'Netanyahu offered temporary Palestinian state'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 30.10.10, 14:56
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1. whats the point in keeping a military in the jordan valley
hardline separatist   (10.30.10)
maybe we should patrol the border between jordan and iraq too? i dont understand the logic of this demand. i believe bibi just makes excesive demends so that he can compromise on them later. likud is the extremist, not libermans party. liberman wants true separation. while likud wants to retain every hill in the WB. i dont understand what bibi wants exactly. i want to give peace a chance and i think only complete and fair separation is the way. so i vote for liberman
2. what is the point of this plan ?
eporue ,   europe   (10.30.10)
..why to postpone everything ? ..why to make it "interim" ? what is the advantage of such a plan, in contrary to a definite solution of the issues ?
3. #1 separatist
Gabriel ,   Brazil   (10.30.10)
The point is that Israel keeps military control of the Jordan Valley. It means that arabs won't be able to throw rockets against the Ben Gurion Airport, nor Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. It means that Israel will be safe.
4. Have you noticed?
Marcella   (10.30.10)
how the government is coming up with increasingly desperate and insane schemes to partition the country while pretending not to - all for the sake of keeping the coalition intact. These schemes are INSULTING to the intelligence of Israeli citizens. Enough already! PARTITION by any other name is still partition and the irretrievable loss of legally Jewish land. Annex the land and stop these DANGEROUS political games.
5. Sounds like Status Quo and solves nothing only delays
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.30.10)
The C areas are critical for both sides due to location and water. Netanyahu can not give up control over C areas and stay in power for long but peace deal on the table call for mostly PA control.
6. More Double Talk
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (10.30.10)
More double talk where Israel sacrifices everything east of security wall. in other words Auschwitz Borders and the Saudi plan. More appeasement by Bibi and his Obama stooge Ehud Barak
7. Israel 2 lease itself from.but only temporary.
kevin j. lee ,   Glasgow/UK   (10.30.10)
What is this a confession,Israel isnt a home-land of the jews,but let us stay a while longer and we will pay rent!.
8. Even Abu Mazen said : NO to the temporary solutions !
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.30.10)
This is a solution that no one wants....Wet it and drink its water, Bibi !
9. Netanyahu is deceitful
Steven ,   San Francisco   (10.30.10)
He has betrayed his voters and his party. He is a danger to Israel. Cannot the Likud remove him and replace him with someone else?
10. The Point is The Two Sides Are Too Far Apart
RickD ,   USA   (10.30.10)
The Pals won't accept a deal that Israel can offer. The Pals didn't accept Olmert's offer, and Netanyahu will offer less. Also there is too little faith that the other side will honor their agreements. Jerusalem and right of return are issues that are very hard/impossible to work out. By making an interim agreement both sides get something now and both sides can build some confidence. The Pals have said in the past that they won't accept an interim agreement. Also if they wait ten years to negotiate on Jerusalem they can assume they will never get it. The Pals will weigh this offer against a unilateral declaration of sovereignty. Smart thing to do would be accept an interim offer that includes sovereignty. But Arab pride will most likely rule the decision.
11. Good try; only Jordan works. Jordans prince is Palestinian.
Jae ,   Lynn US   (10.30.10)
That means when abdullah dies, the ppalestinian prince will br ruler. There you have your palestinian state............ add to this the fact that A) Jordan is 78% of palestine ,mandate land B) Jordans population is 80% palestinian C) The rulers are non native transpplants from mecca courtesy of great britain. abdullahs wife is "palestinian" however...
12. You cannot annex just the land
Paul ,   USA   (10.30.10)
Annex the land and you get the people too. Israel can no longer have it both ways.
13. Plan more than fair. If Pals reject it....
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.30.10)
just stay in "their" cities forever, or until they have a change of heart.
14. Why postpone?
Yitzchak ,   Israel   (10.30.10)
Eporue, When we gve up Gaza, Hamas was quickly voted into power, unemployment, and civil unrest were still at high levels, former Israeli settlements and greenhouses were destroyed. A gradual transfer of power will hopefully ensure that the Palestinians take over this area smoothly, without turning it into the terrorist factory that Gaza has become. We're trying to learn from our mistakes while still giving the Palestinians a country.
15. Insulting
Joseph   (10.30.10)
Sounds like the status quo which is unacceptable. Either a fully sovereign and viable Palestinian State...or a one-state solution for all shared equally by Arabs and Jews. You choose.
16. it will never work out
mohammed shadid ,   jordan   (10.30.10)
this plan will never work out it will make things more complicated .
17. #9Please tell me you are not that ignorant.Bibi proposed a
plan he knew they ,   would reject.Israel   (10.30.10)
18. #15 Here's the real insult. No Arab nations will take them.
Why should we?We ,   are not brothers.   (10.30.10)
19. #12 Both ways
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (10.30.10)
"Annex the land and you get the people too. Israel can no longer have it both ways." Get a state and sign a real peace treaty, stating that the state of belligerency is over, no more war or claims for "repatriation", or don't get the state. The Arabs "can no longer have it both ways".
20. Interim "solutions" are worthless
emc   (10.30.10)
If there is a lesson from the Oslo process then it is this. Without a goal the tensions and suspicions remain and one terrorist attack (no matter from which side) sends the whole process down the drain.
21. "transition" cant mean the settlement construction continues
eporue ,   europe   (10.30.10)
22. More Than Enough
Zichron   (10.31.10)
A jewish sanctuary of three thousand square kilometres in 1939 would have saved millions of jews from nazi extermination and torture and is justified as the jihadi islami blocked jewish escape from nazi occupation between1936-1945.
23. MARCELLA! #4!
Israeli 2   (10.31.10)
Hi Marcella! Who are you? Where do you live? I LOVE your talkbacks! I especially agree with you on this one. Israelis and Jews in general should preserve Israel as a Jewish nation without giving up anything!! P.S. My Mom's name is MARCELLA!
24. BIBI! If you so happen to read this
Israeli 2   (10.31.10)
talkback.....remember.... 1) We are NOT stupid 2) You are such a gonner politically 3) You may easily join Livni, Peres and potsenue. Shavua tov
25. #23 - Israeli 2
Marcella   (10.31.10)
I'm not your mom, I assure you. ;-) I live far away but I dream, hope and pray that the heartland will remain part of Israel forever - whatever it may take to make it so. And thank you for your kind words, Israeli 2. All the best. Marcella Canada
26. Not Quite what it should be
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (10.31.10)
We really want the Palestinians to turn down this offer. It was made by mistake: Bibi should increase the amount of Shomron and Judea that Israel has. Another 60% of the land should do it. Then it would match the amount of the land that HaShem gave Israel forever and said not to divide.
27. Kevin #7
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (10.31.10)
You're quite right - Israel should never pay rent for IT'S OWN LAND.
28. this proposal only maintains the status quo...
seadog1946 ,   shooters island, nj   (10.31.10)
a Palestinian archipelago of islands with Israeli gunboats controlling the access to the waterways and island beaches... speaking of water... Israel proper couldn't survive without the water sources of the west bank and golan heights.
29. If true, this is an evil act of treachery against Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.12.10)
If this report is true, it is a truly evil act of treachery against Israel. Bibi has no mandate to cede even an inch of Israeli sand to our enemies. That is absolutely counter to everything Likud stands for and everything Israel voted for. For an Israeli leader to secretly offer to divide our nation is intolerable. Imagine the leader of any other Western democracy doing anything remotely comparable! If this is true, Bibi should not only be replaced. He should be tried for treason.
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