Ya'alon to Russia: Tell Palestinians Israel is Jewish
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 08.11.10, 20:34
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1. RUSSIA AGAINST TERRORISM?really?are you so sure?they are the
Chris ,   Cardiff   (11.08.10)
quote ""Russia is against terrorism" End Quote.. That cannot be correct because we know that most of the Islamic terrorists Israel had to fight against where supported and trained by Moscow throughout the last 4 decades..Now we have Muslim and Arab states who have become Terrorists state,Including Syria and Now Lebanon is more or less Controlled by Iran&Syria and Hezbollah.while Syria and Iran being the real And & Biggest Terrorist state going.who is Supporting These Terrorists but RUSSIA! Russia will always make some promises to Israel in their face,but behind their backs,They will do everything in their power to Undermine Israel at the UN,While also Encouraging Big Mouth Hugo chevez to supply the S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missiles.. It is well known among most Bible Scholars,Jewish and Evangelicals alike,that Russia is Gog mention in Ezekiel 38&39 who will Invade Israel in the final days,after Israel's Reestablishment as a Nation again which took place in 1948. You can see from Ezek 38:5 that Lybia,Iran and Sudan are allies of this Northern Power..also further we find Turkey involved and this will take place after Israel senters a FALSE 7 Years Peace agreement with the Antichrist..Daniel 9:27 and other passages confirm this.. Read also Ezek 38 & 39,the two Chapters
2. Talking down , lecturing Russians ,...
split ,   USA   (11.08.10)
I think you just pissed them off like no one else in the past ,...
3. Moshe... I understand your concern about russian weapons
seadog1946 ,   Shooter's Island, NJ   (11.08.10)
sales to Syria, Iran, etc. So who is buying Israeli weapons/expertise. I have Georgia on my mind, you old hypocrite. I'm also sure Medvedev and Putin appreciate your "input" on what they should do and where they should focus their attention.
4. jewish state
Sharel ,   usa   (11.08.10)
to investigate and find out what JEWISH STATE really means is a very disgusting find full of prejudice and malice. to approve a JEWISH STATE means everyone else is plain scum.
5. Response to #4
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (11.09.10)
According to the Scriptures, Jews within a Jewish state are required to treat non-Jews with respect and kindness, because the Jews were themselves strangers in a strange land. A true Jew does not view others as scum, but as strangers dwelling among them for whom the Jews are commanded to have respect. A true Jew also does not allow others to threaten them. Perhaps what other groups, like Arabs, view as malice is simply Israel refusing to be destroyed. For example, I'm sure the Arab world sees Mr Ya'alon's speech to Russia as malicious because it might (we hope) deprive them of weapons they would use to try to destroy Israel. But it is a twisted mind that would define survival as malice.
6. #4 Jewish State
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (11.09.10)
The Supreme Governor of the Church of England is a title held by the Queen of England. The Supreme Governor formally appoints high-ranking members of the church. Is everyone else in England who is not a member of the Church, scum? And what of the PA and Hamas, which refuse the right of any Jew to live in land they occupy; it's a crime punishable by death even if someone sells land to a Jew. Also: The Arabs must recognize that Jews have a right to a state in the region. If they can't, all their talk about peace is a BS.
7. Russia supports the 1947 partition plan but
lydia ,   Brisbane   (11.09.10)
obviously not the seizure of land outside of Israels unilaterally declared 'jewish state' that is well outside the borders of the partition plan and land clearly earmarked as the Palestinian State.
8. no.3
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.09.10)
Hey old seadog still posting bs on a Zionist blog and talking about hypoctites ,you need to visit the bathroom more often and look in the mirror to see who,s the hypocrite as it,s only fair that Israel arms it,s own allies in the region (Caucasses)while big brother Russ ia arms it,s allies in the ME ,you cannot conect the two then carry on downing those shooters on the NJ seashore ?
9. no.7
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.09.10)
Are you back again Palestinian Lydia posting more nonsense here,two states ,living side by side,in peace and prosperity ,like you mention here recognised by Russia ( 1947 Partition Plan ) it,s now November 2010 and there,s still no sign of this 1947 Partition plan ,why,s that ,stupid ?
10. #7 Lydia
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (11.09.10)
The 1947 partition plan was never accepted by the Arabs. They attacked. The partition plan is long dead and long gone. They forfeited their 'rights' by not accepting Israel's existence and by attacking so many times. They lost. No going back. btw: The "unilateral" declaration was a result of the UN's approval of the partition plan. Therefore not "unilateral" but supported by the world organization although rejected by the Arabs.
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