Clinton: Complete Rabin's work
Published: 04.11.10, 10:23
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1. The Gentile World.....
Harry ,   Jerusalem   (11.04.10)
just doesn't get it. This is God's World. HE decided to give the Children of Israel, the Land of Israel, and even if there are Israelis who want to give it away, the BIG BOSS, not the USA, is not going to let it happen. PERIOD.
2. Make peace with the arabs?
bob ,   jerusalem   (11.04.10)
when are those hotshot politicians in the states and europe, ever going to tell the arabs to make peace with the democratic Jewish State of Israel. see how fast they jump to negotiations without pre-conditions and parallel propagandizing and de-legitimizing their "partners" in the search for peace?
3. Bill Clinton
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.04.10)
A fine eulogy Bill but your Democratic govt. has taken a beating in midterm elections with Aunty Nancy shown the back door of the House and Uncle Harry just holding onto his seat ,with the House of Representatives lost to the Republicans ,so maybe you,re trying to get back into politics by scoring political points with Israel,i don,t think so ?
4. RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTIST ELITIST Clinton should stick his
Jason   (11.04.10)
nose in another countries business! Clintons meddling in Israels domestic policy has murdered many Jews.
5. You just don't get it, #1
John ,   Europe   (11.04.10)
It's the BIG BOSS who took the land of us in 135. It's the BIG BOSS who placed Arabs all around us to taunt us. It's the BIG BOSS, not the USA, that does not give peace to Israel. So if BIG BOSS, THROUGH USA and Arabs force us to give up this land - then even giving up of this land is BIG BOSS' WILL. Your view is Christian view - G-d is good only when he gives to me, when it is bad, it is satan.
6. Pinocchio gives advice.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.04.10)
7. Rabin's work? Let's see
Ephraim   (11.04.10)
Drink, smoke, murder Jews, plot to destroy all of settlement, fight the Jewish character of the State, and arm anti-semitic terrorists to do more murder. Oh, but we can go visit Jordan now. How nice.
8. and if my ass could talk..
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.04.10)
it would say: stop this BS,- enough with the "what Rabin would've said/done, phoney "legacy" preachings . Stalin would've been proud of the way the israeli Estabilishment is doing it's damnest to influence the poor, uneducated masses !! Bloody Mapainiks: die finally !!
9. That photo makes me want to throw up.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.04.10)
Boy, did we get screwed. We've been getting screwed for 15 years. ''Peace'' is killing us, maybe we'd be safer in a war.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.04.10)
The problem is does Abbas and Fayyad really have the power to enforce any agreement they would come to with Israel. As we all have seen they couldn't even maintain control of the Gaza strip. Surely that calls into question whether than even have a mandate from the people to negotiate on their behalf. Regardless of that, Israel has continued the process even in the face of Hamas publicly declaring they will not honor any agreement made by Fatah, and that any agreement is non-binding for the Palestinian people. In addition Hamas has murdered Jewish civilians during the peace talks accepted responsibility for those acts, and held parades to celebrate what Hamas referred to as "heroic acts of resistance" during the talks. Who knows what would have been, had Rabin lived. It's easy to say what would have, could have, should have been. We live now in this reality where Hamas...who are an elected part of the Palestinian government...states they will not even recognize Israel's right to exist. So what can President Clinton offer as a real solution to today's reality? Not what might have been had Rabin lived. That is what is needed, solutions, not what ifs. The truth is the Palestinians do not want peace, but they sure seem to love "resistance" the Arab euphemism for terrorism.
11. The guy is typical Obsessive-Compalsive.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (11.04.10)
12. You'd think they'd at least go a way for a few days
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.04.10)
to lick their wounds. Only a VERY dumb animal does not wait to recover from a major beating, to attack again. Have they not noticed that their public is NOT INTERESTED.
13. lol this guy chose hilary over monika
ghostq   (11.04.10)
vagan over a good steak, I think he got realy bad choises in life, brrrrrrr
14. Clinton is getting older......
tiki ,   belgium   (11.04.10)
and forgets that HE's not the President anymore, Rabin is DEAD and so is the 'Peace Proces'.
15. clinton also forgets that in Israel we have
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.04.10)
elections, not like the p.a. rabin would have lost to bibi in the coming elections and lost big. We are not so stupid to believe in peace with terrorists. Let bill sit at home with hitlery, a retirement home.
16. Tut,tut,tut. You sound all wound up there dude.Eat prunes to
get rid of all that ,   crap your so full of   (11.05.10)
17. #5 IDIOT!! You who live in europe,are a goyim,don't believe
in G-d,telling Jews ,   about him&their land   (11.05.10)
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