Abbas: We'll demand UN recognition within months
Ali Waked
Published: 28.10.10, 20:02
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1. no right of return, no land concession from israel = great!
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.28.10)
as far as israel is concerned, this is an excellent move by the hapless palestinians. they keep showing everyone what dopes they are, but don't tell them that or they might change their mind.
2. Abbas
Steven ,   L.A USA   (10.28.10)
This man is delusional. Personally, I hope he does take unilateral steps so that Israel can end this charade once and for all and annex what it needs and discards the rest. Since Israel conquered the West Bank from Jordan, after Jordan attacked israel, there should only be talks with Jordan about the territory. The Palestinians have no legal claim or standing whatsoever.
Schreiber   (10.28.10)
4. :: The timing is so right
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.28.10)
Now is no better time for the Palestinians to declare independence as they will easily get the backing of the international community, heck even the US will recognize the Palestinian state now that they know Israel is no peace partner. Israel has had its chance to establish a peace agreement with the Palestinians but it has refused to stop the illegal construction of Israeli settlements, it refuses to finalize borders and remove the illegal settlers, it refuses to compromise on Jerusalem, Right of Return, and has proven that it has no intentions of ending the occupation. Now the Palestinians will unilaterally declare independence and there is nothing Israel can do to stop them, in fact because of Israeli stubbornness and greed Israel will have gained nothing from the last 60+ years - no peace agreement, no ‘defining’ of the Palestinian state... nothing.
5. #1 That's what you think
Schreiber   (10.28.10)
Did they say they have abandoned their aim of recovering ALL of Palestine? Of course not. The Arabs will continue to make demands and if Israel does not oblige them, they will use their traditional methods of persuation to force you to change your mind. Annex your land now or kiss it good bye. And I'm not only talking about the WB. If you lose it along with Jerusalem, they'll come after a land corridor to Gaza, the Galilee, the return of refugees and finally your complete evacuation of "occupied Palestine". Wake up, folks! Wake up!
6. Abbas response to #4
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (10.28.10)
Don't know what rock you came out from under but do everyone a favour and crawl back under it. Israel has had so many left wing govts. over the years they have done nothing but try to make peace and give back our land to the arabs and PA. At this point we should just declare what we are taking and disregard the rest. And leftest like yourself go back to Obama and stay out of our country
7. To # 4 Matty Groves
Rachel ,   US   (10.28.10)
Your views mean nothing since you justified a Israeli woman being raped by a Palestinian in Netanya by saying if she doesn't want to be raped she should leave. Your views are totally illegitimate.
8. there is nothing Isreal can do about it.
Belal ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.28.10)
there is 5 million palestinians and 5 millions Jews between jordan river and the sea. those 5 million palestians are going no where. justice will take place one wheather under this right wing government or another one. you simply cannot eliminate 5 million palestinians that that the whole world recognize. fast settlement construction will not eliminate the 5 million palestinians.
9. Got bad news for some of you
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.28.10)
Nowhere in the United Nations Charter is the U.N. allowed to create a state. The best they can do is offer "partition" of non-sovereign territory, as they did in 1947 with respect to Mandatory Palestine -- which offer of partition was accepted by the Jews, rejected by the Arabs. The creation of a state out of whole cloth is simply not within the purview of the United Nations. And were Israel simply to unilaterally annex Judea and Samaria -- thereby making non-sovereign lands sovereign; closely followed by the repatriation of all the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria to Jordan, whose citizenship they hold ..... the U.N. would be left with absolutely nothing it can do unless, of course, it chose to go to war against Israel -- which will happen when pigs fly. Israel is a nuclear power. And no other country in the world can really know if Israel's lovely, elegant Stuxnet worm is living in any of their computers, so .... nope. Not going to happen. The "Palestinians" (a phony group with a falsified history) are destined to exit stage left. 'bout damned time, too. The world is well rid of their constant bitching and moaning and endless whine, whine, whine ....
10. Israel's govt. must clearly reject Two State Final Solution.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.28.10)
Israel must end the phony charade of the "peace talks" with the P.A. They are a disaster for Israel in every way. There is not a single goal of the talks which benefits Israel. Moreover, creating a new terror "Palestine" in Israel's heartland would destroy Israel within a decade. Israel's government must make it clear we totally reject the monstrous Two State Final Solution and we will take whatever actions are necessary to stop anyone from stealing our land. Period.
11. Still More Jews in US Than in Israel
observer   (10.28.10)
A new population study conducted by the University of Miami and University of Connecticut says more Jews still live in the United States than in Israel. "Jewish Population in the United States - 2010" estimates the total number of Jews in the U.S. at approximately 6.5 million. Official census figures in Israel estimated the number of Israeli Jews at 5,770,900. When one consider the number non-American olim who take station in Israel in route to the US, a great fraction indeed, the figure 6.5 m is bound to skyrocketing. I do believe that a Nevada Jewish Zion is going to prosper to substitute the fiasco of the blossoming Negev.
12. PA has many states, State of Insanity, State of Confusion...
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.28.10)
13. 4 - if they declare a state there's nothing to negotiate
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.28.10)
sure they can declare war but, as usual, they'll get their behinds kicked all over their 'reichlet' like they usually do. if they reject negotiations in favor of unilateralism, they have conceded what they don't have to israel by default. dumb move on their part, yet consistently par for the course for them.
14. Israel was forced in Palestine, time to force Palestine also
Ann ,   UK   (10.28.10)
15. #10 Chaim, your gov't will do nothing
Schreiber   (10.28.10)
It's up to you folks to get your act together and demand annexation. Your government is just going with the flow. And others who think that a unilateral declaration will be without consequence, think again. The PA has the UN and the US on their side. The UN will simply vote in favor of their independence. The US may vote along with them, or at best abstain.
