Israel wins Cambridge Uni debate
Yaniv Halili
Published: 25.10.10, 12:31
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1. Does not obey international law
Frank ,   Canada   (10.25.10)
According to the Brits, Israel is still a colony. Their direct rule is over but they want to rule by 'international' law. The topic of the debate was biased because it was an accusation against Israel. These people are pathethic.
2. Kol HaKavod L'Ambassador Prosor!!!!
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course!   (10.25.10)
Way to go "L'Teferet Medinat Israel" (for the honor/glory of the State of Israel) and thanking G-d for enlightening our Ambassador! Tis about time that we won a big victory right there in the bastion of hatred towards Israel. Once again well done Mr. Ambassador!
3. that's cause facts r better than fiction
ghostq   (10.25.10)
kol akavod for Israeli team, you see Brits were never kind to Jews, now they hide it behind the pro palis agenda, we all know where it leads, a tiger never turn his spots, and the UK is the spotyies state in... "well not europe she doesn't even in the union", my oh my the ship is sinking, many nations around the world including south afrika will pop the cork on this one. ti hi.
4. Israeli team didn't do much...
George ,   NSW, Australia   (10.25.10)
5. The Guardian today: Booth converted to Islam
Ehud   (10.25.10)
..after an Iran trip where she had, as she said, " a holy experience". Here is the link
6. Pretty meaningless stuff
Vernon Marriott ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.10)
The vote and debate are purely exercises in debating. The Cambridge Union like many British Universities have regular debates on controversial subjects such as "British should give up its Nuclear Weapons" or "Robert Mugabe is a war criminal". The vote really is meaningless as it's only based on those present (many of whom have a vested interest in the subject) rather than how good the arguments were. One can't judge how the arguments went from this far - but it really is a storm in a teacup. What makes the difference are the people in power in the various states involved. Now a debate amongst them would really be interesting.
7. Cambridge on Israel
Janet Gray ,   Taunton.U.K.   (10.25.10)
Long live Israel and those whoo will speak for her.
8. The Truth Usually Wins
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (10.25.10)
The Pallywood crowd has had its way for the last 25 years. Israel at one point took the position not to take these attacks seriously, a big mistake on Israel part. It put Israel way behind on the PR game the Arabs and Pro-Palestinians were playing. It wasn't until roughly the mid 1990's that Israel began to fight back. But it gave their enemies an 10-15 year head start. They put out a lot of false information in that time. With video's like "Pallywood" on "youtube" and other video's that show the Pro-Palestinians absolutely lying to gain undeserved world sympathy. Now people of "good will" are beginning to catch on that their feelings are cynically being manipulated, and they don't like it. Who can blame them? Then recently they see the flotilla incident, where the video's clearly prove Israel's innocence. Yet hear and read the opposite of what they see on the video's. Then they see the pictures of Malls, Restaurants, well stocked food courts, swimming pools etc., now they understand they were manipulated again about conditions in Gaza, no crisis at all. Add to that the Lebanon border skirmish that Lebanon at first said Israel started, then retracted it and admitted they (Lebanon) started it. Then we move on to the peace talks and see Hamas murdering Jewish civilians in drive-by shootings...admitting responsibility and holding a victory parade the next day day for the "heroic acts"...while the Palestinians only worry about how it will affect their negotiating position. They expressed no remorse whatsoever, then whine about Israel building houses. Giving that more importance than the murders their brothers committed. So people are finally waking up.
9. Booth is a pathological liar
Danny   (10.25.10)
did they show the picture of her filling her ample belly with food in "starving Gaza"?
10. Congratulations and Kol Hakavod! Very impressing.........
Asher ,   NY,USA   (10.25.10)
11. I didnt expect any less of Ran Gidor
Revital Shloman ,   Givataim Israel   (10.25.10)
Well done! . many more like him will only do good to Israel's international image . I have heard him twice and was very pleased with the honest and educated manner of introdcing Israel to any group of listeners. now the goverment needs to focus on finding more charachters of that kind and let them speak. I am convinced we can change our future with rea,l profound and honest diplomacy
12. Egyptian Regime is killing Africans at Israel and US request
The Do   (10.25.10)
A conddition the receive US taxe Dollars!!
