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Israeli documentary wins over hostile French audience
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 02.11.10, 21:09
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1. Kol Hakavod
SNS   (11.02.10)
Kol Hakavod and Mazal Tov to director Noa Ben-Hagai.
2. She "disappeared"? You mean she was kidnapped?
Scott ,   USA   (11.02.10)
3. Bravo!
Monterey ,   Monterey, USA   (11.03.10)
I am greatly intrigued by this film, and I hope it makes it to a DVD distributor in the US. My wish would have been that you could have made a documentary all about the French reception of you and your film, it sounds like it deserves a film by itself.
4. 'I am a leftist who strives for goodness' says it all
Nemesis   (11.03.10)
5. Ha, Ha !!
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (11.03.10)
Suddenly you discover the European leftists ! But who supply them with informations about Israel just to harm our country?
6. Two comments
R ,   Israel   (11.03.10)
1) Congratulations to Ben Hagai. 2) Israeli movies have won many international prizes lately. Those that win usually deal with the Israel/Palestine issue one way or another. I wonder if there were any winners among those that don't deal with that issue.
7. This is not an uncommon story
C ,   Israel   (11.03.10)
My husband's family are right wing, likud voting Mizrahim. They have cousins in Gaza and Jordan because their father's sister married a Palestinian in 1948. It was considered at the time a shame on the family so they claimed she was kidnapped. She loved him and went to live with him because she wanted to. Eventually she divorced him and she brought most of the children to Israel. Today, the children are in their 60s, one lives in Gaza, one in Jordan, the rest in Israel including one who is a relgious Jewish settler. All the children are in contact and see each other when they can (including the one in Gaza). The situation is not as black and white as many on both sides believe.
8. to #2 true, single women don't vanish
ghostq   (11.03.10)
unless under threat, especially in war time.
9. to #7 they had to convert back to judaism according to Islam
ghostq   (11.03.10)
they r muslims by the father, and since their mother divorce it means only her connection was not good to begin with, not entirely with good judgment, they don't treat their women well. here is the proof, you said it yourself, and the fact they r not in one place and being torn by rockets and machin gun don't realy help, she just doomed her family to life of misery.
10. these activists are morons
Israeli   (11.03.10)
they boycott anything to do with Israel including films that are critical of Israel or that speak about co-existence with Palestinians. Then they wonder why we think they are anti-Semitic hypocrites.
11. #7 - Ignore #2 and #9
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (11.03.10)
It is good to hear of the grey areas; not all things in life are black and white. Ghostq is all 'black', not believing in humanity but only in ulterior motives after the fact.
12. #11, don't worry, I don't take TBs seriously
C ,   Israel   (11.03.10)
Talkbackers are made up of the extreme minority. I live here and know that nothing that is portrayed by these extremists or even by the media is as simple as they all claim. The problem is that those who don't live here, those whose only source of information is the media or some opinion web site get information that comes with an agenda. In real life, for everything that happens, each person involved has a different perspective/opinion on the issue. My advice to all the readers: don't take anyone's writings as proof of anything about this region. Come see the situation for yourselves for all the good and bad. Spend an equal amount of time with both Israelis and Palestinians of all political opinions. I promise you will end up unlearning what you were so sure you knew.
13. #12 C. Israel
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (11.03.10)
Very well said. I lived in Israel for only four years and I agree.
14. to be disliked by hateful swine is a precious distinction
dante ,   uk   (11.03.10)
one would prefer to be disliked by these complacent arrogant swine. and, one has to wonder if one is liked by these hypocrites.
15. 14 yr old disappears later found in arab village. any ?????
Rick ,   Sharon CT USA   (11.03.10)
no one asks any questions. a 14 year old should have returned to her family. what happened?
16. are these the real palestinians
this happened a lot   (11.04.10)
often people would fall in love in those early years and marry, then move to an arab country that was initially more accepting of the mixed couple. I met an israeli woman in rashidiya, lebanon in 1982 who married a pal in 1948 and spent nearly 40 years living in a pal refugee camp/terrorist enclave, we were the first israelis she saw in 40 years, chk out this book about rashidiya which features this woman, "Discussions in Rashidiya"
17. to #12 including this article?
ghostq   (11.04.10)
be careful for what you advising. cause this article and story in myopinion got more dark sides than you think, I basically read what Solomon wrote and if it's true and they r 80 were was the Israeli during the 73 war against egypt, was he recruited to the Idf? mmm
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