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General lays out plan for reviving Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 27.10.10, 20:10
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1. Further interference proves Israel hasn't left Gaza
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.28.10)
Israel occupation is illegal the siege is illegal, the blockade is illegal and Hamas doesn't need Israel approval, the UN might.
2. What a joke
Eyal ,   USA ISRAEL   (10.28.10)
We are a nation of fools
3. #1 oh yes they do
Eyal ,   USA ISRAEL   (10.28.10)
4. Retaking Gaza forever is the only good plan for it.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.28.10)
Imagine if Israel had never left Gaza. Beautiful thriving Gush Katif would be bigger and even more beautiful and thriving. Israel would never have suffered those thousands of terrorist rockets from Gaza. Israel would never have had to fight our last Gaza War. Leaving Gaza, like all Israel retreats, was a total disaster. Retaking Gaza forever is the only good plan.
5. When collective punisment fails
Leon ,   USA   (10.28.10)
When the Israeli seige and collective punishment of the human beings in Gaza fails (I know Israelis don't consider Palestinians to really be human but) and their human spirit can not be extinguished then the Israeli say hey wait a minute if we can't completely crush them then lets say we've done great things in the past for them and plan even more great things to help them in the future - hey we can allow them to get some new chairs and ottomans or something (somebody have somebody in the furniture business in TA?)
6. incredible
boris ,   ge   (10.28.10)
Ah the same IDF that killed hundreds of women and children destroyed thousand of home etc.. The same IDF that by their own admission used children as shields killed 21 of the same family.. yup they will improve the place all right.....don't know whether to laugh or cry
7. Tony Blair's sister in law converted to Islam back in Iran
Asher ,   NY,USA   (10.28.10)
I am wondering when his wife or him will follow but I it won't be a surprise to me.
8. Very simple solution to pacify Gaza and make it thrive
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (10.28.10)
The vast majority of Arabs would move anywhere else in a heartbeat. Let the corrupt UN plus the EU and the Vatican put their money where their endlessly preaching mouths are, by funding the absorption of these do-nothing whiners back into their countries of their so-called brethren who swear that they care so much about them: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, etc. Then let the deported, displaced JEWISH refugees of Gush Katif move back in. I guarantee it will be a paradise in record time!
9. Lydia wrong on 3 out of 5
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.28.10)
There is no Israeli occupation, the siege is perfectly legal under international law, and the blockade is perfectly legal under international law. Lydia is correct: Hamas doesn't need Israeli anything. They can terrorize their own people (and they do) without any Israeli approval. Lydia is also correct that the UN can do whatever it wants without Israeli approval. We all have noted that the UN does exactly what it's been doing for over 6 decades: funding Palestinian misery. Lydia should stop being an occupation settler in Australia and move to New York, where she can help the Palestinians by helping to shut down UNRWA.
10. Gen. Eitan Dangot , You're right
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.28.10)
Hamas needs to get some oxygen, ha !
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