16. Abbas, great time for Naqba 2.
Eran ,   Singapore   (10.28.10)
17. Israel stole the land, they declare.
Eran ,   Singapore   (10.28.10)
Israel stole the land, they declare. Whose land did they steal? The land of the people who stole it from them. This reduces Arab grievances to a farce in which an angry burglar phones the police to report that the owner of the looted property he stole had broken into his house and took it back.
18. What was taken by force, to be taken back only by force. end
Ali ,   6 October City Egypt   (10.28.10)
19. #9 Sarah. The U.N. has no real power to do anything.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.28.10)
#9 Sarah. You're right on target, like usual. The P.A. is hoping to intimidate Israel into further lunatic concessions by it's threat to go to the U.N. The U.N. has no real power to do anything. Israel should annex Judea and Samaria immediately. Although the Arab and Moslem world must publicly express support for "Palestinians", polls show most are almost as tired of "Palestinians" and their posing and whining as Israelis are.
20. no right of return, no land concession to Israel
Mani ,   Armani   (10.28.10)
mike i see you have moved from the USA to the ghetto. That is ok because you share the insolent beliefs of the imported natives.
21. :: Rachel - #7
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.28.10)
No Rachael I never said that and never would, you are referring to a post from the resident impostor formally known as “Genuine Tosefta”, if you can’t tell the difference between the posts from this juvenile impostor then more fool you.
22. This is Great
marty ,   toronto canada   (10.28.10)
As soon as they declare statehood - cut off all electricity and water...since one "sovereign state" is not obligated to provide either to another "sovereign state"... no more Palestinian workers into Israel since one "sovereign state" is not obligated to employ the citizens of another "sovereign state". Any mortars, bullets etc fired from the "Sovereign State of Fakestine" should be construed as an act of war since the "Sovereign State of Fakestine" will be responsible for the conduct of its citizens. IMHO this is a win win situation for Israel. The only danger - Fakestine might decide to invite Iranian troops into their sovereign territory.
23. Groves supports Westbankistan and Gazastan?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.28.10)
Nows the time? Crikey, Groves, you truly are a dimwit. You're telling us the Pals will declare a state in the west bank? What, you think Hamas will go along and declare themselves to be "Palestine". Well, just who will be "Palestine"? The Pals are their own worst enemy, and they have morons like you egging them on to self-destruction.
24. :: Sarah B - #9
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.28.10)
You seem confused again. Nobody is saying that the UN will “create” the State of Palestine! If you actually read the article you would have seen that the PLO are talking about obtaining UN “recognition” which they will get if they seek it. I would suggest that you read up on the creation of Serbia, Kosovo etc to understand how modern nation states are formed and what role the UN plays in the recognition of such new nation states. It is quite simple really: the PLO declare independence, the UN recognizes this declaration of independence and grants the new form state of Palestine fully UN membership - heck I’d imagine that the new State of Palestine will have full membership rights with the UN before Israel ever does! Silly you! As per the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty of 1994 Israel cannot unilaterally transfer refugees and displaced persons in the Palestinian WB to Jordan and any such resolve must be done on a bilateral level and in accordance with international law. This provision alone relates to approx 30% of Palestinians living in the West Bank according to UNRWA. Oh lets see, sanctions, recalling ambassadors, suspension of treaties/UN membership/etc, let see how Israel holds up under a full intentional boycott – and don’t expect the US to come running to save the day.
25. # 9
Joy   (10.28.10)
is it nice to have a tiny stuxxnet ..
26. actually very god news. its now a land grab and total
ralph   (10.28.10)
disconnect from the pals. set the boundaries where we are now and get it over with.
27. To: Marty at No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.28.10)
"The only danger - Fakestine might decide to invite Iranian troops into their sovereign territory." With weapons systems that are severely compromised by the Stuxnet worm? Highly unlikely. Besides which, it's not exactly as if Israel will allow such a thing to happen.
28. :: Brian - #23
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.28.10)
Brian you really need to keep up with events, Gaza, the WB and E Jerusalem will all be part of the new State of Palestine. As for Hamas, well firstly the PLO (of which Hamas is not part of) is the only body that can speak on behalf of the Palestinian People, secondly Hamas has already stated that it will “it would accept the establishment of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders” and also agreed to abide by the result of a Palestinian national referendum on the matter of establishing a Palestinian state. Really Brian you should know all of this!
29. compromise on Jerusalem
Frank Mazuca ,   lakeland,Florida.USA   (10.28.10)
There is no need to compromise on Jerusalem and a large portion of the refugees left voluntarily when the Arab states urged them to leave "Palestine" to make it easier for the Arabs to push the Jews into the sea. The Arabs have lost numerous wars and Israel would be foolish to allow Jerusalem in Arab hands or to allow enemies back into their country.
30. Any legal eagles out there?
Jake ,   USA   (10.28.10)
I searched the web. A JCPA report says that a Kosovo-like independence threat is not theoretical. In 1999, former Palestinian UN Ambassador Nasser al-Kidwa, today a senior Palestinian official and a major proponent of UN endorsement of a unilaterally-declared Palestinian state, submitted a letter on behalf of the PLO asserting that Resolution 181 and its corresponding 1947 partition plan are accepted by the PLO and cannot be annulled, as they provide the legal basis for the existence of both Jewish and Arab states in Mandatory Palestine.54 Since then, Resolution 181 has been invoked by other Palestinian leaders. In view of the PLO's intention to replace the PA as the legitimate legal authority to carry out the Palestinians' Kosovo model, the implications of unilateral Palestinian action are far-reaching. The more you look at it, the more the plot thickens.
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