US to Turkey: Israel won't be privy to NATO info
Published: 25.10.10, 11:09
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1. USA relations are going down with time sense the cold war
Omri ,   Israel   (10.25.10)
ended. Instead relations with other countries improved and this mainly means China but also partly Russia along with some other more minor ones.
2. lol giggle this is great, when Turkey will be out of NATO
ghostq   (10.25.10)
due to Iran involvment, turkey will be left for persian mercy, which Russia will have full controll on the region.
3. Nato
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.25.10)
Ankara newspaper says Washington promised Ankara non-NATO members including Israel would be denied access to intelligence etc. but who manufacures the Heron drones that see and hear everything ,more stupid Turkish bulls-?
4. Thats alright
Danny   (10.25.10)
Israel can get all the top secret info from the spies the FSB has in NATO.
5. The question is will Iran be privy to NATO info via Turkey?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.25.10)
Turkey is allying itself with Iran and the Obama Administration is too blind or anti-Israel to see it! Whatever is decided in NATO goes straight back to Tehran. Until now Israel could rely on the US for support although in a number of cases it was not forthcoming. Today we see how President Obama is obsessed with appeasing the Muslim world at the expense of Israel and even the dignity of the American victims of Islamic terror. Time for a rethink and maybe a look to the East!
6. a wakeup call for Israel
jerri i ,   nyc   (10.25.10)
There is great danger in this. Israel should be aware that the new radar system installed by the US in Israel is not connected directly to IDF headquarters but to US Nato bases in Germany. The people in charge in Germany could use this agreement to deny Israel vital info concerning an attack by Iran or its proxies that arises from this radar system. Also this system could be used by the US to deny Israel the right to pre-empt an attack by Iran.
7. two faced turks
jack ,   usa   (10.26.10)
you absolutely correct. i can't take these two faced turks. didn't they just conduct a nato exercise, using nato equipment, and invited the chinese.what is it with these jokers.
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