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WWII mass grave of Jews found in Romania
Published: 06.11.10, 08:00
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1. no American law against Holocaust denial
observer   (11.06.10)
Jews killed by Romanian troops? you must be either kidding or being American. Or, you should be sued to overturn your conviction. Austria and Germany?, neither country has erected any significant monuments to the Jews. Most of the laws outlaw denial of all crimes against humanity, not limited to the ones committed by the Axis of World War II. Only in Romania, the law is limited to Holocaust denial. The Israeli law is the only of these laws actually mentioning Jews. 16 EU countries don't have such law.
2. more evidence of the reason why the
Barney ,   USA   (11.07.10)
Jews should build build build in the land of Israel, the homeland of the Jews, and tell the world that Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Strong defenses, strong people, prosperous industries and now abunant natural gas. Hashem works in ways that others don't have the capacity to understand. To hell with world opinion. what good did it do in ww2. Let the world deal with islamic fanatical terrorism but don't tell Israel how to deal with the threat. They have a plan
3. :(
jew   (11.07.10)
it always makes me cry when i read these kind of things... that's right we have to build build and build in eretz Israel.. the only real homeland we have!!
4. #2,3 you reap what you sow
observer   (11.07.10)
the promised land is a loaded term, the promised land is anywhere where the righteous faithful lives. The term Zion has at least four meanings having to do with two different parts of Jerusalem, with Jerusalem itself, but also generally talking “about the people of Israel who viewed Jerusalem and the Temple as their religious center.” So while one hand holds Zion as a place, the other hand holds it as a people. The One G-d's promised land goes beyond our terms, our limiting to it.
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