US diplomat: Iran affected by sanctions
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.10.10, 10:38
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1. Ross is wrong
Brod ,   UsA   (10.26.10)
Iran is not affected by the sanctions. Other countries are not abiding with the sanctions. They continue to do business with Iran. Iran is so rich that it could afford to 'buy' Iraq and Afghanistan by corrupting and giving millions of dollars to the government leaders of these countries engineered and propped up by America, at the expense of thousands of Americans and NATO forces who sacrificed their lives in liberating them from the forces of evil and tyranny. Now, Iraq and Aghanistan are becoming tentacles of Iran before the very eyes of American forces in these countries who are dying fighting over nothing except saving the lives of traitors like Karjai and Al-Maliki and their cohorts. This is happening under the very watch of the Obama administration. There goes American sacrifices and the billions of dollars spent in these countries right into the sewers of idiocy and cesspool of Islamist-Jihadism. Despite this, the Obama administration through Ross has the temerity to preach to Israel and tell Israel to give away its liberated historic homeland of Judea and Samaria-Land of Israel to the wolves and tigers of the region. Israel should say NO to their crap. Period!
2. Ross is just telling AIPAC what...
Persian CAT   (10.26.10)
it wants to hear. No US official, who's not working as an "Israel's lawyer", would show up in from of this right-wing group of Israel-firster traitors to assuage them in such pathetic manner.
3. #2 - I guess that includes majority of US professionals
William ,   Israel   (10.27.10)
because many many professionals and politicians all see it valuable to speak in front of AIPAC. I guess its because they're just listening to their voter base, the American people, who overwhelmingly support Israel, consider "Palestinians" as terrorists, and believe Iran under the Mullahs as the biggest threat to the planet. As for Ross telling what he thinks AIPAC wants to hear, I agree with you.
4. But of course!
IRAN#1   (10.28.10)
Iran was supposed to be affected by sanctions and they should be waiting in long qeues to get gas, oh wait a minute that's the French!!!!!! And Stuxnet should have ended Bushehr, oh well...keep lying to the sheeps they surely deserve it :)
5. William, the American people may...
Persian CAT   (10.29.10)
support "Isreal" but they, except a few who keep a white robe and a hood in their closets, regard the Palestinians as descent human beings. What color is your robe?
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