IDF rescues Lebanese woman caught in border fence
Hagai Einav
Published: 14.11.10, 23:49
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1. Lebanon "Could Not" or "Would Not" Help
emanon ,   USA   (11.15.10)
Let me get this correct: an 80 year old Lebanese woman was stuck on the Lebanese side of the border and the Lebanese forces just watched. Sound like "would not help" to me. Why? Was this some type of diversion so Lebanon could slip Hizbollah backed troops past the Israelis? Ya gotta wonder about these arabs . . .
2. 80 year old woman rescued
Simcha ,   So.Cal.USA   (11.15.10)
That mad toad in the whole in Lebanon will manage to make something evil out of this kind act.
3. Please tell me ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.10)
...What the hell an eighty-year old woman is doing in a minefield? Thank G-d she was rescued and is safe. But WHERE THE HELL WAS HER FAMILY???
4. #3
Daria ,   Israel   (11.15.10)
I got a 93 year old grandma who gets lost inside her own flat and pees on the floor. Old people are senile and confused. Her family? You ask about her family? Here in Izzy people dump their old parents to their vices, or to some friggan home or some "metapel" who beats them, and you're asking where's that Arab woman's family is? Come on, they run over their own kids every other week here in Israel, marry off their daughters as soon as they get pubes. They don't have that sensibility. If she'd blow up on a mine they'd be more than happy - they wouldn't have to take care of her and they could cry "murder" and point a finger at us.
5. 1 - those are land mines Israel has planted
Dan   (11.15.10)
and knows its locations.
6. hezbollah was testing for mines with her as a guinea pig
rachel ,   usa   (11.15.10)
7. emanon # 1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.15.10)
I would suspect they were simply afraid of the mine field. Well done IDF !
8. #2 - correct. Hizbullah will claim IDF tried to rape her
William ,   Israel   (11.15.10)
perhaps a serial on Al-Manar will show the IDF tying an innocent 80-year-old woman to the fence to rape her but was rescued at the last minute by brave Hizbullah fighters. By the way, where was Hizbullah in all this? A S. Lebanese in need and they were too business smoking a nargila, planning more war crimes.
This article shows what reality is in the Middle East. In Islamic populations, Israeli soldiers are depicted as blood thirsty butchers, who kill women and babies. The reality as we can see here is very different. However the Turks will continue to make drama series depicting Israeli soldiers as evil people. I think that these Muslim populations have to take a look at themselves very closely. Perhaps their idea of Israeli soldiers is really a reflection of their own societies. After all look at what Islamic terrorism has done to the world. Maybe these are the REAL murderers.
10. A spy
Mark ,   Ohio   (11.15.10)
She should have been held for ransom. Am sure she was spying.
11. Sad that first thought was - hope they didn't shoot at IDF
MiamiGuy   (11.15.10)
I expected that the yellow flag flying crazies would set an old woman trap and then fire at the IDF rescuers.
12. Don't expect to see this story in The New York Times or BBC
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.15.10)
It paints a far too humane picture of the IDF.
13. awesome warriors
Jeffrey Brock ,   Knoxville, TN   (11.15.10)
These are true warriors... they know when to use the skills taught to them by IDF... and then they know how to use the skills taught to them by G-D. GOOD JOB
14. #1 emanon
Dallas ,   Canada   (11.15.10)
Who knows, the minefield was probably on the Lebanese side of the border, you might think they would know where their own mines are though.
15. IDF Rescues Lebanese Woman Caught In Border Fence
Ishaq Sahhar ,   USA   (11.15.10)
Thank you IDF. Thank you Israel. May my fellow Arabs remember their humanness and show mercy and love their neigbors. May the Eternal pour out His Blessings on you all. an Arab from Jerusalem.
16. Sarah @ 3, old woman was defecting.
leo ,   usa   (11.15.10)
17. New weapon
Jr ,   USA   (11.15.10)
Maybe she is one of the 72 virgins.
18. Two months from now: Israel is condemned for the abuse...
Kobi   (11.15.10)
of an elderly Lebanese women. Hizballa spokesman: "They touched her in indecent places, and harvested her body parts for cash. UN: How dare those bastards breathe another breath? Goldstone: Oh, I'm gonna report THAT!!!
19. #3: Sarah
Youssef ,   Beirut - Lebanon   (11.15.10)
Maybe her family was killed during the 2006 aerial bombings of the Lebanese civilian areas?
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (11.15.10)
21. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.10)
Doubtful. Israel took great pains -- and casualties -- to make sure that civilians were not hurt. I note that the woman was barefoot. What kind of people are the Lebanese, that they let eighty year old women leave their homes barefoot? What kind of a country (Lebanon) sits back and does nothing to help an eighty year old woman? You are beasts. Plain and simple. Thank G-d that the Israeli soldiers were there. Otherwise, this elderly woman would have died. Thank you, IDF. Thank you VERY much.
22. i have a feeling...
if it was vis a versa it would have ended differently.
23. #4 "metapel" that beat them?
Josie ,   Israel   (11.15.10)
I know this is off topic but this comment hurts. True a few did, but if not for us metaplots who will look after the elderlies here? A lot of old people gets lots of love, hugs and kisses from their metapelets than their family combined. We get paid for our services but not for the love we shower your sabas and sabtas.
24. #3 My thought exactly. What was she doing there??
MO   (11.15.10)
25. to #15 Ishaq Sahhar,
Israeli   (11.15.10)
thank you for your humanity. talkbacks and media bring out the worse in people. we know that both Jews and Arabs want to live normal lives in respect and dignity. those who believe in co-existance need to have a louder voice.
26. Thats easy - this woman was sent by Hezbollah to test
Someone   (11.15.10)
IDF's alert.
27. #3 simple:
Omri ,   Israel   (11.15.10)
She was just trying to take a mine home as a free explosive so her husband will make a 'good' use to it. Its not the first time this happens. Why an old lady doing it? So you don't suspect what I just said, if a 20year old guy would have done it more people would suspect that.
28. the real headline should have been:
quotes from Israeli ,   talkbackers   (11.15.10)
"Lebanese elderly woman savagely attacked by Israeli barbed wire"
29. Woman's rescue
Issy Hass ,   Ra'anana-Israel   (11.15.10)
Sir-The BBC and the rest of the media will never show the IDF humane side
30. #5 - not true. Hiz mined the entire area in 2000
William ,   Israel   (11.15.10)
After Israel's withdraw, Hizbullah mined the entire border area and admitted to that fact. But for sure, the LAF has no idea what's there.
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