Safed residents charged with rioting, incitement
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 31.10.10, 19:46
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1. So police identify border guards as thugs
Leon ,   US   (11.01.10)
2. Anyone Else Charged?
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (11.01.10)
Are we to take from this article that the Arabs who shouted "Death to Jews" were also charged with incitement? The article does not mention whether the Arabs engaged in their usual sport of throwing stones at Jews, but - assuming they did - shall we assume too that these Arabs were also charged? I would hope so, but it would be more complete reporting to have this fair application of the law confirmed for us readers.
3. Safed riots
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.01.10)
Whatever hapened to rap artiste Lawrence of Safed as we would prefer to hear his local account of what transpired in his neighborhood?
4. Hmmmm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.01.10)
Why haven't any of the Arab rioters, screaming "Death to the Jews!" been arrested?
5. The world is gone upside down
Eran ,   Singapore   (11.01.10)
You are not allowed to defend Jews even in Israel. Shame.
6. back to the point at hand
clarity ,   israel   (11.03.10)
It is all very well for Jews to defend themselves, though the police (when they can be roused) and the thugs in uniform (yes, magav) seem ready lend a hand in the slightest hint of a clash -- we needn't worry about the Jews. But who defends victims of Jewish aggression? In a democracy, the citizenry is allowed to -- among other things -- rent their property to whomever they wish. Posters -- authored and posted by Jews -- urging property owners not to rent to Arabs and to subject those who choose to exercise their democratic rights to scorn, is undemocratic and illegal and should be addressed by law enforcement -- but I don't see this happening. So who is defending the Arab tenants and their landlords, who til now have conducted their relationships with little incident?
7. leon, "thugs" is exactly what they are
clarity ,   israel   (11.03.10)
and they are thus recruited for magav (border guard division) based on prior thuggish behavior.
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