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Intermarriage rates among Diaspora Jews at all-time high
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 17.11.10, 14:52
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1. Hard to understand
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (11.17.10)
Nowadays it is hard to understand who is who.I only hope that orthodoxy will prevail more in Israel sothat we seculars are protected through them.Otherwise this land is also going to resemble the Diaspora.
2. While Intermarriage Numbers Soar...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.17.10)
the Israeli media delights in reporting that a silly Jewish model may be getting engaged to a non-Jewish actor. How proud they are! How stupid they are!
3. So what?
Ahmad ,   nablus   (11.17.10)
why you are so scared of marrying to others? why you think a Jew must marry to a Jew? this is sick, racists, oximoronic, and stone age mentality, this Zion-jewish mentality must and should be stopped, now and forever...human is human and that what should count, duh!!
4. Hey! Joseph the Patriarch married an Egyptian and YHWH
Rivkah   (11.17.10)
was able to cleanse her to make her a suitable and spiritually set apart (holy) wife and to bless the children Manasseh (USA) with a great nations from his descendants and Ephraim (British Commonwealth) with a multitude of nations with the gates of their enemies. The two sticks of the house of Israel are coming back together: Josef and Judah will be reunited. Perhaps the marriages are the unification of the Torah and Commandments with the Lamb who was and is the Saviour of the world who will come as the Lion of Judah Messiah of Israel shortly. If each takes or gets what YHWH has given the other that is lacking, the marriages can be good. I have seen beautiful goyim who were abandoned and left single divorced mothers so young, protected by a Jewish man in marriage many times. Such marriages seem to work out well, at least the ones I have seen have. Bringing the goyim into the House of Israel is a good thing as long as the goyim don't trample on the Commandments of YHWH. There is a great lack in the goyim for the Torah on their hearts. There is a great lack for the Jews in knowing who the lamb was who was slain for the sins of the world. The Messiah will come and the hearts of the Jews who did not know he was the sacrificial Lamb will be broken as He calls them His friends and tells them he was slain in the House of His Friends.
5. Maybe...
Tuvia Schertzman ,   Betar Ilit,Israel   (11.17.10)
This is the goal of the conservative and reform movements. They certainly have suceeded.
6. Unaffordable Jewish Day Schools
Dan Weintraub ,   Los Angeles   (11.17.10)
I don't know why Jewish media like ynet complain about intermarriage. If you want to fight intermarriage then make Jewish day schools affordable. By the time a person reaches marriage age it is too late to teach them that marrying other Jews is important. It should have started on day 1 in Kindergarten. However since Jewish day schools are so expensive and only rich people can afford them is it any wonder that so many Jews intermarry? I am a middle class family man in Los Angeles with 2 small kids. I can't afford Jewish day schools so my kids have to go to public schools. If they intermarry then I blame the Jewish establishment who didn't make the local Jewish day schools affordable. If Jews want to give buckets of money to the Democrats and Save the Whales instead of Jewish day schools then don't come crying to me when your son marries in a church.
7. This Is Great News
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.17.10)
I know this may upset the racist and religious kooks that frequently post on this site but maybe in 100 years there won't be any such thing as a Jew or a Goy. Just one big family of mankind. Imagine if there was no religion or countries either. Just a world culture with a knowledge that G_D (whatever he/she/it may be) is on everyones side (even the atheists) and no one needs a priest , monk, mullah or rabbi to intercede on mankind's behalf. Then all this nonsense about keeping the race/culture/religion pure could be thrown on the rubbish heap of history. Good riddance!
8. What about the reasons ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.10)
And also amongst the "religious" ? It's not only important to see those stats , it's more important to see how to avoid this phenomenom , what to do against it .
9. to 1 , olim tipshyim
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.10)
Protected by orthodoxy ? you gave me a good laugh , thanks
10. at 9
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (11.17.10)
Who has the lowest intermarriage rate in the Diaspora and in Israel and the most highest birthrate ? The haredim and national-religious. You can continue laughing and these population groups keep us jewish here.
