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Study: Israel experience strengthens Jewish affiliation
Published: 11.11.10, 15:37
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1. One Jew getting his ass kicked at Harvard
Al   (11.11.10)
would do more for Jewish youth affiliation with Israel than 2 million free trips to titi bars and beaches in Tel Aviv.
2. #1 You are right.
Jae ,   Lynn US   (11.11.10)
But the media would have to cover it. I dont know...its not a given among left wing journalists in Israel unfortunately. But if a bird eats an olive the left wing decries the religious Jews for it.
3. cause or effect
David Rue ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.12.10)
Maybe the reason that the people spent more time in Israel was that they were more committed Jews, and so they were less likely to intermarry, the cause of the drop in the intermarriage rate was not the increased visits to Israel, but the greater commitment was the cause of the increased visits and the drop in the intermarriage rate.
4. Studying the obvious produces full employment
Michael ,   New York, NY, USA   (11.12.10)
I Hope they didn't spend to much $ on the studyIt seems that the conclusions would be as obvious as asking whether someone who went to one Yankees game is more or less likely to be a Yankee fan when compared to someone whose parents held season tickets.
5. israel has nothing with jewish people
ivan ,   haifa   (11.12.10)
6. Personal experience says its true
Michael L ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.12.10)
I did birthright in 2002, and now I'm living in Israel. I guarantee it wouldnt have happened if not for birthright, where my connection with Israel really began. So, study results or not, birthright is a great experience that works in producing Israeli connections.
7. #6 what about your Jewish affiliation?
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (11.13.10)
Julie ,   Israel   (11.19.10)
The sole reason that many FSU MASA students give for having come to Israel on the program is that it is a bargain to see another country and "learn English". They state that their hearts belong to Russia or whatever (even, can you believe it- Germany!),and can hardly wait to get back to their own countries. They are as far removed from Judaism as possible, celebrate Christmas and don't consider themselves to be Jews. Several of them spend most of their time here befriending only Arabs (even going so far as to sport kaffiyahs while they are here) and becoming sympathetic to their cause. The selection process for this program should be much more stringent and focus on helping committed young Jews. ...not Tom Dick and Harry who just want a free year abroad.
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