MK: African migrant infiltrations like in biblical times
Yoav Zitun
Published: 15.11.10, 23:01
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1. Where is the United Nations?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.10)
Refugees are their problem, not Israel's. Send the Africans packing, and drop a line to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
zionist forever   (11.15.10)
We need to start deporting these people. The majority are not refugees they are economic migrants. Amongst the refugees many cross through safe countries to get to Israel because they think that they will have a better life in Israel than some other safe country. Refugees should go to the nearest safe country and settle there not decide which country they want to go to. We must take control of our borders and keep out unwanted people who will take over our towns and turn them into slums like the area around the Tel Aviv bus station.
Michael Ben Ari is correct. The refugees are taking over Tel Aviv while Bibi is busy working with Hussein Obama to make Judea, Samaria, the Golan and Jerusalem Judenrein
4. I agree with Sarah B #1
Marcella   (11.16.10)
Let the UNHCR handle them. All of them. It's simple and legal. Why hasn't Israel availed itself of the UN?
5. Problems are chasing us from everywhere...
david   (11.16.10)
The iranian nukes, the terrorists in gaza, lebanon and west bank, the rockets ready to target Israel from all borders and now the african migrants. What are we going to do with all these issues?! I cannot think of a solution other than invoking a great war against our enemies and taking them down one by one. I
6. Political correctness and unbridled
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (11.16.10)
multiculturalism also affects the official Israeli mentality as well as it does the mentality of western European democracies. They are beginning to wake up to the situation and so are we. Why should we keep criminal refugees and spreaders of disease who inflict trouble on our own Israeli civilians. Our rightwing parties will continue to grow, partially as a result of idiocies such as these.
7. Of course, where there is sugar,
Al Mujahid   (11.16.10)
there are ants. As a prosperous country, you interest the poor Africans. Why don't you welcome them and ask them to convert to Jews?:)
8. Yeah and I had my car broken into
Danny   (11.16.10)
by two white guys in Cesaria. Should I demanding a black only Israel?
9. Well Moshe's wife Zipora was midianite
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (11.16.10)
and even a daughter of a priest of Midian. So what ?
10. Ridiculous
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (11.16.10)
Is Israel so worried about what the rest of the world thinks? Oh gee, I'm not diverse enough for Britain and rest of Europe that's circling the drain due to their quest for multiculturalism? Are we so stupid we don't even have enough sense to protect our own interests? Yes, I guess so ...
11. Why is this out of control?
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (11.16.10)
Okay - leaving aside their weird skin color, here's what I think we know so far: 1. language. We haven't heard much, but logically, if they came here from someplace else, they don't speak Hebrew. 2. Dress. They wear the same loose robes over bare gonads that they are used to in their stone-age desert homeland. 3. Cleanliness. "They spread disease." Ewww. But we must ask - what diseases are they carrying, and what are the dangers thereof. 4. Conduct. They harass our people. Chase our daughters, become drunken, frighten old people and children. 5. Crime. They steal. We presume they are involved in violence. Each of these is a problem. NONE of these demands deportation. ALL of these demands the immigrants be collected and held in a secure area until they speak Hebrew, are given proper dress, are vaccinated or are given whatever medical treatment they need, are taught proper conduct and provided Torah-based concepts of right and wrong. Finally, because of the unique nature of the Jewish state, they should be allowed the opportunity to convert! Why do people keep dismissing this as an option!?!? And because of the unique nature of the Jewish state, should they not wish to convert, they should not belong to any group that wishes the destruction of a FREE JEWISH DEMOCRACY in the Middle East.. What I mean is - and call me a racist but you know I'm right - if they are Muslims, send them away. We are full of mercy, and we welcome strangers and give them a place in our family. And we also know our enemies, and we will not tolerate a threat to our existence.
12. Re: #5 -- great solution
Televan ,   San Francisco, CA   (11.16.10)
start a war that will decimate the middle east and lead to more conflict. brilliant....
13. They must go, don't make USA's mistake with illegal aliens
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.16.10)
Tiny Israel's national purpose is not to become a sponge for economic refugees from African poverty, that's the US's mantra. Israel takes in tens of thousands of Africans who want to live as Jews, there's nothing "racist" about denying residency to African leeches who want Israel's economic benefits but reject being Jews. Move them out! Tell UNRWA to build camps for them in the Sinai. Don't make America's mistake, people who infiltrate and break in to countries where they'd "like" to live instead of improving their own countries make crummy citizens, and are undermining America, we deport hundreds daily, they now demand drivers licenses and free university as "rights" as a reward for sneaking in, violating our laws, DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID. Hey, tell Obama to take them! France is ousting Roma gypsies, Israel can oust African gypsies. Israel needs the space for the Falashmura and Ethiopian Jews. Eritreans sneaking into Israel are actually their enemies.
14. Control the Borders
Ron ,   OC, USA   (11.16.10)
Either Israeli Jews take control of their borders or there will be no Jewish Israel worth living in. I will never forget the murderers on 9/11 were here in the US legally. And, in the US we just keep turning a blind eye to the manifold problems that immigration has and will cost this country. We now have to survail some 8 million Moslems. And, how much of a wake up call does it take to tighten Israel's borders? Apparantly, the murder of a pregnant woman is not enough???
15. blacks
zebadie ,   usa   (11.16.10)
The true colors of Israel is showing
16. #5
Rachel ,   US   (11.16.10)
Your problems would not be so big if you had a leader with some stones. First of all these people should be deported immediately, why let them get to Tel Aviv? Are they given work permits? If yes why? The Likud has been in office almost 2 yrs. Why hasn't the fence been constructed? It seems the infiltrator problem is real easy to solve. Your leaders just let it fester.
