Obama: Jerusalem building plan 'unhelpful'
Ali Waked and AP
Published: 09.11.10, 15:12
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1. Push Back Dear Jew
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.09.10)
The world has revealed it's evil nature once again on par with the hellbent Nazi' Regime. The Regime of the EU,US,UN are working hard to give Israel as a sacrifice to the followers of allah. The question I have for this generation of Jews in ISRAEL is will you once again go silently. If you are going along with the two state solution you are not only silently going to your final solution but you are assisting and aiding your executioners.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.09.10)
.............before 1967 and I don't recall, there being any protests then. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
3. Obama and his team of failures
Eyal ,   USA ISRAEL   (11.09.10)
The continuation of attacks from Obama's administration only incite other anti Israel governments. The Obama's demands are going way too far and will ruin him. If the PA wanted to negotiate, they should have started 11 months ago. The bottom line, if the PA wants to negotiate, they can, if they want to complain like babies, then complain. Nothing is achieved from complaining. Ashton is nothing but a fool. Too bad Obama doesn't take Harper's (Canadian Prime Minister) views on Israel. This is why Canada's economy is doing so well and America's is not.
4. Double the building plan & settlements
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.09.10)
and ignore the EU
5. build in Jerusalem as per the law of Israel
eddie ,   cape town   (11.09.10)
The next thing the EU & Catherine Ashton will be telling Israel, is that the UN & the EU must jointly approve every law passed by the knesset..(and add its own laws too) I wonder if she tells her husband what to do..but Is she married ?????
6. UN mockery
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.09.10)
So the UN and it,s lackeys ,the EU are at it again condemning Israel for building in it,s own territory when the very same UN institution was supposed to have disarmed Hezbollah and forced it and it,s Islamofacist proxies out of southern Lebanon in 2006 but what about the UN/AU peacekeepers of Africa who turn a blind eye to wholesale rape ,genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur ,Rwanda,Congo and the useless inept Unifil in Lebanon who get paid danger money but don,t go anywhere near the so called danger of Islamofascism in the region ,the Arab UN is a disgrace to humanity and all those human lives lost due to it,s complicity in these incidents ?
7. Building Homes
Max ,   Washington DC   (11.09.10)
No one owns the land that they live on and just occupy it for the time they are alloted by G-d. Building Homes on this land is a Mitzvah and those that deny the Jewish People that right identify themselves with the Terrorists and Anti-Semites of this world.
8. EU should mind its own business
nadav ,   tlv   (11.09.10)
Ashton has no legal basis to claim that building in eastern Jerusalem or the West Bank is illegal, since these territories are DISPUTED and not subject to the Geneva convention because there was NEVER an independent state called "palestine". Ashton should first ask EU member states to stop building settlements in occupied Basque, Corsican, and Argentinian land (Falklands/Malvinas), before she tells us what to do!
9. salma: price for arafat intifada, you stab us in the back
STEPHAN ,   YAFFO   (11.09.10)
you lost, why should we do you a favor, we build our land, meanwhile you marry iran and irak whoever use you, losers!
10. Arabean Union
Frank ,   Canada   (11.09.10)
This pro-terrorist organization must take care of its own business. They have plenty problems to solve on their continents: a collapsing economy, wars and an upcoming civil war with their Muslim immigrants. EU is nothing more that the terror advocate on the so-called world scene.
11. good
daz ,   uk   (11.09.10)
build them to a good standard, as the Palestinians are going to need good homes when E Jerusalem becomes their capital
12. #9 actually no
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.09.10)
Netanyahu will forever be remembered for building an Arab state that endangered Israel. While he and Barak prevented Jewish building in Judea and Samaria, they allowed unprecedented Arab building.
13. Catherine Ashton
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.09.10)
Nobody in Europe cares what EU revenants like Catherin Ashton say. Neither sould you.