13. to #5 well not suprise from labor british party
ghostq   (10.25.10)
I think it's obvious to where it's heading, goverment under different laws. if you know what I mean.
14. No 12
Emma ,   UK   (10.25.10)
You are an idiot. If you are going to make such disgusting accusations at least back them with hard facts. Lauren Booth is a genuinely nasty piece of work whose biased diatribes against Israel are amongst the worst in a biased UK press. At least as she now wears a veil when she goes out in public, we won't have to look into her lying eyes.
15. #11
Heather ,   London   (10.25.10)
I wish I could agree with you. However, the Palestinians have had over forty years of advantage in the PR batlle which they have conclusively won, with their lies and distortions. Where Israel is concerned, people are not interested in the truth. It is easier to believe the propaganda of Palestinians.
16. Nice smackdown!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.25.10)
How do you like us now, Ms. Booth? HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW?
17. Brilliant work, if only...
jonathan ,   London/ Israel   (10.25.10)
Israel's foreign minister could speak elloquently and get the message across of the country he represents with clarity, integrity and persuasion. No one wants to engage with him, let alone listen to him.
18. Sounds as though some of the anti-Israel students ...
Zvi   (10.25.10)
... were honest. That's a positive thing too. It frequently doesn't happen.
19. #15 well, better to make the effort than to quit
Zvi   (10.25.10)
20. they should be giving israel the rightous award
pini ,   usreal   (10.25.10)
21. The idiots lost...NICE...!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.25.10)
22. debate at cambrige
joey low ,   new york, united sta   (10.25.10)
very happy to read this article. i started israel at heart , an organization that sends hundreds of israeli university students around the world promoting a better image of israel. the foreign ministry chose wisely when they pcked the people to represent israel at the debate. i wish you much more continued success. joey low
23. Objectivity
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.10)
Congratulations to the Israeli debating team, but *especially* to the few pro Palestinian students that were able to look at the subject objectively!
24. ran gidor ! we want to hear more of you!
debi ,   tel aviv   (10.25.10)
Ran Gidor is the most experienced intelligent dignified person who must represent Israel abroad .Our minister of foreign affairs must grant him with this role.By doing so, Mr.Gidor with his experience and talent ,will enhance and improve the image of Israel throughout the world.
25. #4 - they won, isn't that enough?
William ,   Israel   (10.25.10)
26. #12 - Innocent until proven guilty.
William ,   Israel   (10.25.10)
At no time has either the US or Israel demanded Egypt shoot innocent Darfurians in the back as they sneak into Israel. They asked Egypt to maintain security inside their own nation. It was Egypt that chose to shoot unarmed civilians in the back - WITHOUT world condemnation, I might add. Don't pull Israel into the crimes of another State unless you place an Israeli as its leader.
27. #18 - just shows you can't ignore good in Israel
William ,   Israel   (10.25.10)
though many like Booth want to paint Israel as the biggest evil of this time, it gets harder and harder when you look beneath the racist veneer of Booth and her ilk, and into the everyday life of Israel beyond the liberal media bias. Even Muslim women who made trips from the UK and Algeria went away as supporters of Israel because it was nothing like the spoon-fed crap they received about the country and Jews from their leaders.
28. Good work!!
Jamie ,   London   (10.25.10)
Very impressive, well done. You should look at the great campaigning work that's been going on in Manchester too. I hear they've had a very rough time up there in recent years.
29. Booth
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.26.10)
Is the creature with the veil a descendant of J.W.Booth,the man who killed A Lincoln ?,if she had lived during the Blitz, on whose side would she have been ?,most likely with the Germans,The Germans were allies with the Arabs during ww2.
30. neocon arguing for palestine!
annie ,   usa   (10.27.10)
you missed a little factoid in your article ynet. that student from the 'pro-Palestinian camp who raised pro-Israeli arguments" was non other than the neocon Gabriel Latner who cambridge's own website identifies as arguing for the proposition 'once interned with the neo-conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. under these circumstances the pro israel team should have included a member from anarchists against the wall!
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