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Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp coming to Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 29.10.10, 13:50
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1. i'm just waiting for johnny!!!he is so hot!
sparo ,   israel   (10.30.10)
2. No. 1 Sparo
NYC Girl   (10.30.10)
I totally agree...and even more so now that he's going to be in Israel. I'm just sorry I'll be there in January...and Johnny isn't coming until February.
3. Who cares?
tomer   (10.30.10)
Is this news?
4. so I'm not a fan..but if they like Israel..I will LOVE them!
and will be their biggest fans.
5. Vanessa Paradis's latest movie Café de Flore
christina_nc ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.12.10)
Fans of Vanessa Paradis should check out the blog for her latest film Café de Flore at: !
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