14. Ashton the Anti Semite is Back at Work
izie irgun ,   zion   (11.09.10)
The EU needs to man up already and stop harassing Israel and start making some demands on the palestinians. All we hear from the resident EU anti semite Ashton is what israel should do. How about telling the palestinians to stop the incitement, stop the deligetimization campaigns and recognoize Israel as Jewish. Maybe tht would get her Israeli support. In gfact, lets even make it even easier for the Jew hater, simply tell the palestinians what we all know to be true.... that there will never be a right of return for 5m refugees. But no, neither ashton nor any other european anti semite will tell the palestinians the truth. So the game keeps getting played, blame Israel for everything and support the muslims to keep peace at home. We need to build settlements so that the world willfinally realize tht palestinians will not get any land by claiming it, they need to negotiaie for it and that requires that they give things up. Until they do the land is ours to do as we please. We gave up gaza and we gave up lebanon, Israel has proven it can give back land when it makes sense. Ashton, you jew hating scum, start making sense becaause right now all we hear is more bias from a well known anti semite.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.09.10)
Here are the facts about building by Israel according to a recent article in this paper. 2008 - Israel built 2200 housing units 2009 - Israel built 1800 housing units almost a 20% decrease. 2010 - Israel built ZERO housing units for the last 10 months. A 100% decrease. Now Erekat insisted on pre-conditions to just sit down and talk with Israel. So he wasted 9 months of the building freeze. Then started the talks with 1 month left on the freeze. Again insisting Israel extend the freeze. But why? Erekat could have sat down 10 months ago? The problem was the Arabs saw the freeze as weakness on Israel's part, so they tried for more concessions (for 9 months). When the talks finally started here is what Happened: 1) Hamas stated they would not honor any agreement made by Fatah. 2) Hamas stated the Palestinians...the people...would NOT be bound by any agreement made by Fatah and Erekat. 3) Hamas began to murder and wound Jewish Israeli civilians in drive-by shootings and publicly claimed responsibility. 4) Hamas held a parade to celebrate the murders calling them "heroic acts of resistance". Fast forward to the present: Erekat wants the failure of the talks blamed on Israel? Why? For building houses. So building houses is more important than Arabs murdering civilians. Is anyone buying this nonsense?
16. and Protestants should stop building in Belfast until...
ariel   (11.09.10)
peace with the caths is achieved. What a logical approach by Mrs Ashton.
17. "Global Condemnation"
steve ,   newark ca. USSA   (11.09.10)
Whats so global about the Soro's of the worldl? These are a few libber types and terrorist countries who hate Israel and the US along with Obama. They presume to speak for all of us and their hubris is mighty in scope. Jealosy and back biting hatred for themselves and theirs is no excuse to legitimize their remarkably unremediatable form of mental illness. They would make their illegitimate point over the graves of their own children. There own nation! Just to feel good about there lousy cowardice,,. Trust me they are nuts! Why listen to them? Is this also deemed as slanderous to them, to you? Do they have the unfettered right to suppress honest concerns about their state of mind? Do we not have the right to protect ourselves from them? What are they, would be Nero's? Would be antichrists? Get them gone. I may not embrace diversity like there's but,,so be it. I'm not there fool either. Are you?
18. To Build or Not to Build ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.09.10)
The God of Israel has spoken . He said to build and build and rebuild when He returned His people back to their land. Amos 9:14-15 The other little gods now speak and threaten Israel and say stop building for our fake no peace scheme.. The question is ; Who will Israel listen to ?
19. It's time to act "grown up"
RAYS ,   USA   (11.09.10)
It is time to say Jerusalem is not a settlement .The EU is not our master. Time to act like an independent country ,not a serfdom. BUILD NOW . Don't call them "settlements" , they are SUBURBS..Parts of Jerusalem proper and not for negotiation. If you are willing to "negotiate" on them you demonstrate that they really do not belong to you. WAKE UP.
