IDF officer: Clash with Hamas inevitable
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.11.10, 17:43
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1. Its About Being A Jew Only
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (11.11.10)
Operation Cast Lead, sorry to say, was a failure. Except for kililng 1200 Arabs, including many civlians, what was gained? Hamas is far stronger now, and has both beefed up its militant infrastructure, booby trapped more areas, gained more recruits AND invited Ahmad. The world sees the operation as an Israeli act of aggression..and is listening to Goldestone, the traitor Jew. Sure, Israel has 500 nukes..and could wipe out the entire strip in seconds..but so what? Nukes are not useful here..and there is the wind factor. Leaving Hamastan (troops) was a mistake, but not the 22 settlements or livelihoods. Jews should not live to close to, never. Israel faces flotillas, which the UN claims is needed to avoid humanitarian calamities still, no matter the trucking of products. Nothing that Israel does will ever satisfy them..until it is destroyed, which is really what the UN countries want. Sorry to say. After all, what is a Jew to them anyway?
2. Arrest and Try Hamas For War Crimes
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (11.11.10)
As an alternative to duking it out with Hamas, Israel should reconsider going back in permanently, secure the beaches (flotillas), search and destroy Hamas enclaves where there are troops and weapons, move the border further in and mine the area adjacent, control Rafah (tunnels), arrest and prosecute in military courts Hamas, Islamic Jihad leaders. Also consider hanging them for war crimes ( 12000 rockets fired into Israel over 3 years). with intent to kill and maim Jews.
3. No food waater or eledtricty untill Schlait is freed
sam ,   USA   (11.11.10)
And the world will call"dirty jews"
4. clash with hamas
a ash ,   tel aviv   (11.11.10)
give them what they deserve--nail em
5. #4 Couldn't have said it better myself.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.11.10)
Deal with them the way they'd deal with Israel, if they could.
6. push them into back their arab home land, egypt
yehoshua J1 ,   USA   (11.11.10)
7. Israel's Biggest Blunder
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.11.10)
Israel's failure to finish the job against Hezbollah and Hamas will go down in hoistory as Israel's greatest blunder ever. Now they have better weapons and more of them and are a greater threat than before. And all to please the fakepeace Road Map hustlers in Washington.
8. Probably not only with Hamas.
Ameh ,   E. Jerusalem/Pal   (11.11.10)
Hesbolla, Iran, Syria, Lebanon...its going to be busy.
9. Gaza
Ian ,   South Africa   (11.11.10)
No matter what Israel does as fare as trying to avoid civilian Arab casualties in the next war , Israel will always be condemned by the Jew hating UN !!! Israel will have to make a decision in the future , satisfy the world and be destroyed or take the initiative and rid its mortal enemies forever irrespective what the politically correct world says !!!!! Lets face it balk of the world hates Jews !!
10. I thought that inevitable thing was reserved for Hezbullah
observer   (11.11.10)
Arn.. ,   Sweden.   (11.11.10)
4(AB) But they shall swoop down on the shoulder of the Philistines in the west, Arn.
12. Thought times
Olavi ,   Esbo, Finland   (11.11.10)
There may be battle in the future and Israel will win that battle. It has capable army. If once more intrusion in Gaza is necessary there must be more presence and more force to annihilate Hamas. Then you must silence Iran, which need quite a lot ammunition.
13. Next Time...
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (11.11.10)
Eliminate them once and for all.
14. You guys speak of war so easily
pini ,   usrael   (11.11.10)
like going into Gaza again is no big deal. Granted the IDF is strong. But do you think Israelis want to constantly fight? Do you think we want to always risk our lives? Shoot and kill people? ALL THE TIME. Dont you think this needs to end at some point? Dont we deserve to have a normal life? to go to college and work and have fun? A few rockets land in Israel from Gaza but ultimatley Operation Cast Lead did work well and those soldiers do not want to go through that again!
15. #14: i Agree, So, Use 1megaton Bombs
Dav Lev ,   /Burbnk.CAUSA   (11.12.10)
To Number 14: I read your post with great interest. Look, no one wants wars. Sometimes, they are necessary however, to avoid a worse scenario. Israel HAS the power to destroy Hamas/Hez within minutes..(read Wikipedia site on Israel's military). With 400 1megaton and high fusion bombs..(hydrogen), and 3 platforms to delivers, what is the problemo I ask. Dont send thousands of troops, just wipe them out from high above. !m tons of explosives..will create a creater 4miles wide..and miles high of a mushroom cloud. To Israel; just DO it. The opposite, they would not hesitate to do it to you. Collateral damage..give them 2hrs to relocate. Why wait for Iran to have a supply of its own nukes..which is their goal..they already have the Shahabs and bpats/ planes. Israel erred big time when it withdrew from Lebanon and look at the situation. Am I wrong? Tell me!
16. 400 HIgh Fusion and Megatons..Get It!
Dav Lev ,   Burbank.CAUSA   (11.12.10)
To Observer: Abbas (and pervioulsy Arafat) theatened violence (another Intifada) if Israel didnt acquiesce. Now, he intends to go to the UN and demand a state, w/o further talks. The media says..its about construction in the settlements. Sure, and why the wars prior to the so-called settlements? Israel erred in not removing every last Muslim from the W. Bk, Gaza Strip..after the wars, now too late. Israel has cobalt, neutron, F15Is, artillery, land mines, suitcase bombs...Jerichos (11,000 mile range), orbital and sub capability with their WMD tipped missiles, yet is defensive...begging the Pales to talk to them. From my nuke over Ramallah or Gaza, and its all over but the virgins.
17. NR 14.
Arn.. ,   Sweden.   (11.12.10)
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