Israelis attacked on way to Jerusalem pub
Yair Altman
Published: 05.11.10, 13:04
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1. Sounds like a sultry friday night in certain
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (11.05.10)
North Philadelphia neighborhoods.
2. Any questions from the left ? It could be u next time
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (11.05.10)
3. Poor dears.....
Shandy ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.10)
Poor dears.... I bet these Israeli's are Peace Now people - And they couldn't believe what was happening. Wake Up!!!!!
4. What did they expect?
Alistair ,   Scotland   (11.05.10)
Surely no one expects the Palestinian's to do anything other than make Israelis want to stay out of Palestine.The Israeli gov are the real culprits here by allowing this to happen
5. Isn't coexistence wonderful?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (11.05.10)
You really have to have rocks in your head to believe that coexistence is possible.
6. Shut off all utilities to the islamic settlement of Issawiya
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (11.05.10)
until the perpetrators are handed over to the authorities.
7. Nightmare in Issawiya
Reader   (11.05.10)
You can be sure this will not be reported in the international press. Attempts to ambush and lynch Jews is not news. I am truly sorry for the terrible ordeal these poor students had to go through. It is truly a miracle they survived.
8. Next time run down the people
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv and DC   (11.05.10)
If you ever find yourself in that situation again use your car as a weapon and start hitting the people at 110 Km/hour...once bodies start bouncing off the hood people will clear out of your way.
9. The true face of Palestinian peace (end)
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.05.10)
10. The problem is...
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (11.05.10)
The problem is that if these Arab terrorists who threw rocks and iron bars with intent to kill were to walk in a Jewish neighborhood, they would be free to walk. If they would want to go into a shopping mall, they would be given the same security search as any Israeli & free to walk and shop in the mall. Perhaps their search would be a little more thorough, and they would complain, but now everyone should understand. It would not even be an incident of racial profiling, but pure logic. I repeat: Israel is a free democratic country with everyone having the rights that they deserve. Arab citizens and visitors are given rights that they would never get in other Arab countries, and if a Jewish Israeli accidentally wanders into one of their neighborhoods or villages, they are taking their lives in their hands. Something is seriously wrong here and this situation is ignored by most of the press and most of the world.
11. Welcome to united, Zionist Jerusalem
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (11.05.10)
Enough said.
12. A response to Alistair from Scotland #4
Kate ,   London, UK   (11.05.10)
Leaving aside the fact that there is no such place as Palestine, you wouldn't be the first Brit to find excuses when Jews are subjected to violence and murder. It's one of the reasons in fact why I remain such an ardent Zionist.
13. #4 What Did They Expect?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (11.05.10)
Exactly the reason why the Palestinians should expect and receive nothing from Israel. Scottish armchair generals have no appreciation of the mentality with which Israel has to deal. The Palestinians can't make peace between themselves and like so many Muslims, choose violence as an option for everything.
14. Nos. 3 And 4
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.05.10)
Shandy, dear, what makes you think they were Peace Now? they could have een you, me or anyone. They were aiming for Ben yehuda, not out to "make a point" or try and show solidarity with the Palis. nasty remarks whn you have no idea t all who the Israelis were other than 3 students and a tourist. As for Alistair in Scotland - yet more of your anit-Israel remarks - blame the victim, is that your attitude. Of course it's Israel's fault, in your eyes. Again, these peole took a wrong turn and got the usual Pali response. The only blame I can attach to our government is that they don't come down hard enough on the Palis. No. 8 has the right attitude. In fact this is exsctly what happened recently when youths stood in the way of an Israeli car, throwing stones (we don't mean little bits of gravel, we mean rocks, big ones) . the driver, rightly fearing for his life, just ran down the kid. Of course, kid and his father claim differently, but there was security video to bear witness.
15. license to carry laws should be eased
David P.   (11.05.10)
having a gun and not needing it is better then needing a gun and not having it
16. To Alistair from Scotland
L ,   Israel   (11.05.10)
Real easy for you to squeak your crap from your cozy place, eh? You'd be shitting your pants on a daily basis if you lived here. You don't know what you're talking about, so how about you stop embarrassing yourself and shut up.
17. opinions from the people in the UK are usually inapplicable
David ,   USA   (11.05.10)
most Europeans lack the basic facts to make comments, they're comprehension ascribes mainly to myths and there feedback stems from false narratives
18. arabs are our ennemis FOREVER
19. #10-small correction-# 1?
