Israeli high tech adjusts to Asian challenge
Associated Press
Published: 19.11.10, 08:04
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1. Israeli innovation
free Egyptian ,   Egypt   (11.19.10)
i'm from Egypt and i am really surprised that a small country like israel is that developed in the Hi-Tech field .our population is 10 times bigger than yours but our Hi-Tech output is almost NIL.i wish we could learn from you
2. #1 ..The arab world is stuck on stupid and so they are stuck
Al   (11.21.10)
in the 12th century. Take you choice, either learn to live with an Israel in your midst and prosper or deny an Israel and stew in your own shit. The choice is yours and yours alone. In either event Israel will grow from strength to strength either with 'peace' or without it. The past 100 years has proven that.
3. # 1 Israeli innovation
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.24.10)
free Egyptian ! the secret of succsess is very simple,less God and more reason,Islam is to blame for Egypt's bacwardness,Islam turned the land of the beautiful and intelligent Nefertity,into a land of veiled illiterate women,the Egyptian Intelligentsia's number 1 task is,preaching hatred toward Israel and the USA,the father of the monster mohamed ata ,a Doctor, is greatly respected in Egypt for what his son did,which indicates the level of hatred the Egyptians possess,and this hatred has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,Egyptians are indifferent when brown Muslims kill black Muslims and others in the Sudan,to hate must be pleasurable,and doesn't cost money,so, as long the Egyptians are immersed in hatred,and in pointing fingers,you can't have high tech.
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