20. To ki-moon, Obama, Ashton and associets,
dotty shume ,   gilgil, kenya   (11.09.10)
There is no condemnation on israel for building on its own land. ISRAEL, KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB.
21. Obama and the Islamist-Jihadist venom
Brod ,   USA   (11.09.10)
Obama should speak for himself and NOT for Judeo-Christian America that supports Israel. Soaked in the cesspool of Jeremiah Wright's AntiSemitic and AntiAmerica homilies for 20 years, born to an Islamist-Jihadist father, and grew up in an Islamist-Jihadist environment in his formative years, he is expressing the same venom against Israel that the Islamist-Jihadist world has been harping on since they sprouted in the Arabian Desert in the 7th century. Israel should reject his intrusion on its internal affairs.
22. The Green Line = NO line..........................
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.09.10)
Obamas green line can be found in the jungles of Java...PLEASE return behind it...WIMP with no valid birth certificate...!!!!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (11.09.10)
Ali Waked continues the slanted reporting by the Arab writers. I just saw President Obama on TV 2 minutes ago. In his remarks he stated and I paraphrase: "that both sides have not gone far enough or taken the extra steps necessary to achieve peace" But of course Ali Waked only prints the remarks that, out of context and mixed with other remarks by Catherine Ashton the EU Foreign Policy Chief, make it appear as "global condemnations" to quote this bias reporter. As is typical with bias reporters they use a technique called "lies through omission". Where you quote out of context remarks then mix them with other remarks to create the story that suits your personal political agenda. That's what we read here, not really a story, but a propaganda piece. Your busted! The fact is the Murders and parades ( to celebrate those murders) by Hamas was not helpful for the peace process either, wouldn't you agree Ali? Or is building houses to be given preference over human life?
24. A few decades ago the whole world thought
Vardina   (11.09.10)
that Jews present a problem to the world and cooperated actively as well as passively in the mass murdering of 6 millioin Jews. Presently - when Muslims blast off the whole world - the Jews are to blame again not for murder but for living and building in their own country. Everyone populist politician and semi politician thinks that he has to dictate what Jews should do in their own country. True, peace is far away for as long as Israel's Arab enemies will not leave our country. we shall not agree to a new national Muslim state while Muslims are still lingering here as a pain in our neck.
25. So Iran with nukes to threaten Israel, that's OK
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (11.09.10)
Iran gets nukes to threaten Israel and the international community makes idle chatter. Jews build apartments and its time to get all righteous about "international law". Its time for BIbi to tell Obama that if he wants to play Glubb Pasha it isn't on Israel's dime and terminate the negotiations. If Bibi can't do it then its time to dissolve the government.
26. Really unhelpful.
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (11.09.10)
Pamela Anderson has spurned the gracious dinner invitation at my place, spiced up with wonderful after-dinner activities, I had for after her appearance on "Dancing with the Stars". Since when is bruising my ego considered "helpful"?
27. Jews building in Jerusalem.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.09.10)
Can World War III be far behind?
28. Jerusalem
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.09.10)
Jerusalem should be non-negotiable. OK the West Bank we can talk about, but NOT Jerusalem.
29. obama-Mind your own business.!!!..........
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (11.09.10)
Israel has all rights to build on the Judea/samaria land as part of Israel. The arabs lost control when they started 5 wars and lost. Losers do not dictate peace agreements. Did the nazis and japanese dictate the peace ?? why should these arab colonialists dictate anything?
30. Blatant Anti-Semitism
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.09.10)
Any "peace" solution which does not allow free Jewish construction anywhere in the Land of Israel is anti-Semitic. The so-called "two-state solution" is nothing more than a cynical attempt to squeeze the Jews into an undefensible sliver of congested territory without room to breathe, expand, develop and populate. It is a nasty attempt to crush the Jew to the crowded ghetto of medieval times in an attempt to minimize our ability to function as a free and moral people. It's an attempt to put us into a tiny, windowless jail-cell to suffocate in and die.
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