Shulamit Aloni: I feel like stranger here
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.11.10, 17:38
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1. Mrs.Shulamit Aloni, I love and respect you
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.07.10)
I appreciate you, and what you do. I don't always have a chance to express it, so I decided to write this.
2. Clueless Shula
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (11.07.10)
'No idea what is going on today' ... I guess that sums your whole life up!!!
stude ham   (11.07.10)
for such things as citizenship and government employment. in canada QE2 is a foreign monarch, but nonetheless by a quirk of history the de facto head of state in canada. so is swearing allegiance to the queen a racist requirement... especially if you are not from great britain? these actors are truly distorting reality ... which after all is their metier.
4. A Pig in a Poke
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (11.07.10)
Here in the USA, our PBS gets some public funding..and lots of private. Some classical radio stations (few in number), get private money only. No govt. It takes the responsibility off of the public and transfers it appropriately. You want to enjoy the classics, pay for it Joe Sixpack. Look everything in Israel is politics. If not the Arabs, it would be something else.If artists want to boycott a disputed Israeli city..let them, who cares really? But consider who is funding you. From their perch, they are correct. Re:the oath..for non-citizens? Whats so bad? I took an oath and pledged to my flag for decades. I like my country. However, since Israel is a Jewish state ( per its creation), why add the emotionally laden word? What does it achieve? The right of return is not the UN resolution..its only after both sides accept...Dont allow the Pales to obfuscate the they always do (UN242).
5. Winning Battles and Losing Wars
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.07.10)
I can understand the thinking behind not renewing the so-called freeze, but lets not cut our noses so to speak. So what..another 3 mos, or while there is true progress. The Arabs have backed themselves this time, ( atypical). Go into the talks..with a freeze (temporary). The Pales will say, okay, but now show me by deeds (Jerusalem, borders, disarmament, holy sites, Golan, Jordan Valley, all the settlements, roads, etc.). This is their tactic..demand, threatend, pull back, demand more, etc. Its game theory. They win or lose fully. Okay, so what is one yeshiva, mikvah, game room, gym, bedroom anyway in the scheme of things. Principal be damned, this is about the survival of a country. Its like Shalit..forget him...dont undermine your existence and beg. 270,000 Romanian Jews were fooled into their being relocated. They were shot instead. Get it.. Those 1,000 prisoners..will go back to killing we the sun sets in the West.
6. Avi Says This,and Barak SaysThat, Oy Vey
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.07.10)
Are Bibi, Avi, Barak, Miss Livni, Peres, on the same page I ask? Every time I listen to them, they are contradicting one another. Livni on US TV said she opposed her boss (Olmert) on things. Barak said that behind closed doors, well the rhetoric is different. If I were an anti-Semite I would be rolling over with glee. 10 months freeze wasted..come on guys, the entire 15 years since Arafat met with Barak is wasted. Everyone knows the boundries (hear Barak). Sure, but they also know the mine a treaty with Iran..a Pales army, who owns holy sites, flooding by refugees, water/air..etc., etc. If the problems were easy to solve..long ago. In the meantime, dont make their case easier.
7. Aloni forgets to mention the offical Chuch of England
Logic ,   Israel   (11.07.10)
and the cross on the English and British flags!
8.  I feel like stranger here ,...
split ,   USA   (11.07.10)
You have a place in peace loving hearts around the World where you can feel warm and at home - Keep pounding !!!,...
9. A car`s squaking
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.07.10)
Shulamit Aloni feels a stranger? Yes, you have had your time.There was a time that listening to you was considered "In".. Where are those leftist ears now, Mrs Aloni? Nobody listens to you any more than to a car`s squaking.
10. Shulamit Aloni
jerey ,   hula valley kibbutz   (11.07.10)
Shulamit Aloni who??? Are you still around??? You were irrelevant when you were in Meretz and you are even more so today. The actors boycott is just wrong, everyone deserve cultural activities no matter where they live.