11. To "world citizen"
m   (11.17.10)
It was tried before, Babel tower, do you know what happened? Also the Jewish Germans, the cultured, rich, converted and intermarried Jewish Germans, what happened to them do you know? He who doesn't learn from history will repeat it, and yes, it will happen in America too.
12. Easy to get better numbers!
Georges B ,   EU and US   (11.17.10)
The Rabinate should recognize any individual with only ONE Jewish grand parent as a Jew. It is in its power: continuing discrimination will only drive away individuals who "feel" Jewish. Continuing on that course, how many Jews will be left? Well maybe the will is to end up with a small hassidic bunch who will be then "protected" as Dhimmis by the Arab state they will live in, a state which used to be called Israel
13. There has always been intermarriages . you can see it in all
different jews in the world . There needs to be an acceptance of their children as jews . So many want to be jews ( and are jews) . Let god (not men) decide who is jewish .
14. #3 if we did what you do we would be like you
Frank ,   USA   (11.17.10)
Thankfully we are not like you and dont want to be like you.
15. #7 obviously you know nothing about demography
Frank ,   USA   (11.17.10)
The Orthodox are growing in numbers! Jews will be Jewish!
16. What is the cure?
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.17.10)
Become Haredi.
17. 7world citizen
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.17.10)
This is wishful thinking.The divorce rate between a couple of the same culture is already so big.Different cultures bring more quarrels.For example,a woman with a religious upbringing wants no TV on Shabat,while for her husband this is his Shabat pleasure etc.. A G-d for everybody,even the atheists?. Ask Charles what he thinks about that. One big family of the mankind.Sounds idyllic.How many families live peacefully? But your wish is going to happen when Moshiah will come.The wolf and the sheep will live together peacefully.No quarrels anymore! We want Moshiah NOW.
18. #7 World Citizen
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.17.10)
I fully agree with you
19. The product of a mixed marriage
Boruch Yisroel ,   NY, USA   (11.17.10)
I am the product of a mixed marriage - my mother is Jewish, my father is Irish Protestant - and I have great respect and love for non-Jews. Yes, non-Jews are human beings just like Jews so why not just scrap all this Jewish only marriage nonsense and be one big happy family, right? Sounds so warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? BUT, as Jews, we have the responsibility of something greater than just existing - we are here to LIVE and make this world a HOLIER place. Look how great we are as people now. Imagine how much greater we would be if we stuck together and continued the legacy of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov! We are only limiting ourselves by marrying non-Jewish, putting another major stumbling block in front of our children and the Jewish people as a whole. Because we are ONE, we must stick together and continue to serve our purpose in this world : )
20. to 16 , Berrrrkkk
Charles ,   Petacvh Tikva   (11.17.10)
21. 17 .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.10)
A religious woman married a secular ? Or vice verca ? Never seen this . Or one become religious , or better , the religious leaves her/his backwards life and becomes secular . But what i dislike : people who say ten times NEVER and then say : i would have if ....
22. Reason of intermarriage ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.10)
Maybe that Jews are better accepted , not discriminated in some modern societies . When there was much Jew's hatred , Jews were living in closed societies , without any possibility to meet others .
