondering what yeshiva students are doing throwing stones on a Friday night.
5. #2
bob ,   NZ   (10.24.10)
Over the dead bodies of the rabbis in Safed presumeably
6. it is your attitude that breeds violence
Meir Gush Etzion ,   Gush Etzion   (10.24.10)
Not being able to understand that "They"..(Arabs) want and deserve a college Education alongside Jews in the multicultural Safed College (run by Bar Ilan ) is what breeds the contempt that leads to violence.
7. Safed
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.24.10)
Maybe rap artist Laurence can give us the proper facts as to what is happening in his city,unless he,s to busy rapping and not paying attention,again ?
8. what wasn't told
ariella ,   gallile   (10.24.10)
what wasn't told is that the arab guys have started fraternizing with the jewish girls and that's why the chabad boys came chase them away
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