Hanegbi offense involves moral turpitude
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 09.11.10, 17:47
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1. Time to start over.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (11.09.10)
Hanegbi is the real face of Israeli politics, rotten to the core. Lets hope that this will be a turning point in public life.
2. Sorry
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (11.09.10)
I do feel a tiny bit sorry for HaNegbi, who seems to be one of the more sensible politicians of our times (but that's not saying much), and he does appear to be at least a little bit remorseful for his actions. But at the end of the day, perjury means he's been convicted of lying, and that should exclude him from significant public office for a period of time. That's a fitting punishment for him, and hopefully a warning to all the other lying, scheming, worthless non-entities that populate the Knesset.
3. justified ONLY IF a new standard is enforced
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (11.09.10)
Difficult to throw out Hanegbi when there are other polticos who have done MUCH worse...lying under oath on matters involving life and death decisions and other important matters. On the other hand IF the case of Deri, or Hanegbi are signs of a new ethical standard that WILL BE APPLIED be it ! moshe
4. freedom is money
arcadi ,   buena vista   (11.09.10)
what happened to holyland? where is katsav spending his retirement? anyone seen gadymak ?
5. Proof of the strength of our democracy
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.09.10)
Yea, Israeli democracy has a long way to go yet, but this decision shows that it's stronger than most of us think.
6. run for the next knesset?!
Nadav ,   tel aviv   (11.09.10)
what kind of country is this? he was convicted! he should never again run for public office and be barred from ANY public appointment!!! he is a disgrace! Unfortunately, he is the tip of the ice-berg, more need to be done to restore public hygiene in this oligarchic, nepotist, and corrupt country and economy!
7. Good ridence to bad rubbish
Avi ,   Israel   (11.09.10)
and about time to. Mind you now he has all the qualifications to join shas.
8. Get rid of them all...
Moshe   (11.09.10)
all the corrupt ones. Now he has to pay for his own junkets around the world that we were paying for. And take his law license, as well. Let's get rid of sleaze!!
9. 10,000 shekels?
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.09.10)
Is that a typo, a misprint, or a joke?
10. Avi #7
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (11.09.10)
All the qualifications... apart from the funny hat ;)
11. #7 Tommer , flowing robes & purple glasses
Avi ,   Israel   (11.09.10)
will be supplied dont worry. Before he knows it they will be kissing his hand and throwing money at him But to tell you the truth that " wanna be religious icon" look so last season
12. Missing Hanegbi ?only the corrupt
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.09.10)
Good ridance and I hope he never comes back. Good for the Judges trying to keep some political hygene in the Knesset
13. moral turpitude
alexi   (11.09.10)
wahtever misdeeds he engaged in, he deserves hispunishment and fine for supporting olmert, the biggest appeaser non combat idf ever. Now abbas quotes olmert''s concessions as a starting point makinng peace virtually impossible. No hanegbi, olmert, hirschsson, zaken, ramon are peas in a pod wheter its corruption, cowardice, ignorance.
14. "forced to leave" ?
les ,   canada   (11.09.10)
poor baby :) who is going to supply ahmadinutcase and mr chin with inside info? oh, yes, there are many more "arab israeli" mk to carry on. ONLY IN ISRAEL YOU SAY...? :))
15. hanegbi: a disappointment if not a disgrace.
dante ,   uk   (11.10.10)
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