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Haredim staging Kiryat Gat takeover?
Tova Dadon
Published: 22.11.10, 00:13
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1. Wow, so anti- Religious
Russel Harris ,   TLV   (11.22.10)
2. Tear down the illegal haredi buildings
Avi ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
or is that treatment reserved for arabs only ? Still now they will be able to make force claims for yeshiva students that dont even exist in just another attempt to milk the system dry without contributing anything.
3. Better get used to it
Raphy ,   Montreal   (11.22.10)
We have more children than seculars and we believe in affordable Torah education. The old school seculars and even the US can't handle it when we build even one caravan, but it's a fact of life and a new reality. We are not evil like the media purports, just get to know us and you will see that we love all Jews even the ones that hate us. We will do everything to protect and grow our small Jewish nation.
4. Seculars have few children, they want a casual life.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.22.10)
Gays are not going to have children, except for a few using invitro, so now you see the demographics of Israel to come, charedi.
5. I live in Ramat Aviv and I wonder...
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.22.10)
how it will happen in my town..? And it will ! (hopefully after I've died and my children have fled the country.)
6. quite exaggerated
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.22.10)
the exaggeration of the author is with out parallel. To say Kiryat Gat, where my son lives for many years, is one quarter charadie, is merely using scare tactics to capture reader's eyes. Kiryat Gat is very secular. What the author considers charadie is a mystery to me. I think this article should be removed and the author banished from this publication for using such wild exaggerations that have no basis in reality!! Go there and look!
7. Not sure what to make of the Haredi sect
Cameron ,   USA   (11.22.10)
These Haredi rabbis look & sound like cult leaders the more I learn about them.
8. WOW - take a minute to examine...
yehuda ,   israel   (11.22.10)
...the differences between posts 2, 3, and 5. one side loves, the other hates. one side builds, the other destroys. being that both of these 'sides' are FAMILY makes this truly HEARTBREAKING. just look at tom from ramat aviv...he would rather be dead, with his children returned to the hated status of 'wandering jews', homeless and despised by the nations, then live together with jews who actually value judaism... and the truth is, in the end only the jewish jews will remain - and i make this claim as a previously secular student of history....
9. Geee, this isn't fear-mongering!!
דני   (11.22.10)
10. yellow journalism at its FINEST!!
not haredi ,   milk & honey   (11.22.10)
dear ynet - great reporting! i recommend that you do more research into this type of issue, specifically that you read more media that came from the area of austria/germany about, say, 70 years ago? you see, they knew all about these villenous parasites waaaay before you guys picked up the story....
11. I really didn't understand this article.-
Israel   (11.22.10)
If the number of hareidim is growing it only makes sense that the number of schools and institutions and apartments than they had before. If there were more Arabs they would have more Arab things and if there were more ethiopians there would be more Ethiopian things. So what exactly is the problem?
12. to avi #2
disgusted ,   israel   (11.22.10)
hey avi, why tear down the buildings when you can burn them down? and hey, why burn them down empty when you can burn them down when they are full of your sworn enemy - jews (hmmm, does this sound familiar to anyone?) it seems to me that religious jews have spent the last 2000 years trying to escape from people like you, and now that they finally have returned home, people like you sprout up like a bad case of the shingles, spouting yet more anti-jewish hate under the guise of...well...whatever you claim to represent - although all ive ever seen from you is a constant litany of repetitive, tiring abuse...i guess my real question to you is, do you still attempt to rationalize your hatred towards others, and your own self loathing, or do you admit to yourself that you are nothing more than more the latest in a loooooong chain of people who want to destroy judaism..yawn...youre a lot less impressive than most of your predecessors...
13. Do they work, pay local taxes?
Jo   (11.22.10)
That s crucial. If they don't , and just live of welfare stipends then Kiryat Gat will slowly sink into haredi poverty as most of those who do will move out leaving the city truly Haredi. Better get used to it? A country that lives on welfare of the majority will surely die, a slow death. That or become so divided that it will endanger civic society. Haredi society in the US is in far better shape, they do work and do not live of the State. A big major difference can be seen there.
14. Spritual situation
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (11.22.10)
I think the writers spritual situation is not very sane.He thinks of haredim as an enemy column taking over a city.In reality they are our brothers and sisters whom we love very much.
15. to #12 he is full of hatred toward his kind
ghostq   (11.22.10)
makes me wonder if they r both belong to the same satate after all if that how jew behave toward jews than y should forigners behave any different out side Israel, just imagin if I said what Avi said on the jews in my country they would probably call me antisemitic, and call the police on me, even jail threat. y not then...
