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Marmara raid – the Turkish version
Eldad Beck
Published: 09.11.10, 20:03
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1. :: Why Turkish "Rambo" was not on Marmara?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.09.10)
She could have saved the day but unfortunately Turkeywood works only in Muslim imagination.
2. :: A long as Muslims want to live in fantasy it's OK
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.09.10)
They have always done that and it has resulted in extreme poverty and some of the most backward people on earth.
3. Turkish wet dream
Ari ,   NYC USA   (11.09.10)
4. Politics make up for a bad story line
Omri ,   Israel   (11.09.10)
Pffffff how sad. On the good side its anti-Israeli not anti jewish so i geuss it somehow makes it a good event for some jews living outside Israel. Dont get me wrong, this movie is still a no good ****.
5. Goofy
EZ   (11.09.10)
"Rambo" was actually a symptom of the American feeling of incompetence after retreating from Viet Nam. It came out at a low point for America in the Cold War. If the Turks are this paranoid and needy after a minor incident like this, they should be a bit more careful. There are 30 million Kurds on their Eastern border who have been confused into thinking that Turkey is a mighty "state". If they let the truth out, no telling what might happen.
6. Wow , now I am really scared !!!
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (11.09.10)
7. And European Union is considering....
Bertrand Maire ,   Paris   (11.09.10)
I feel sorry for all the Turkish people, remembering that Israel is their best friend in this region. This government is going to put Turkey on par with Syria and Iran in the eyes of the world. Ataturk's legacy is beeing wiped out by the hour. In the mean time, the European Union is still debating how to welcome Turkey in the Union....What a bunch of morons, they should ask Iran to join as well for the perfect mess!
8. gobble gobble
Chimo ,   Las Vegas   (11.09.10)
The Turks are more and more becoming like the Iranians. A bunch of lying sleezballs who promote this type of garbage because in real life, they would get their asses kicked by the IDF, so the only way they can feel better about themselves is to make up this kind of drivel! Hah, poor bastards!!!
9. I have a mini-series idea too!
Logic ,   Israel   (11.09.10)
It's called "The Downfall of the Erdogan Regime: Revenge of the Secular Turkish Democrats".
10. What a two-dimentional fiction !
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.09.10)
Thanks to Erdogan, Israel has been elevated to become the number one enemy of the Turkish strategy. Now, their anti-israeli propaganda machine endocrinates the Turkish voters by creating an imaginary film on a Turkish Rambo fighting Israeli soldiers on the Marmara. .
11. An idea.
Linda ,   Poltava, Ukraine   (11.10.10)
Israel could film a detailed documentary regarding the genocide of Armenians by Turks and show it on January 28 in the United Nations and on the national TV.
12. Valley of the Wolves- Palestine
Umit Yigit ,   Istanbul   (11.10.10)
I am Turkish and do not see such films. Those who watch are same as those who liked to watch Rambo against "blood thirsty" Russians. In the end this is an action film which uses a true story. But is nothing more than business to earn money by scratching Turkish people's frustration from the disastreous result Marmara's journey ended with.
13. Turkish anti-Israel film
James ,   Cambridge, MA   (11.10.10)
The film exalts the Gray Wolves, a Turkish fascist group who consider Armenians subhuman. It is long past time for Yad Vashem to document the Armenian Genocide as precursor to the Shoah, in its permanent exhibit, and to show the world Turkey's true, murderous face.
14. Valley of the
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.10.10)
Too funny..