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (11.05.10)
You write if the Arab terrorists WERE to go to a Jewish neighborhood, or WOULD WANT to go. CORRECTION:--they do, they go all the time. Visit Ben Yehuda, Visit Mamilla Mall, Visit Malcha Mall, ride the trains in israel, shop in a place like Netanya (malls, small stores, restaurants)--Arabs are all over. They eat, they shop, they go to the beach and generally do want they want totally unchecked. Yes, occasionally I've seen security ask for ID but most often no one stops them. THEY are enjoying a peaceful co-existance. Only the Jews are dealing with neighborhoods like Issawiya where although part of the Holy Basin are essential dangerous to be in. Not a word of Hebrew on the signs and driving through--you've read the results. My only surprise is that YNET actually published, let only foreign media. To # 1--even the not so nice neighborhoods in Philadelphia or any other US city aren't and never were like this.
20. c'mon 12
Alistair ,   Scotland   (11.05.10)
These people are occupied and oppressed,Israeli civvies allowed into occupied territory under international law ? this is nothing to do with religion its to do with unwanted unneeded occupation.I have Jewish and Palestinan friends who agree with me ,I could happily walk into the same area and meet pleasant people
21. what do you expect when you oppress people. To love you?
Jim ,   Dc   (11.05.10)
2 months ago 18 months old child was killed by IDF soldier. just before the military demolished a house there. What do you expect? What if an arab gets lost and enters a settlement in the WB do you think he will come out alive? He would be shot on the spot and called a terrorist. Coexistence starts when you give people a reason to live. Arabs are in Israel don't have one yet because Israel is oppressing them. Just a fact
22. Re: Alistair
Eileen ,   Glasgow   (11.05.10)
So by your logic attempting to kill people to keep them out of your country is ok, so if the English suddenly decided to keep those drunkard Scots out by setting up an ambush that would be ok? Catch yourself on, these 4 young people did nothing wrong, they took a wrong turn and could have paid for that error with their life, although to some of those bleeding heart liberals who don't actually care about real peace that would have been the ideal situation. Glad all 4 survived their ordeal.
23. Jews from Judea,Arabs from Arabia.So Arabs go back to Arabia
24. Isaweyeh is under full Israeli control
Walid Awad ,   Palestine   (11.05.10)
The village of Isaweyyeh is within the Jerusalem municipality, ie under full Israeli control . Isaweyyeh as all Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem are on the receiving end of Israeli brutality particularly when teams of Israeli demolishing crews arrive to destroy palestinian homes in these neighborhoods. Jewish settlers are very active in these areas trying with the full and open assistance of the israeli government, the israeli police, and so called border police to take palestinian homes, and make paleastinian life as miserable as can be. the municipality collect the arnona taxes from these Palestinians but hardly provide any services. The tragedy of the situation is the israeli government does not inform its public of the attrocities it perpetrates against the palestinian people, be that arrests and torture on check points, preventing people from reaching their schools or places of work particularly in eaast jerusalem, the home demolitions, uprooting of trees, or confiscating palestinian land and giving it free to settlers..etc. So people like those arrogant characters on this talk backs who do not know the full picture can spew hate and venom, not knowing what millions of palestinians go through every single day of their lives due to Israel's occupation of palestinian land and the barbaric treatment receieved by the palestinian public on the hands of its jewish occupiers. As was said earlier, Isaweyyeh is under israeli full control. The Paleastinian authority forces are not allowed into this palestinian nieghboerhood nor are they allowed into any part of arab east jerusdalem, the future capital of palestine. It should be noted here that regardless of the Israeli atrocities, stonning of this car or any other car , and endagering peoples lives whoever they are is not acceptable to the palestinian general public, and can not and will not be tolerated under the Palestinian Authority jurisidictions. The Israeli people can be assured that an independent palestinian state with its capital in arab east jerusalem will fulfil all its peace commetments to israel and the world, and will provide the security and stability in all areas under its control for all peoples.
25. c'mon 20!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.10)
You could have been in that car like that tourist was! Such 'pleasant people' they met!
26. I wouldn't go driving through Fort Apache The Bronx....
Sara B.A. ,   Jerusalem   (11.05.10)
because the same thing if not worse would happen to me! There are many places in the United States that are seriously dangerous at night and that most people with even just 1/2 a brain wouldn't drive through....same thing here. I wonder why the young woman they picked up on the campus didn't say something? Ok let's say she was from TLV too and this is her first semester! But the driver should have been more responsible and seriously considered turning around. I think the Palestinian residents of Issawiya were 100% wrong but the Israelis were 100% stupid!
27. No excuse for this barbaric behavior
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.05.10)
Attacking people who have lost their way is a sign of barbarism. What 'political gain' can be made by such behavior? This kind of behavior is inhumane and inexcusable.
28. Run them over!
Danny ,   Baltimore   (11.05.10)
29. Expel all ARAB SETTLERS from Israel!
John ,   Texas   (11.05.10)
30. Allistair
R ,   Israel   (11.05.10)
To Allistair who thinks he knows the middle east, who could "happily walk into the same area and meet pleasant people" - I suggest that you try doing just that. Then let us know how that's working for you.
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