What the Bleep!?
Talia Weisberg
Published: 28.11.10, 08:17
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1. Speach
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.10)
Speach,more than clothes reveals the class of a person.
2. f$%^&* article
Sebastian ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.10)
Come on. I love to curse. If you think I'm "ignorant, unimaginative, immature, whiny" because of it, then you are prejudging me. The context tells you the proper language. I will not curse in a meeting with the ambassador. But if you get offended because you hear "inappropriate language" between teens, then YOU are out of place.
3. 2 Sebastian
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.10)
Get rid of it before it gets a bad habit,and you won t be able to control it in a meeting with the ambassador.It can cost you your job.Like with all habits,there is a point of "non retour"Get rid of it NOW.
4. No. 3 ORA
NYC Girl   (11.29.10)
I can only speak for myself, but I've been cursing for as long as I can remember and it never became a habit. In fact, I won't use even the mildest expletive in front of somebody I'm not well acquainted with, unless they go first...and even then I'm hesitant. And while I haven't had the pleasure of meeting any ambassadors, I can assure you that I have sufficient self-control in such situations to monitor every word that comes out of my mouth. However, my problem is that I read about so many infuriating things going on in the world, that if I couldn't curse, my head would probably explode.
5. 4NYC Girl
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.10)
In french there is a sayng:"The exception confirms rhe rule"
6. Ora, what can I say to you?
Sebastian ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.10)
Ora, from your way of expressing yourself I think you are abusive and narrow minded. But you know what? If you let me express myself as I wish, I will let you talk as you want. Cursing is a cultural language of young people, of buddies, of soccer fans, and of me. There is a proper way of talking on each situation. I can behave and talk properly in a meeting with the ambassador. I dare you behave and talk properly at a football match (i.e. curse with all your heart).
7. 6Sebastian
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.10)
I believe you Sebastian,as you did not curse me,what i expected before opening your post.Thanks.
8. teach....
galilean ,   Israel   (12.07.10)
Someone should come up with a website and TV show to teach about the dangers of fires. And not only forest fires. The show should especially be in Arabic too. This should also be a compulsory subject in all schools in Israel!!!
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