15. Secular Turkey is Gone Forever
Reality Check Guy ,   NY, NY   (11.10.10)
The biggest problem with Islam is that it has yet to go through an Enlightenment/Renaissance like Christianity did. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed Mustafa Kemal Ataturk FORCED Secularism and western ideas upon the turkish people, sadly the more open minded, progressive and westernized secular muslims are in the west coast of Turkey: Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum, etc. The muslims in the heartland and the middle of the country never accepted "secularism" and are just as conservative as Arab muslims/South Asian Muslims. They don't drink alcohol, many of the women wear hijab, and they don't take holidays. The big problem in Turkey is that the "Secular Muslims" , liberal, non religous turks in the big coastal cities have a birth rate of 1.9. In other words they only have 1-2 kids per family. However, in the middle of the country the birth rate is 4.3!! Every year one million turks from the middle of the country move to the coastal big cities looking for jobs, opportunity and commerce. The sad truth is this: The Secular westernized "European" Muslims who are guardians of Ataturks legacy are being RAPIDLY outnumbered by the religous conservative muslims from the middle of the country. Its very sad that most of the secular muslims in Turkey are being outnumbered by the super religous people. And now the religous people are the new upper middle class with money and power like you can't imagine. Its like how Iran had the revolution in 1979, all the Persians immigrated here to Los Angeles and many Persian jews will never return to Iran. I feel bad for the secular turks, they are being rapidly outbred by the religous people. I don't think Turkey will ever become Iran since its so enshrined in the western world with tourism, Istanbul, etc. but the sad truth is this: Gone and gone forever is Secular Turkey. It will stay "nominally secular" to keep tourists in the west coast and stay in NATO, but now you see headscarved women all over the big cities, they have closed all pork butchers and banned alcohol in many places. I also hear its impossible getting lunch at ANY restaurant in ANY city during Ramadan these days. It's basically become just as muslim as any arab nation. My sister in law said in Israel there are so many Turkish jews now moving there because they fear their country will be the next Iran. As European nations and Turks themselves realize that they will likely never gain acceptance into the EU, they are returning to their Ottoman roots. Secular Turkey is gone forever!
16. The Romans had the Coliseum to mollify the people...
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.10.10)
and Turkey has its rabidly antisemitic movies to do the same thing. If it keeps the people from thinking about their own misery and how their government is steering them back into the 14th century, then that's exactly what they will get. Ataturk is rolling over in his grave. Turkey is a lost country. Why Israel has ANY contact with these losers is beyond rational thought. Hellooooo? Israel? Sending weapons to the people who will be fighting you very shortly?? NOT SMART! Maybe Israel should make a film of all the barbaric, disgusting, and nauseating things that are done in the name of Islam, you know, the religion of peace. Let's see: chopping off hands and feet, flogging, caning, stoning to death, beheadings, gang rapes, 'honor' killings, hangings, gouging out eyes, dragging bodies behind cars, dipping hands in body-cavity blood, mutilating bodies, torture, fathers killing wives and daughters, brothers killing sisters, etc. Boy, this is quite a list! When do any of them have any time to be peaceful?? I think Obama has it wrong: most Muslims don't know what Islam is all about. Thank Heaven for that, or we'd be in a much bigger mess!
17. funny, if it only wasn't that malicious
grinder   (11.10.10)
hilarious, from the plot to the screenplaying, from the stunts (gotta love the fighting scenes), to the special effects (blood on car window when bullett passes through - before it reaches the body it was aimed at). The turkish language doesn't make i less funny, i just could end up watching that dirty piece of agitprop, chilling madness.
18. HAHA!!! The Turks playing the film card now
IRAN#1   (11.10.10)
You know jews in hollywood have been beenmaking these anti-muslim movies for along time now. I guess this will give them a taste of their own medicine, enjoy!
19. Turkish Rambo indeed
BH ,   Iowa   (11.10.10)
both are fiction.
20. #12
Umit, erdogan is spiiting in the fact of ataturk and insulting the honor of the turkish soldier. Worse, he has ruined any chance that Turkey will become a member of the EU trading system. Worst of all,he has turned turkey like ahmadinejad has done with iran, into the arab republic of turkey because his wife is arabic and buys the pack of lies about the so called palestinians which is a giant fairytale. None of it is true and they sit on ancient israel land. Now erdogan insults the religious authorites of the ottomans by saying that rachel's cave does not belong to the jews. Erdogan while being charismatic, has no real direction for turkey other than to lead a pack of arab failed states and instituting the veil and allah akbar in public. Ask turkish tour operators what he has done for turkish tourism.
