Commentary: Bibi's bubble
Yoel Esteron
Published: 18.11.10, 07:42
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1. This alarm is real, indeed
Adam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.18.10)
but the government is not listening
2. To Adam: 210 is Nothing to Sneeze At
Dav Lev ,   Burbank CAUSA   (11.20.10)
To Adam: what nonsense this outrageous analysis of Bibi and Israel's economic future. You Israelis are pathetic..a schonda. The USs economy is 15trillion..and if we consider that China/Russa/Iran could nuke us too..we would have a similar outlook. But we dont see our country half-empty, as do you Israelis. The economy is the economy. Its the stats that matter. If correct. be proud. If the wrong basket, change it. 4% growth is good, considering all the boycotts both near and far. You have artists, students, ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, protesting everything from soup to nuts. That costs guy, a waste of resources galore. 10,000 in jails eatingt kosher food, why not either hang them or let them go free. How much does it cost to maintain Barghoutis lifestyle? 40b in exports..wowow. Look, you do live in a hostile environment..and must spend on military..but you also get 3b in credits/yearly..and 2-4b in US public and private charity. Dont complain. The world is your oyster. Who is threatening Israel..the Arabs or Bibi? Bibi is reacting to an impossible situation. Take the naturel assets (oil) away from the entire Arab world..and what do you have, sand, lots of sand and Allah to pray to. The future is uncertain, the past is prologue and there is only the present. No one knows. Stop bitching Israel.
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