17. Round them up and take them to the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.16.10)
border with egypt. Push them over the border and seal the border with mines. Anyone hiring or sheltering an illegal alien should be heavily fined and jailed for year.
18. Enjoy having the hood just down the streeet, Israel
Cameron ,   USA   (11.16.10)
19. No #15
Susan Kfar Saba   (11.16.10)
We are probably the only country that has a policy of bringing blacks as immigrants. But the Ethiopians are our Jewish brothers. We actually have a lot in common with them and they don't commit many crimes. In the US I would be afraid to walk past a group of black teenage boys, but here I just say to myself, they are Jewish boys and I walk right by them as they chat with their friends.. These African infiltrators are non Jewish foriegn illegal infiltrators who have nothing in common with us and come from bad backgrounds. Africa is a basket case. We can't help all the world's poor and we don't want them here.Furthermore, we are a small country, we don't have a large population like the Uk or Germany and we can't absorb so many foriegners.
20. #16 Rachel: You are correct but the U.S...
David   (11.16.10)
The Likud are not focusing properly B/C they have this bloody issue of negotiating with Mahmoud Abbas. Too much pressure from the United States has driven our country into the corner... I want the world to understand that a viable Palestinian state will never see the light on Israeli soil. Let us think with the world community in a pragmatic solution away from any emotions and egos. The only solution is that the PALS of the West Bank join their brethren and families into Jordan. The Gazans will also leave to Jordan and flourish under the Hashemite King... Instead of putting on us extreme pressure why don't u put the same pressure on the arabs to accept the such radical solutions. They also need to get rid of the Iranian nukes so you must tell them tit for tat. Help me on one issue and I help you on the other.
21. Israelis are idiots for leaving the southern border open.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (11.16.10)
Just ask the Americans.
22. 700 infiltrations last week
Jon ,   Petah Tivka   (11.16.10)
700 new illegal immigrants breached our borders last week. This is hardly reported in any media. So far 11,000 illegal migrants this year (2010). The government is crazy if it thinks any other state will take them for money. They are here to stay for ever with their families. This government is totally incompetent. We need a strong deterent and for it to made clear that illegals will not be able to work here. So far there are about 40,000 illegals in 5 years, This is ridiculous.
23. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.10)
We're rather an exclusive club -- one into which you have to be born. We do not proselytize, and we are not known for welcoming converts. Has to do with respecting the religious beliefs of others, a courtesy most other religions haven't really extended to the Jews.
24. no.1
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.16.10)
It,s actually more involved than we think Sarah B, with most of these Africans fleeing Muslim persecution like that of Darfur, Sudan or Somalia but the UNHCR cannot get involved when Islam is the main cause of the migration as the UN is controlled by the Muslim bloc with the Muslim butcher of Sudan ,al Bashir still going about his daily business unconcerned about the ability of the UN to arrrest him even after the warrant was served ,typical UN hypocrisy ?
25. no.21
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.16.10)
In other words the Mexican border officials are just as corrupt as the Egyptians ,so say it Ken ?
26. no.15
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.16.10)
Which are ,colors as in plural,but these black Africans are mainly non-Muslims fleeing the persecution by their Muslim co-inhabitants all over what was once mainly Christian Africa ,get your facts straight please as Israel doesn,t want them or need them ?
27. no.20
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (11.16.10)
Whilst the leftist rabble of Tel Aviv are pr otesting the operatic Porgy and Bess ,a love story in rural American Negro community ,the black African is infiltrating his suburbs ,how ironic ,can we expect protests by these same looneys anytime soon ?
28. 11
zionist forever   (11.16.10)
Firstly there is the economic issue. Every single on of them places an extra economic burden on the state. Its expensive enough dealing with legitimate olim but we cannot take thousands of Africans every month. There is the demographics issue. Israel is a country with a population of around 7 million. At this rate how long before the Africans make up a significant part of the population? Also we are intentionally creating an underclass... the poverty situation in israel is already bad enough so why should we add to it? You can't just tell them to convert to judaism the way you can ask them to swear an oath of loyalty and so it will harm the jewish majority. Also why should israel take in everybody from the third world looking for a new life? The bulk of these people are not refugees they are economic migrants and evan amongst the real refugees why should Israel be the one that takes them all? They have to cross through safe countries to reach Israel which they choose because they think they will have a better chance at starting over there than in an arab state. They also know Israel is a soft touch. We should have an annual cap on the number of refugees we take and deport the rest to safe countries. If it means paying other countries to take them off our hands then so be it but we cannot keep them. Obama wants to do something useful and he is so buddy buddy with the UN now then why doesn't he get UNHCR to do something. The other option is of course we could move them all into any settlements Israel may agree to give up and hand them over to the PA. If you want them in Alaska your more than welcome to them.
29. IDF's trial & error
observer   (11.16.10)
The army tried to stage an infiltration by 25 African asylum-seekers who were already in IDF custody in order to trick the Egyptians into taking them back. To create the impression that the asylum-seekers had just arrived in Israel, the soldiers must push them back over the fence into Egyptian territory and then fire flares, shoot in the air and shout as if they have just discovered an infiltration. The light, the shooting and the shouting is meant to alert the Egyptians." The fake infiltration was called off because the soldiers spotted Egyptians at the site of the return.
30. why Israel shouldn't go African
observer   (11.16.10)
The original 1947 recommendation to create a Jewish State in Palestine was approved, at the first vote, only by European, American and Australian States...for every Asian State, and every African State (with the exception of the Union of South Africa) voted against it. The Jewish State was planted at the point-of-intersection of Asia and Africa without the free approval of any Middle Eastern, Asian or African country except that Union of South Africa, itself ruled by an alien minority. Then, what is the point of going African? to make SA restore apartheid?
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