21. Dont Buy Turkish Rugs..May Be Neutron Compromised
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (11.10.10)
With all the Hollywood Jews, and financing, hows about a picture showing the Turkish barbarians murdering innocents during WW1? Im sure someone could think of a good Armenian grandmother pleading for the lives of her family, while Turks gunmen raise their weapons..and force others to dig pits for their burial. There are thousands of theatres who would fill screens..But the real tragedy is the indoctriniation of 75m people, a diversion Hitler used regularly. Triomph of the Will comes to mind immediately...thanks Lena. Is this just a pshcy warming up to the final jihad..threatened by Iran? and now joined by the Turkish govt? And when Israel hits back with thermonuclear bombs, cobalt and neutron bombs..over Ankara and 50 other cities..what will Erdogan think then? Locally, thinking about buying Turkish rugs..forget it? Thats the least we can do.
22. Cobalt, Neutron, High Fusion
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (11.10.10)
And what will all this hatred lead to, between the Muslims and the little state of Israel? Go to Wikipedia for info on Israel's power: 200-400 nukes, several platforms including Jerichos, F15s, artillery,land mines and 1megaton cruise missiles (Dolphin subs. 35m, 15m Iranian and Syrian an out war., per US general. My guess Turkish, about 40m using neutron, cobalt,, suitcase, 100 cruise missiles fired from 3 Dolphin subs. Ankara is history. Ataturk should be appearing in Erdogans nightmares, warning him to cool it. One either side, and Turkey disappears in clouds of mushroom lethal rediation., high fusion are encouragin war, okay, you will reap the wirlwind. But, perhaps, per Obama, we should negotiate. Right.
23. Living out a fantasy through a movie?
Talula ,   Israel   (11.10.10)
that's all it's going to be. Stupid Turkish Morons.
24. In this version...
Danny   (11.10.10)
Rambo first talks a bit game then runs crying to the UN? Why is that turkish? Sounds more like Palestinian/Lebanese.
25. Film
Gabriel ,   New York USA   (11.10.10)
These film is being funded by the Turkish government as propaganda so they can control their people just like Iran, North Korea and all the dictators of the world. They only wish to carry out such operations, but they can on dream or make an idiotic movie. Modern, educated and secular Turks will probably not go see this movie, its intended to capture the vote and support of the poor and the unfortunate. Thats why the Turks I meet in New York are running away from that country, this is the intention of Edrogan. Iran and Syria are using Turkey for their benefit. Someone should check and see if maybe Iran is funding this movie. Also, check Erdogans Swiss bank accounts to see if he got a payoff from Iran to become anti-Israel and the west.
26. You are right #12 - Umit Yigit
israeli 2   (11.10.10)
The Turkish people should be very frustrated with themselves and their continuous failures. They came to murder Israelis and they got killed instead. The film is nothing but a masturbation of revenge.
27. Muslim racism successful at the box officee.
Truth from the ,   Middle East   (11.10.10)
How typical of Muslims to profit from racism, hatred, lies and fabrications. Turkey, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas are, promoting a religion of war and destruction. After all, this is exactly what they've been claiming themselves across the Muslim and western Media. These tyrannies and terror gangs are the 21st Century's face of Nazism. Predictably, and as history proves, their leaders will inevitably either fade away or be executed, but not before dragging their own peoples to the dirt, destroying their future for generations. Let them make Nazi movies. Hatred is a powerful motivator for wars, but also for national suicide. Eventually they will all get crushed under their own arrogance, racism and hatred.
28. some people dream on sex, turks on the other hand
ghostq   (11.10.10)
dream on murdering other people, not complicated when you think about it, it's cultural thing.
29. well
m ,   jtown   (11.10.10)
are they lying about what we have become????
30. I am ashamed!
Long live Ataturk!   (11.10.10)
I never thought that Turkey will behave like the Fascist Germany, using the same propaganda, and promoting the same politics. I have sold my business and in two weeks I leave it for good, together with my family. I don't want to live in a country run by irresponsible, violent, racist, Dark Ages Muslim extremists, who care only about their arrogance and ignore Turkey's people future. Long live Ataturk!
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