16. hareidim
bernie ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.22.10)
I'm a hareidi Jew, living in Montreal, and the non Jews, don't hate me half as much as the seculars hate the religious in Israel, an article full of hate.
17. #2 #5
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.22.10)
Both of you support massive economic migration from Africa and flooding Israel with Arab immigrants. You both support prohibiting Jews from living in Judea, Samaria, Golan, Jerusalem. You both support giving most of the Negev to the Bedouin and preventing Jews from entering Arab villages like Um El Fahem. Now you are against Jews living in middle-of-nowhere Kiryat Gat. The question is where do you want the Jews to live? What is your solution to this question?
18. Kiryat Gat
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.22.10)
They want to live in a ghetto - so let them. We all would probably be well off to send all the Haredim to a ghetto within Israel, somewhere, whereby they can educate themselves, feed themselves, medicate themselves, and secure their own borders against the enemy.
19. #16: how many children does the average haredi family
has in Canada?   (11.22.10)
I bet the haredim in canada don't have 10-12 children per family. This is significant because non haredi Israelis feel that the crazy high birth rate of the haredim is threatening the character of Israel as the know and love it - free, open, democratioc society. The haredim in Israel try to force their way of living on the general population and decide for them where to sit in the bus, how to dress, what to do in Shabbat etc. Add to that that the haredim contribute nothing to the country - they don't serve in the army, don't work and the live on the state's stipends - they get more and more money for instance for every additional baby they have - you get a fairly good explanation why the haredim are not very liked, to put it midly, by the general public.
20. Get used to what?
glen ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.22.10)
You love each other so much that you won't eat in each other's homes for fear some other sect isn't as kosher as yours. And you treat your women with the utmost disdain - that is not love, that is hate - misogyny pure and simple. As for affordable Torah education, of course it's affordable - in Israel, we the taxpayers pay for it, and for the unlimited children soon to join the jobless and the hands out for handouts.
21. stop enough already
DD ,   Israel   (11.22.10)
IM sorry i chareidi , im sorry I work, im sorry i pay taxes, im sorry I teach my kids ther rule of law, im sorry i educate my kids to be chareidi, im sorry i wear a black hat , im sorry that in a democracy I wont disappear and i have a right to live where I want. when neighbourhoods in new york bcame slums people sold out for peanuts and moved out, here when an are becomes chariedi crime drops, and propert valuse gor sky high. atay or take your profit
22. To Cameron #7
m   (11.22.10)
Please, you don't have to believe whatever you read on this site and other left oriented media outlets. It's the need to please the outside world which has always made the visible Jews scapegoats. They say to the world: look at us, we are not like them, we are just like you and of course they are seen through the same prism.
23. To #19, how about 14, is it ok?
m   (11.22.10)
24. The only problem:
ecr   (11.22.10)
the government refuses to build homes by not expanding existing neighborhoods so then, charedim have to live somewhere too and why not Kiryat Gat? For the last 17 years all efforts have been towards the arabs and not planning for the Jews.
25. Orthodox Are Almost Half of Israel
Raanan Isseroff ,   New York City   (11.23.10)
One would think that Jews building in our Jewish land would be cause for happiness as it was not too long ago! Instead, we see some unhappy people complaining how many Jews there are building... The truth is (and I don't know if the article quite brought this out) that Orthodox Jews are more than a quarter of the population probably around half. This is simply being reflected in the tolerance of the city of Kiryat Gat for religious building projects and is a compliment to the efforts of the city to assist building projects which are in all stages of development. Dept of Statistics show that 40 to 50% of Israel is religious today. It is a fact that Israel is getting more religious and that in 20 years most of the country will be religious.
26. Perhaps, perhaps not, #22
Cameron ,   USA   (11.23.10)
Still, I think it a fair judgement to note that the Haredi version come off as introverted, and obnoxious as Hell in how they deal with the world outside their communities. Sources from all 4 directions seem agreed on that.
27. They have no place here.
David ,   Kiryat gat   (01.01.12)
Those haredim, most of them don't enlist to the army, get funds from our tax money and don't work. a rabbi earns more than 16,000 shekels...From public tax money. They give birth and reproduce like rats and guess what? they get money for that as well. Our current mayor supports them because he is religious himself. I believe this country shouldn't support free loaders that deny the existence of this country.
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