MK Dichter cancels Spain trip for fear of arrest
Yuval Karni
Published: 26.10.10, 12:03
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1. True
Marbles   (10.26.10)
Its true about Livni and Barak and Dichter but others are worse many much worse . Like saudi arabias idi amin or frances rwandan allies. The german Witnesses bearing the holy name who believe in jesus were exemplary in ww2 as were the righteous gentiles amongst the nations and many jewish holy ones but the world has not cloned them yet .
2. Cheer up Avi... since you'll be missing
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (10.26.10)
the sly caresses of the Flamenco dancer's skirt, perhaps a trip to Turkey and the sight of a belly dancer's jeweled navel will alleviate the international embarrassment of the Spanish effrontery to your flaccid ego.
Spain = anti-semite country
4. invite Basque ETA to Israel!
nadav ,   tlv   (10.26.10)
give the Castillian occupiers of Basque land a taste of their own medicine! They want to meddle in our conflict then we should meddle in theirs! We should let the Basque open their Embassy in Jerusalem and recognize an independent Basque Nation State!
5. What a Shame!
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (10.26.10)
You can't even commit a war crime or two any more without having to worry about being arrested. This takes all the fun out of stealing land, murdering and humiating Pals. Spain must be full of anti-War-Criminal-ites.
6. Trips to Spain
Ralf ,   Paris'France   (10.26.10)
If no Israeli ,then no jews neither
7. I really think Israel should promote wearing Burkas in Europ
Moise   (10.26.10)
e, so that its wanted politicians and leaders can travel without risk of being arrested. Richter wearing a burka can represent Israel and won't be arrested and will be safe.
8. # 5 - ;) ,...
split ,   usa   (10.27.10)
9. Dichter you coward
Aharon   (10.30.10)
Go over there and show them you're not afraid!
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