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Israeli flotilla participant wants saxophone back
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 03.11.10, 07:40
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1. that wasn't due to "help" or find a solution
ghostq   (11.03.10)
that cause as an artist he need attantion, even bad one will do, he reckond that when people ignor him it make him sic, so he find easy oppertunity to get free publicity, how much he preform in Israel anyway, I don't think people even heard of him.
2. Don't let him in and keep the Saxophone
Sami ,   New York, USA   (11.03.10)
Israel should not let him into the country and they should keep the Saxophone.
3. Feilers background
Swedish Doctor ,   Jerusalem   (11.03.10)
Dror Feilers background should be mentioned. He is a far left extremist with a background in marxist-leninistic revolutionary parties. I.e., do not take this guy seriously.
rachel ,   chutz4 now home soon   (11.03.10)
For heaven's sake....what a loser! Yea...right his is missing his Sax...tell him to apply to Hamas for artists' rights!
5. Don't know about giving him his sax back
Talula ,   Israel   (11.03.10)
Looks like someone should give him a bath.
6. schoolyard bully
jj   (11.03.10)
the modern israel. shalom!
7. Dror: "Mommy, the neighbor Israel took my sax away!!"
Yehuda   (11.03.10)
Mommy: "Dror, what did you do to Israel that he took your sax away?" Dror: "I was in a flotilla to break the Gaza blockaid and I was going to use the cameras to film the IDF classified operations." Mommy: "Oh!! you were lucky that Israel didn't take you away also along with your sax and cameras!"
8. kol ha kavod talula!
rachel ,   chutz4 now home soon   (11.03.10)
yes a bath and maybe an education. creepy guy hope he play alto!
9. I would stick his sax up his [deleted]
Reuven ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.03.10)
10. #2
Zev ,   Scottsdale, AZ   (11.03.10)
I'd rather they leave the gun and take the cannoli
11. You are a whining lefty....scumbag!!
Israeli 2   (11.03.10)
Ask Hamas to supply you with a new saxophone. Next time think twice before joining anti Israeli flotillas. Next time instead of yourSax, they will keep your head. That's what they should have done in the first place
12. really
David ,   haifa israel   (11.03.10)
this thug terrorist deserves nothing but being thrown in jail... come on back and we will accomodate you...THUG!!! You can share a cell with my good friend salma the refugee from lebanon :)
13. Why does "Israel" need your saxophone Mr.Feiler,
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.03.10)
they want to check if they could play the wonderful sax or no ; ) Art is a bridge between cultures and people...this is why they stole your saxophone any way, If you can locate your stolen saxophone you can get it , Keep up the good work Mr.Feiler
14. Let hom in
Icchok ,   Israel   (11.03.10)
Please let him in. My friends at Shuk HaCarmel would love to give him a real Arabic style welcome.
15. what a fruit
David P. ,   USA   (11.03.10)
hopefully the item went to a needy musician
16. Ship Pictured in News Article - Wrong
Mick ,   USA   (11.03.10)
If you are going to publish a news article and make claims, make sure they are accurate. Your news article 'Israeli flotilla participant wants saxophone back' shows a picture of a cargo ship that your title claims is a flotilla ship. You are wrong. The ship pictured is the Amalthea. It was NEVER part of the flotilla. Get your lazy editors to do some basic fact checking. A simple GOOGLE search would turn up several pictures of the actual flotilla cargo ships.
17. We know what the flotilla was meant to achieve
Andrew Brehm   (11.03.10)
The IHH terrorists told everyone. We also saw the video of them attacking the IDF. If you don't want to lose your saxophone, don't bring it to a blockade run. Isn't that ridiculously simple???
18. #2 you are right
Martin ,   Landskrona,Sweden   (11.03.10)
This is the guy who made an art installation glorifying arab suicidebombers who killed Israeli civilians. Kol hakavod to former Israeli ambassador Zvi Mazel who sabotaged it. And kol hakavod le tzahal his music probably stink!
19. Meirav dear, didn't you forget something?
m   (11.03.10)
One tiny item in Feiler's career, he is the great artist who depicted the Arab murderer from Haifa restaurant (23 people, many children) as "Snow White". I know this is a small detail in your empty life, but for us the unwashed it's important to know with whom we are dealing.
20. Sorry pal you came looking for trouble
Dyslexic............ ,   Israel....   (11.03.10)
and you found it.No prizes for the losses,go and buy a new one.
21. A history of confiscating
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (11.03.10)
This should not surprise anyone. Israel confiscates Palestinian┬┤s land. Why not confiscate one saxophone?
22. So many of my friends want their (grand)parents back!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.03.10)
23. This demonstrates the difference between Israel & PA
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (11.03.10)
In Israel the collaborator has his saxophone confiscated and can return safely to file a court action to get it back. In the PA occupied areas the 'collaborator' is dragged into the town square, in front of a baying mob, and shot dead. So, which society does Dror Feiler seek to destroy? Israel of course because, as a marxist, he will naturally support fascist islamic oppression over democratic society.
24. Substitute Saxaphone
Boris Yasdnilkov ,   Fernandina Beach, US   (11.03.10)
Send Feiler a plastic slide kazoo to play and forget the saxaphone.
25. I gues he "blow" things out of proportions.
ghostq   (11.03.10)
26. When is theft not theft?...
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (11.03.10)
When it is committed by an Israeli. Funny how outright piracy is applauded by Israelis. Of course, the IDF and their 'apologists' have determined that the saxophone was a 'security' risk and therefore it has probably already been sold by one of those 'brave' pirates and thieves which seem to inhabit all levels of the Israeli armed forces. Just be glad they didn't confiscate your credit card.
27. i say post him a pack of viag...
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.03.10)
... oh he wants his sAx back... oops
28. if he had made it to gaza, then probably hamas had confiscat
eporue ,   europe   (11.03.10)
ed that devils creation of an instrument, which plays music, and people dance at .. ewww...
29. Narcisstic fool
OyVaGoy ,   UK   (11.03.10)
Dror Feiler thinks it's all about him. What a self-indulgent fake.
30. Next time practice safe sax
steve ,   Israel   (11.03.10)
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