Ariel Sharon returns home
Yoav Zitun
Published: 12.11.10, 08:51
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1. Thank your for saving Israel twice.
2. We miss you !!
3. I salute you General Ariel Sharon
4. we miss you Arik. May HaShem bless you and your family
David ,   Haifa Israel   (11.12.10)
5. Israel greatest general returns home
Daniel   (11.12.10)
Nobody contributed more to the longterm security and survival of the state of Israel. His brilliant actions during the Yom Kippur war are only matched by the disengagement from Gaza. Little recognized of what a stroke of genius it was, the situation in Gaza has both split the Palestinian movement and prevented Israeli governments from making foolish concessions for fake peace deals. The rockets from Gaza puncture leftist delusions on a daily basis and ensure liked governments for generations to come. We should thank him, recognize him for his greatness, amplified by leftist hatred, and let him rest him peace. Shalom Arik
6. Neither forgive or forget
Ossie ,   Israel   (11.12.10)
I only wish that Sharon would awake from his comatose state to witness in unfamiliar surroundings the similar suffering and pain he inflicted on the 10000 victims from the Gaza disengagement. He would be in good company together with Olmert and his cohorts who are now being punished for these undemocratic demented actions of destroying its citizens.
7. Universal hope
peter vojta ,   czech republic   (11.12.10)
If current entire leadership falls to coma, there would be chance for SANITY returning to israeli politics...peter czech
8. Ossie The Selfish #6
Ex-Orthodox Jew ,   Israel   (11.12.10)
After your comment the selfish settler thugs (or their associates) have even less understanding from my part.
9. We, the People couldn't care less...!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.12.10)
sweet dreams& nightmares, Arik.
10. #8 you never did
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.12.10)
You never had understanding or sympathy to the Jews that Sharon violent expelled from their homes so you could have saved your letter. But here are the facts: Sharon was elected to implement the Likud platform. During the elections, Sharon mocked Mizna for being a fool, a moron and an amateur. When he was finally in power, Sharon stole Likud votes and money to implement a platform more Left-wing than Mizna's. As every now sees, the elected Sharon was correct and the Left-wing Sharon was wrong. Gilad Shalit is prisoner and the IDF is helpless. Israel tried to defend itself against Hamas attacks from Gaza and failed, instead Israeli leaders are charged for war crimes and the racist Hamas receives international recognition. IDF intelligence warns that in the next war attacks from Gaza will cause thousands of Israeli dead. So far, the only explanation why Sharon changed his mind is that he wanted to avoid Omri and Gilad going to jail for the "Greek Island" affair.
11. Ossie#6 Please forgive the man...
David   (11.12.10)
I beg you to forgive him b/c Arik loved Israel and gave his life and time for the survival of our nation. Show some mercy to the King of Kings of our generation. Shalom
12. A man who gave up his legacy for a bowl of soup
Al   (11.12.10)
His legacy will be of one who brought misery to the south of Israel. 1000's of rockets falling on Sederot and area. War in 2006. and the loss of soldiers and civilians. Kidnapping of Shalit. 10K Jews losing their homes. The destruction of one of the worlds greatest bug free vegetable industries ever. The rise of a Iran sponsored state on the throat of Israels southern flank. The list goes on and on. That;s his legacy... There is nothing to remember him by, but one who destroyed his could have been 'legacy' for personnel selfish greed that resulted in causing Israel great pain. He could have been...he ended up a nothing.
13. Cause and Effect
Brod ,   USA   (11.12.10)
The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gave and restored the Land of Israel to the Jews. His WORD is clear in the Bible. When human tampers with Divine Plan and Provision, he or she reaps GOD's judgment. Islamist-Jihadist dark forces continue to suffer from their own killing machines daily and from their world of darkness because they continue to crusade against Israel. Similarly, America's economy continues to worsen with rising joblessness, foreclosures, Islamist-Jihadist terrorism emanating from Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Hezbollahtan, Hamastan, Iran, Fatahan, etc, and national debts that now stand at 14 Trillion Dollars under the Obama administration because the latter sides with the Islamist-Jihadist crusaders in crusading their Jihadism on Israel, attempting to tamper with the Land of Israel that GOD had given and restored to the Jewish nation.
14. until when ? we the taxpayers must pay to keep him alive!!!
joe ,   kfar saba   (11.12.10)
1500 shequels per day in five years 1.6 million shequels from our pockets because he was a politician!!!does he still get paid a pension fund? maybe yes !! no matter what he was or did what makes me nuts is to see every day that the needy people has nothing and we have to pay for those who stole millions!!!
15. G-d Bless Arik!
Frank ,   USA   (11.12.10)
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