11. Typical: The left compares Israel to Nazi Germany
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.07.10)
Is the requirement for new citizens to pledge loyalty to the State as is done in the US a "Nuremberg" law? Right. The left can expel people from their homes and destroy their property and source of income, put them into refugee camps and their victims are immediately condemned for noting a comparison. But Yad V Shem will not say a word about this.
12. Canada's Oath
Joe ,   Toronto Canada   (11.07.10)
Just for the record, this requirement is not a "quirk of history". Canada always has the option of renouncing the Queen of England of its head of state and becoming a republic (via referendum). We have chosen not to do it as it signifies the concept country's adoption of British tradition in its laws and customs. The oath is not given to an individual monarch per se, but rather to the institution of the Crown and the system of government it represents. As a Canadian Jew, I do not feel personally infringed upon nor racially maligned by this declaration. As to how this relates to Israel - if one expects all the rights and privileges of citizenship, one should be openly announcing a willingness to defend them.
13. Aloni has been clueless her entire life
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.07.10)
As for racism - maybe if they stopped doing it we wouldn't have so much of an issue
14. Uri Avneri, cited in this article, writes for
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.07.10)
the notoriously anti-Israeli news outlet, "Maan News". Avneri writes for a population of Jew haters and incites them. In the end, it appears he hates Israel and all things Israeli.
15. Israel's Purpose, its Ideal, is to be a Hebrew/Jewish State
Peter W. ,   Miami, USA   (11.07.10)
In prospective citizens don't want to affirm allegiance to Israel as a Hebrew/Jewish state, tough! If I wanted to become a citizen of almost any other country I'd have to affirm allegiance to the ideals of that country.
16. #4 Israel is a Jewish state, so why add the word Jewish?
michael redbourn ,   Arad - Israel   (11.07.10)
Israel is a Jewish state, so why add the emotionally laden word? Good that you asked the question. The PA and Hamas want two States. 1) One would be an Arab (Muslim) state containing no Jews. 2) And the other would be a state with a majority of Arabs (Muslims) after the return of several million (around 700,000 left without being forced out) 'refugees'. The insistence on recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is to prevent #2 Regarding peace talks ... Until the PA amends its charter calling for Israel's destruction and stops teaching hate in schools the whole thing is simply a charade anyway and both sides know it.
17.  Racism and apartheid in Israel
Marcella   (11.07.10)
A Jew recently bought a house from a Christian Arab in the Arab village of Ibillin in northern Israel, east of Haifa. Before moving in he met his future neighbors and everything was going fine. The welcome did not last a single day. He was threatened by other neighbors to the point that he feared for his life. He fled with what he could carry with him. He complained to police a month ago and nothing has been done. The man who threatened his life is walking around free. (Israel National News.) ------------- Jews who stray into Arab-dominated areas of Israel's capital also fear for their lives when their vehicles are surrounded and pelted with rocks. ------------- Arabs can worship at Temple Mount. Jews are not allowed. So, yes, there is apartheid and racism in Israel. But it's against Jews.
18. Suggestion for those who accuse Israel of racism
Marcella   (11.07.10)
They should take a stroll into Arab-dominated neighborhoods in Israel. Without an escort. Without a gun. Just a cellphone and a big smile for the Arabs they love so much. Let's see how long until they feel the urgent need to call for police assistance. Two or three years ago Peace Now chartered a bus to go and demonstrate against the Jews in Hevron. The Arabs pelted the Peace Now bus with rocks. The Arabs did not want settlers in Hevron. The Arabs did not want Leftist Jews in Hevron. The Arabs did not want Jews in Hevron. Period. But the Leftists dismiss their violence and racism and call it "resistance". Because they hate Jews and Israel more than they care for their own lives and those of other Jews.