23. To nr 7 and nr 3
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.17.10)
Multiculturalism has failed on every level in most nations and its because of multiculturalism and imperialism that nation states sprung up in Europe in the 1800s - Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and the Yougoslav republics come to mind. They resisted such superficial notions such as Austria-Hungary, Holy Roman Empire, Tzarist Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Identity is not a source of conflict but source of safety and security. Social harmony and the social glue is based on a common national identity and this is the most stable social glue for any nation. Demanding that Jews give up their identity while demanding that Arabs remain Arabs is racist and anti-Semitic. The fact that Jews want to marry Jews is really a Jewish concern and none of your concern and if you respect individualism, individual rights, individual integrity, you must respect that people live their lives as they wish and they marry who they wish. "Demanding" that Jews stop marrying Jews is simply put - SICK and ANTI-SEMITIC, because you see the Jewish identity as something bad. If people are of mixed marriage or are non-Jewish - then it's suddenly "ok", but you are punishing people because they are Jewish, they wish to remain Jewish and they wish to marry Jews. What's wrong with marrying your own people? That's common practice amongst most nations on earth. If Mongols and Tibetans would be forced to marry invading Han-Chinese, the Mongols and the Tibetans would cease to exist. It is not identity that is racist but hatred to identity that is racist. With one breathe you claim you are against racism, in the next you express hatred against the Jews because they are Jews. And what exactly is wrong with Jews remaining Jews and goyim remaining goyim? Every nation on earth sees everybody else as "the other". The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Tibetans, Mongols, Russians, Germans, the English, the French, the Italians - they all see all other nations as "the other". But no criticism from you no. Nationalism is not the source of conflict but multiculturalism is. The best proof is the anarchy, civil wars and inner upheavals and chaos of the Arab world and Turkey, that are immensely mixed - and for what? If you truly denounce racism then you should be blind to every identity - mixed or homogenous, non-Jewish or Jewish. Saying that a certain identity is "ok" because it is "mixed" or "non-Jewish" and that a Jewish identity is "racist" - that statement itself is RACIST, since it discriminates people based on their ethnic background. Being mixed or non-Jewish is "ok" (having a homogenous Russian, German or French identity is also "ok") but God forbid if Jews are Jews and are HOMOGENOUSLY JEWISH. And you are not racists?
24. Looking at this as a "threat" is racist
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (11.17.10)
we marry the one we love, care about and feel comfortable with. There should not be any difference what religion or ethnic background they are. I rather marry a Jewish woman that I love and be happy with over marrying a christian woman that I'm unhappy with.
25. #6 No one owes you anything..If you want to stay Jewish
Al   (11.17.10)
handle it. If you dont well then shove off. As a Jew, I chose to remain Jewish ...No one had to pay my way.
26. To #9 Rivkah
Sarah ,   Los Angeles   (11.17.10)
Please stop paganizing Judaism. There is not now nor has there ever been such a thing as a "Yeshuah" virgin HUMAN sacrifice as the Jewish Messiah. This comes from human sacrifice pagan populations, not the Torah and not Judaism. Everything you wrote twists and perverts Torah, please refrain from this thank you.
27. It's Not Just Jewish Dayschools
Sarah ,   Los Angeles   (11.17.10)
It's not just Jewish dayschools that aren't affordable for many Jews, it's even living in a Jewish neighborhood that's not affordable for many Jews!
28. #22
Bryan ,   NY, USA   (11.17.10)
I understand what you're saying but the truth of the matter is opened or closed, there will be anti-semitism. The spread of the Reform movement and intermarriage and assimilation in Europe during the 1800s did nothing to stop the Nazis and most of the world from hating Jews. As they say, "Whatever the Jew is, the World hates.". Therefore, be as Jewish as you can because there will be peoplewho hate us either way.
29. Nice going, you all?
Ahmad ,   Nablus   (11.17.10)
after I made my earlier message, I got attack viciously by one who "does want to be like me" (!!!?) although Frank never met me nor knows what I think! while the other is citing a 19th century socio-politka grabage..Hellooooooo? we are in the 21st century where is the human rights, and humanity is the dmoninant ideology. as for multiculturalism, it is working, rather fine across Europe, N. & S. America, a racist, my dear, who sticks to his "race" where he fears the others, that includes marry to the "goyem"..get a life , well you?
30. 21Charles
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (11.17.10)
My grandmother in Polen had a lawyer degre,and married my grandfather who was religious. About people you dislike:Only fools do not change their mind in different circonstances.And by different circonstances i mean thoroughly changes.
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