Chicago rabbi says Yemen bombs targeted gay synagogue
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.10.10, 09:26
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1. hi there, can you please do me a favor and send this package
sam ,   merkaz   (10.31.10)
to a gay synagogue in america? salam alekom thanx! oh and one more thing, dont open it and if the police comes, say its candy.
2. The great irony is that these 'sinagogues' are
Al   (10.31.10)
populated with Obama supporters, both in money and votes. Obama is trying to milk this episode for political gain..its couldnt get more hilarious than that.
3. no.1-I don't get it what's funny in your post.
gili ,   israel   (10.31.10)
4. Thanks YNET
Dan Guralnek ,   Brisbane Australia   (10.31.10)
Thanks Ynet for keeping your content free, I hope this is not temporary. What is with all these online Israeli news website charging for content? I go to these websites to get an Israeli perspective. I think that if they continue charging for content it will be a serious blow for Israeli PR. You will be ensuring that the world only gets the other side of the story? That is a real stupid Idea. I find it difficult to believe that the best subscription news websites in the world are making more than a modest profit. Jews and Israelis like their news, but enough to pay for it? and Is there enough journalistic quality at these subscription sites to represent value for money? Sadly, I think not. Good job YNET. don't be a sellout like the others
5. gay shul ?! don' t call it ''shul'' . It is just insane
6. To #2 'sinagogees' LOL
nh ,   tel aviv israel   (10.31.10)
Thanks for the laugh. But ultimately the joke is on the jewish people when so many go against the torah and still call it judaism.
7. The bigoted talkbackers dilema
gay Israeli   (10.31.10)
who do they hate more: Muslims or gays? I say they will hate Muslims more but still be dismissive and nasty towards gays.
8. #1 do me a favour police,add person #1 terrorist watchlist
Aaron   (10.31.10)
The Internet isn't anonymous, you think you're being funny? But your comment is no different than fanatical Muslims writing on blogs to resend the bombs. Will ynet take responsibility by allowing your comment to be posted and aiding your terrorist supportive opinions?
9. "Take this bread..." - in black lace
Tevye ,   Chelm   (10.31.10)
It definetely doesnt look like a shabat service. They keep their piece of bread -or cracker, thats more suitable - hey! than they are really "crack(er)-snackers"!!! ;-) up just like they are confused with some other religion " Take this bread..."... Also, the lead singer looks like she forgot to take off her apron , and her friend next to her is dressed in a shiny black leather lace skirt - ready for action after ( or during - who knows ) service!
10. to #8-Thank you Aaron
Michael ,   New York   (10.31.10)
I agree with Aaron. Sam from Merkaz should be arrested for incitement and support for terrorist activities. To advocate sending bombs against someone he doesn't like is no different than Hamas or Hezbolla. YNET needs to report this person to the authorities.
11. Is this 'shul' what we call ....
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.31.10)
"being a light unto the nations"? Only in America !
12. Get real
Bobby ,   New York USA   (10.31.10)
I do not understand everyone going nuts about comment 1. I read it as a tongue-in-cheek comment about the girls lawyer. He's pointing out how ridicules it is to say someone was using her to send the packages, by posting what would have perhaps been the conversation between her and the person who asked her to mail it.
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