19. Aloni should join J. Wright's church
Isaac   (11.07.10)
Shulamit Aloni should join J. Wright's church because she would feel right at home. The entire point of the San Remo resolution incorporated into the Treaty of Sevres & the Treaty of Lausanne & the 1924 Ango-American Palestinian Conference was to give the Jewish People the land of Israel to establish a state. In the UK, the British head of state must be a member of the Church of England - does Ms. Aloni question the right of the UK to exist or question if it is a democracy? This is the same UK that contravened its own treaty by refusing entry to the Jewish people in its 1939 White paper. If Ms. Aloni feels that a Jewish state should not be Jewish then by the same token she needs to protest to the Brits that they should not have a head of state that can only be a member of one religion, that Arab states cannot have Islam as their official religion or many Catholic countries that they cannot have Catholicism as their official religion.
20. The fact remains, it's Aloni who estranged Israel
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.07.10)
Aloni is indeed correct when she says "I have no idea what is going on today." And that is exactly why the Israeli voters have abandoned her Meretz Party - which in all likelihood will disappear from the Knesset in the next elections. Why will Meretz die? Because it's current leaders are just like Aloni - that all look in the mirror and say "I have no idea what is going on today." Meretz has become a one-issue party of land-for-peace, yet the Israeli electorate has rejected that and don't believe that withdrawal from Judea and Samaria will bring peace. So rather than vote for Meretz and Labor, who still sing the praises of Oslo, they voted elsewhere. In response, Meretz leaders got angry at everybody except themselves. They blamed everybody else for being the cause of Meretz losing voters. Will former Meretz voters go back to Meretz? Will former Labor voters go back to Labor? Why should they? What possible reason do Israelis have to vote for a one-issue "peace camp" that has abandoned the rest of the political agenda to the golden calf of the Oslo Accords? In all liklihood, Aloni will pass the rest of her life thinking that 85% of Israeli voters are wrong and that the mistakes are ours, not the Left's. Unfortunately, she'll have lots of company as Meretz and Labor sink into oblivion. Israel will be worse off, but there appears to be nothing we can do to save the Left from itself.
21. #1 Be careful Salma
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (11.07.10)
to don't become zionist !
22. Shulamit Aloni has long been an embarrassment to those who
Dorit ,   Kfar Shmaryahu   (11.07.10)
surround her. At her old age, one can only express sorrow for the fact that she continues to embarrass herself.
23. Please got to Iran than
steve from raleigh   (11.07.10)
Where you can express your freedom.
24. The future of Israel
Stan ,   Israel   (11.07.10)
Most of the talkbacks show utter ignorance of the point being made by actors,authors, and others. THOSE WHO WANT ARIEL AND OTHER SETTLEMENTS FAR FROM THE "Green Line" to be UNDER ISRAELI CONTROL., are willing to forfit the STATE OF ISRAEL in their bid to control all THE LAND OF ISRAEL. You are all following an IDIOTIC DREAM which if achieved, will lead to the DEMISE OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL. ( See how the Whites in South Africa lost their country !!)
25. #24. Stan: Shining lack of education
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (11.08.10)
South Africa demographic is 80% black and only 20% white. In Israel - or using you wording "Ishrail" - Arabs are the minority but these things are too complicated to comprehend for some. There can be no comparison.
26. Ohh! It is exactly like that, absolute moral equivalence-not
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (11.08.10)
And isn't that Jackie Mason in drag? Po' Mr. Aloni.
27. Shulamit Aloni
Ron ,   Marietta, GA   (11.08.10)
This witch never gets tired of her suicidal attempts. Problem is she's trying to drag the whole Jewish existence with her.
28. aloni
chaim yankel zurach ,   usa   (11.08.10)
First of all I did not know she was still alive.,and 2nd I dont care what she has to say. she might as well be part of the boat people to gaza.
29. Revealing their own racism
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (11.08.10)
These actors reveal their own racism by never holding Palestinians accountable for anything. How is it they say they respect Palestinians and never offer any criticism? They treat them like mentally challenged. This says everything to me. They can disrespect and criticize their own people but when it comes to the exploding brown people then there's nothing to say... Shulamit feels like a stranger here? Then she should move to Gaza...she'll feel right at home among the Jew haters.
30. Go home Lieberman - your very existence is incitement
jonathan ,   London/ Israel   (11.08.10)
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