Ceva gets licensing deal with Intel
Published: 09.11.10, 08:47
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1. Another sign that a strong Israel will become a wealthy
Al   (11.09.10)
Israel. Today Israel is up and coming. That is due to the fact that Israel has finally after 18 years of Oslo nonsense grown a backbone. The tougher you are the less inclined you are to pander to nonsense, the quicker you will become wealthy. The world aligns with a winner..We dont cheer losers in the boxing ring. America today has become a sap thus she is becoming weaker and poorer. Take a lesson,,,secure your borders, throw out the illegals and take the government teat out of peoples mouths...Get to work and become a wealthy nation.
2. One doesn't build a diverse economy by licensing
rnathans00 ,   Washington, USA   (11.10.10)
"Ceva's DSPs have been licensed by more than 25 companies..." Are any of those companies manufacturing in Israel? Many consider Israel an "idea factory", innovating like crazy, but then those innovations are licensed to companies who manufacture elsewhere. Small startups are anxious for an early "exit" and never build great local companies. So Israel doesn't develop a diverse, broad-based economy. A few get rich, but the jobs go elsewhere.
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