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Israeli flotilla participant wants saxophone back
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 03.11.10, 07:40
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31. Do not allow him into Israel.
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (11.04.10)
He should be jailed if he sets foot in Israel.We have to start getting serious with these Israeli idiots who smear Israel.We are too soft with with these traitors.
32. uh, your actiosn were against israel
courtney ,   philly, usa   (11.04.10)
i hope u waste your money on the flights and are barred entry... and i also hope your sax is at the bottom of the Med
33. Dror's sax has been found!
Fred ,   The Negev, Isreal   (11.04.10)
I think we should tell Dror that his sax is being put to good use by some Israeli west bank music program. Let him have some nice dreams about that.
34. Saxaphone
Ed Stack   (11.05.10)
The saxaphone my be harmless. You came as part of an armed force intent on causing harm. Under international law, your actions were either as a participant or an accomplice by aiding and abetting in an act of war. If you feel responsible for institutions in Israel and/or the territories under its administration, then you must act in the same responsible manner with which you wish to be treated. Do not commit a crime and then claim you are not being treated in a fair manner. In spite of all the noise, the embargo is legal under the San Remo convention.
35. not a security risk
Jonathan ,   Tel Aviv   (11.06.10)
We didn't keep the saxophone because it was a "security risk". We just kept it to irritate fake liberals like yourselves. And don't we make sexy pirates? Seems to work with the girls.
36. The Sax Player
Moragh   (11.08.10)
Now another 'would-be' terrorist wants his saxophone back. How many arabs is that now who wants something from Israel? (giggle!) These people never fail to give me a laugh.
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